Summon the God of Dreams – God Oniros

Summon the God of Dreams - God Oniros

During the night of Halloween not only the veil between the realm of the Livings and the realm ruled by Thanatos (Θάνατος, the God of Death) vanishes – or almost – but as well the veil between the realm of the Livings and the realm ruled by Oniros (Όνειρος, the God of Dreams, the triplet brother of Thanatos) vanishes.

Oniros, God of Dreams

Therefore Halloween is a very potent night for dream spells, and not just to see a prophetic dream, but also to become prepared to start seeing such dreams.

Keep in mind that Oniros is not kind to those who wish to do any bad. Not only He doesn’t help them by giving them prophetic dreams but He also sees that they will not have a good end of life. So make sure your purposes are pure before going on with this spell, or ritual. 

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Summoning god Oniros in Halloween

During the night of Halloween cast a magic circle, or you may use the circle casted for your Halloween celebrations. Have prepared some incense of dried and powdered mugwort and elder flowers in a two to one ratio. Mix the powders with some lemon or rose oil (approximately 3 drops for every teaspoon of powder). You will need about 3-4 teaspoons for the spell, but make more so that you can keep it for later on.

Do not use this mix if you are pregnant. Stop immediately and air the room if you feel any discomfort. Mugwort is a powerful but also dangerous herb. Use lavender as a safe substitute.

Light a blue candle and add two teaspoons of the mix on a charcoal disk. Then close your eyes. Perform the balancing breathing exercise. Then call upon God Oniros. Use the Orphic hymn, if you can, first and then say:

 “I call upon God Oniros, the God of Dreams, the brother of Thanatos and Hypnos.  Come here oh mighty God, and guide me to your realm”. 

Keep your eyes closed and keep breathing relaxed while repeating the incantation.

How God Oniros appears 

An extremely handsome young man will appear in front of you in an environment He will choose (in your mind’s world). He will most probably ask you to follow him, or in some cases he may give you something.

If he asks you to follow him do so. He will take you to a gate or something alike where there would be many symbols. He will point one to you. If he has given you something this will be the symbol. Memorize this symbol, and draw it as soon as you end the procedure. This symbol is going to help you there on to have the prophetic dreams you want.

Thank god Oniros

Thank Him for His assistance and ask Him to bless the rest of the incense so that it will help you achieve the best results. When He will finish blessing the incense thank him once again and finish your meditation.

Draw the symbol, make a talisman of it and have it in hand. Bottle the rest of the incense in a glass jar, so that you can use it in the future. Let the blue candle burn out by itself.

When you want to see a prophetic dream, burn some of the blessed incense in your bedroom. While doing so, hold the symbol in front of you and concentrate your sight to it, asking it to give you through a dream the answerer to your question (state it). Go to sleep having the symbol on your body. Write down the dream as soon as you are awake. Create a Dream Book as we said in previous posts!


Remember to always thank God Oniros for his help.

Once again remember, Oniros helps only the pure hearted ones.

Have a nice Halloween and an even better dream-prophetic ability!

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