Self Hypnotic and Meditation Techniques : Inducing the Hypnotic State

How to achieve the hypnotic state
In both meditation and self-hypnosis the desirable state of mind is almost the same, although what we are going to do with it (the state of mind) is in fact what distinguishes if the act should be called self-hypnosis or meditation. So if you are familiar with any technique that works fine with you keep it. If, on the other hand, you are new to these states or you are not satisfied with the techniques you know, it is possible to find here some useful information.
There are in fact too many ways to achieve the relaxed state of mind desired for self-hypnosis and meditation, and numberless variations of them. The Hatha Yoga’s Balancing Breathing Exercise given to this site is one of them.
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A priest Meditating in a Zen environment
a wonderful piece of art by Goro79

Use this technique for five to ten minutes (approximately 15 to 30 full breaths), to achieve a nice relaxed state of mind and body.

Another simple way, mostly used for self-hypnosis rather than meditation, but as stated before, you can use it for both cases, is counting down. Start from a number as high as you need. If you are new, a wise choice would be a number as big as 50 or even 100, then slowly, countdown until the number 1. As you are getting more and more familiar with the hypnotic state of mind, you will be needing smaller numbers, and eventually counting down from 3 to 1 will be sufficient.
A third very common way is the Body Relaxation Technique. Simply close your eyes and focus your attention to your feet, and feel them getting relaxed. Then go on to your ankles and so until you end to your head and mind. Silva Mind Control’s students may use the exact opposite way, starting from the head and going down to their toes. It is a good technique, but I find that starting with your feet and going on to your head makes it easier to achieve the desired state.
If you have any questions about these techniques please do ask your question here. If, in the rare occasion, you cannot induce a self-hypnotic state through any of these techniques please contact me via e-mail with your problems and what kind of techniques you have tried, so that we will find a technique that will work well with you.



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