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Lord Sukra (Shukra)

Vedic Astrology : Venus and Lord Sukra (Shukra)

In Vedic Astrology planet Venus has a female nature. It also considers Mercury, Saturn and Rahu as Friends, Jupiter and Mars as Equals and Sun and Moon as Enemies. Remember though that Jupiter considers Venus as an Enemy, while Moon considers it as an Equal.
Venus’ colour is white and its stone is the diamond. Its metal is silver (and copper), its season is Spring and its element is Water.
Venus owns the signs of Taurus and Libra. It is exalted in Pisces having its greatest exaltation on the 20th degree of Pisces, and it is debilitated in Virgo, having its lowest debilitation on the 20th degree of Vigro. Its Mutrikona (its most beloved place) is the first 20 degrees of Libra.
Venus governs the sense of touch, the symmetry of the body, the reproductive organs, the kidneys and maybe the fluids (not blood) of the body. It also rules love, beauty, harmony, sexual delight, marriage, dance, music and the arts, luxuries and all kinds of transportation.
By nature Venus is a beneficial planet, maybe second only to Jupiter, but the Sukra Dasha (the period of one’s life that Venus rules) is the longest dasha lasting 20 years. Venus in general offers wealth, sensual pleasures and luxuries as well as psychic abilities and physical endurance.
Unless Venus is in Virgo, being in the first house it will offer good looks to the person and a nice and charming personality (especially charming towards women). It will also offer very good taste, good fame and a love to luxuries that will also provide. If it is also in Taurus or Libra, psychic abilities will be present as well as a love in meditation. If on the other hand it is in Virgo, a person with a unpleasantly cunning character, maybe a thief or an impostor is more possible to appear.
In the second house Venus will offer lots of wealth and a kind character as well, while happiness and beauty are at their pick if Venus is in the forth house.
The seventh house will make the person very erotic, while if Venus is in the ninth house he or she will be very religious and finally, if it is in the tenth house, fame and glory should be expected.
In the third house the person may have many siblings and some happiness from them, as well as long life, but neither a very easy one nor a very happy, while if it is in the twelfth house, Venus will offer no wealth nor luxuries.
The Gods associated with Venus are Lord Sukra (also Shukra), Lord Kama, Lord Parashurama (the sixth great avatar of the Great Lord Vishnu) and the Goddess Laksmi. The Graha is Lord Sukra.
It is a little difficult for one to understand Lord Sukra, as two of his most known characteristics make Him seem a little devilish, while in fact is a very kind and loving God. And these characteristics are that Lord Sukra is the guru of the Asuras and is an enemy of Great Lord Vishnu.
Lord Sukra is son of Lord Bhrigu, one of the seven great sages, who was born by the will of Great Lord Brahma. His mother is Lady Kavyamata. Lord Bhrigu is the creator of (the art of) Astrology and he passed the art of Astrology to Lord Sukra.
Lord Sukra firstly became a pupil of the Sage Angirasa, and “classmate” of Lord Brihaspati. But Lord Angirasa favoured his son, Lord Brihaspati, too much so, Lord Sukra left him and became pupil to another great sage, Lord Gautama (not the Buddha), who is the creator of the mantras.
Lord Sukra prayed to Great Lord Siva for several years, and Lord Siva, pleased with his prayers, gave to Sukra the ability to bring the dead back to life through a mantra.
When Lord Brihaspati became guru of the Devas (deities), Lord Sukra became the guru of the Asuras and the Daityas.
Now, the word Asura is commonly translated as “demon” but in fact it refers to the Giants, some of them being demonic, other not.
Daityas are the children (both female and male) of Diti (sister of Lady Aditi, the mother of the Adityas, the Sun Gods), an Earth Goddess, and wife of the Great Sage Kasyap (who is also husband of Aditi and father of the Adityas). The dark nature of Diti passed to her children, making them Asuras. Notice that one of them is named Chandra, who should not be considered as Lord Chandra/Soma, who is a grandson of Kasyap. The Mahabharata (Sambhava Parva) states that the Asura Chandra is the foremost of the sons of Diti and as handsome as the lord of the stars himself (Lord Chandra).
Should I also mention that Lady Diti gave birth to another clan of fearsome beings, the wind Gods Marutas, who are sons of the Great Lord Rudra (Siva) and – obviously – divine in nature.
Now, Lord Sukra, having obtained the ability to raise the dead, organised the Asuras to fight the Devas. For this purpose he again went to Great Lord Siva to ask for his help. He went to mount Kailash, where Siva lives and started praying.
The Devas found out that the Asuras were now unprotected so they attacked with the help of Lord Indra and the Great Lord Vishnu. Lady Kavyamata with one glance put the Devas in to sleep and managed to paralyze Lord Indra and Vishnu, but the Sudarshana Chakra (a spinning wheel, weapon of Lord Vishnu, manifested to existence by Great Lord Siva, and almost a Deva by itself) was not paralysed and Vishnu mentally ordered it to decapitate Lady Kavyamata.
By doing this, Lord Vishnu had committed a sin. Lord Bhrigu, using blessed water, raised his wife Kavyamata and cursed Lord Vishnu (or maybe the resurrected Kavyamata cursed him) to be born countless times as a mortal and suffer all the times. Therefore Great Lord Vishnu has at least 1000 Avatars even though 10 or 9 Maha Avatars (Great Avatars) usually are mentioned. Also, from that moment on Lord Sukra hates Great Lord Vishnu and tries to destroy his plans.
Again, when Lord Chandra fights with Lord Brihaspati for Tara, Lord Sukra joins forces, along with the Asuras, with Lord Chandra, but, according to the Mahabharata, in this case Great Lord Rudra (Siva) is not in his side but in the side of Lord Brihaspati.
Lord Sukra has one wife, Urjaswathi, and five children, four of them sons. His daughter fall in love with one of Lord Brihaspati’s sons, but he refused her.
Other than that, Lord Sukra is very kind father, loving husband, gentle in manners. He has white and silky skin, and most of the times he is pictured without weapons, although sometimes he may hold a bow. He usually has one head and four arms, and most possibly is sitting on a lotus.
One should call upon Lord Sukra:
* To avoid the malefic influences of Venus and to magnify the beneficial ones.
* For finding a good husband or wife
* To enjoy sex
* For everything that brings happiness
* To acquire beauty in general or of any kind
* To bring harmony in the family
* For help in any kind of love problems
* To obtain and enjoy luxuries of any kind
* To learn Astrology and to obtain psychic abilities
* To have more stamina
The number of Venus is 6, so its magic square starts with 6.
Magical Square of Venus Magic Square of Venus Sigil Seal


The simplest mantras of Venus are:
Om Sukraya Namaha
Om sum Sukraya Namaha
Om dram dreem draum sah Sukraya Namaha
Repeat the mantra for one mala (108 times) or three malas daily starting Friday for 21 or 60 days holding or over the yantra (magic square) and/or a diamond.
It is said that if you repeat the mantra for 21 malas for three days, you’ll be having the results in a hurry.
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