Practical Magic: The Love Dust.


This spell is designed for all you Singles (both Straight or Gay) who want this special someone in their Lives. So I bet you got several questions like what is a Love Dust / Love Powder? How to make a Love Dust? How to use a Love Powder?

It can be casted in waxing moon and preferably on Friday (day of Venus) and during the planetary time of Mars. In the next few lines we will guide you to create a Love Dust which is actually a Love Powder, a powder with which you’ll dust yourself daily, right before you leave your home.

This will help you be more charming and lucky in Love and Romance! Remember always that you can combine our Spells or cast each separately! It”s absolutely your choice! Magical Recipes Online never propose or use dark magic so you don”t have to worry if you like to mix and much our Spells, Elixirs and Recipes!

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The Love Dust! The magical Dust which attracts love and mates!

You will need: * 200gr – 7.054 ounces of powdered Rice (any rice will do) * 20gr – 0,7054 ounces of Orris Root (aka Queen Elizabeth Root) * 2 pink candles * antiallergic pink or red colored powder (optional)

Make a powder from the Orris Root. As already written you may find the Root in occult shops – and soon in our E-shop – as Queen Elizabeth”s root. Orris Root comes from the Magnificently Beautiful and Fragrant flower called Iris. (The Herb analysis of Iris is coming! Stay tuned!) Talking about Iris, we mean the species of Iris Germanica, Iris Florentina, and Iris Pallida. Just for the record, Iris is the name of Goddess Iris, the Messenger of the Gods, often depicted carry the Kerykeion – Caduceus. Like Hermes, Iris is a Messenger of the Gods. Her symbols are also the Rainbow. Iris is the Secondary messenger of the Gods, Hermes / Mercury is one the 12 most powerful Gods.

* Mix the Powdered Rice with the Orris Root Powder (and the colored powder if you prefer) * * Now take the pink candles and dress them with the fragrant powder you just created. Powder yourself too. It would be even better if you have a ritual  purifying bath first. Leave the rest of the powder between the 2 pink candles.

Light the first Pink candle saying:

I Light this candle to represent me,  my Charms and my Luck in Love shine brightly like this Flame!

Light the second Pink candle saying:

I Light this candle to represent my ideal Lover, his/her Love for me shine brightly like this Flame!

Now sit comfortably, close your eyes and meditate on what you really wish for. Be sincere with yourself. Visualize what you really want. Read our articles on how to develop your meditative and visualization skills!

When you feel you are finished open you eyes and leave the altar letting the candles burn out! Always take Fire Security measures to ensure nothing will go wrong!

Once the spell is done store your Magic Dust in a bottle and keep it in a secret place. Dust yourself daily with it using a small amount. Always remember to visualize what kind of lover you want while you dust yourself. Never picture a certain person, this is black magic and this spell is not designed for Dark arts! Let the universe bring to you what is truly right for you! Trust the Universe and God(s).


This powder is enhanced if prepared on the Eve of Autumn Equinox, Beltane or any other Sabbath or sacred day you feel more suitable.

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