How to Contact your Guardian Angel

How to Contact your Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel, a word drenched with hope, magic and virtue! Angel comes from the Greek word αγγέλος which actually means the Messenger. Angel is the God Hermes – Mercury in latin – and the Goddess Iris in Greek Pantheon. The one who bears the Divine messages from Olympus to other Gods, Heroes and Mortals.

What we know about the Guardian Angels

Greek Language has many common words with the Sanskrit language due to the Indoeuropean origin of both. Thus, there is another theory that the word Angel is possibly connected with the Hindu Angiras, magical beings, messengers between Gods and Mortals.

Angels as messengers and mediums between the Divine and the Earthly World became really common belief in Christianity. Jesus Christ mentions in the Gospel of Matthews “See to it that you do not despise one of these little ones, because I tell you, their angels in heaven always have access to my Father in heaven.” [Mt. 18:10] Jesus Christ clearly mentions that there are angels who always take care of us and connects us to the Divine Source no matter how important or not we are in this world. (read here more about Archangel Gabriel)

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What are they trying to tell us ?

Of course once again Christianity failed to follow what the Teacher said and there was a time when even the belief that angels existed was considered heresy and evil witchcraft!  Many Religions now support the Belief of Angels as sacred Spirits of the Divine who serve as messengers, expressing the Divine Will and fulfilling the Karma Laws.

Most practitioners of Magic believe that there is a Guardian Angel who helps everyone of us stay on the Right Path of Virtue. Guardian Angels suggest us what is Right and Wrong, what is Good and Evil, when to interfere and when not to. Guardian Angels teach us the Major Law of Free Will, that in fact we have the seed of God inside each one of us and we are 100% responsible for every action of ours!

What do they try to teach us?

They teach us to forgive, to let negative feelings go, they teach us how to heal ourselves, how to heal others and how to heal the World! We are always all under the Wings of our Guarding Angels and there are times when we felt that or maybe not yet. But we have to understand one thing, they are here! Amongst us! Right beside us! Always. Anytime! He/She is right by your side now while you read this article, he/she is right the hugging you while you look at a wonderful sunset realizing that you live a wonderful life, he/she is right there next to the driver’s seat while you are stuck in a traffic jam, listening to you cursing and shouting!  They sometimes take the form of Mortals to interact with you in your everyday life.

He/She never judges you, he/she tries to channel you huge amounts of Love so that you realize that everything can change just by changing you point of view. Moreover, He/She teaches you Karma but also helps you try to avoid a doom! Yes, He/She never gets disappointed by you, cause he/she knows human nature, he/she knows every possible Good or Evil a man or a woman can do. He/She will be there, always, till the end of time, till you Realize you are in fact a part of the Divine, ready to work miracles, ready to Spread Love and Joy to yourself and to the world!

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If you cannot already interact with your Guardian Angel then here is something you may find extremely useful 🙂

A Guardian Angel Spell, Establishing contact with your Guardian Angel!

If you are wondering what is the easiest way to establish contact with your Guardian Angel then the answer is just speak to him/her right now! What you are going to read in the following lines is how to contact your Guardian Angel if you lack a bit of faith or you feel very confused! You will need:

  • Any piece of Paper
  • Any pen
  • A new (never used before for any other reason) White Candle (no matter the size, whatever suits you)

Do this right before you got to sleep. In your room, light the White Candle and call your Guardian Angel! How to my Guardian Angel you must be thinking…? Just call him from your heart! He is already there after all! You can try: “My beloved Guardian Angel, come here with me, I call you!”.

The Magic Letter

Now take the pen in your hands and write a letter to him/her on WHATEVER you want to share! Do you want to fell him/her more in your everyday life? Or maybe you want him/her to help you in a problem you have? Do you need guidance? Or even you feel threatened? Whatever this maybe, write it down in full detail like speaking to yourself or your closest friend! Tell him/her whatever you want! If you are not sure that what you wish is good or evil ask him to guide you! Know that he/she is reading it already!

When you have finished writing what you wish. Read whispering what you just wrote! Read it! You might be thinking… that’s not a spell, that’s not magic… that’s just Prayer!

Huh, that’s true… well what do you Really thing a Prayer is ? Prayer is PURE MAGIC! Praying is a natural ability we all possess as magic! We can teach ourselves how to pray, we can teach ourselves how to develop this ability.

Once you’ve read out loud or whispering what you wrote, blow out the candle saying Goodnight to your Guardian Angel and go to sleep. Leave the paper right beside you, on your desk or wherever you feel more appropriate. Do that for the 3 nights in a row! The next nights just light the candle and read the same paper you wrote! You don’t need to write it again! If applicable leave the paper on your desk during the day too!

It’s highly likely to see a dream where your Angel guides you to do things, he/she may interact with you in your real life, he/she answer to you even if you don’t realize it first!


Even the effort of yours to communicate with your Guardian Angel will reshape your World. This is the power of White Magic. It may take a bit longer, it may make you realize you have to change somethings you do in a wrong way, but by the time your wish will be fulfilled you”ll realize that you are blessed with much much more! The Angels as carriers of all Blessings will reshape your destiny. They are just waiting. They are just waiting for you to call them!

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