The Breath of Magic – a simple Breathing technique


The Breath of Magic is a more advanced breathing exercise which is supposed to regulate the flow of our vital energy, Chi (Qi).

According to the Taoist traditions which have been incorporated with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, the Air we breathe energises the Lung Meridian which is probably the most important Meridian for the flowing of Chi.

Chi is the Cosmic energy which flows in each and every one of us, in every mountain, lake, breeze, animal, virtually anything. Chi is the energy which flows in everything in this world.

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The Lung Meridian is known as the Prime Minister of Meridians which co-operates with the Heart Meridian in order to control the flow of Chi and Blood.

The best time to practice the Breath of Magic is in the Morning right before you go to work and before you cast a powerful spell. In this way your Chi will be enhanced and you will notice that you are more productive and optimistic during the day. If you keep on practicing the Breath of Life, Chi will regulate better in your body and aura and your magic will be more effective. Same thing applies with other Practices which focus on Chi”s better regulation like Chi (Qi) Gong and Tai Chi (Qi). 


You can repeat another circle of 7 Magic Breaths anytime you need more magical energy, anytime you need to cast a quick spell or charm.

Never underestimate the importance of simple techniques. Magic doesn’t require oversophisticated practices and rare ingredients. Even when it does, real magic is based on simple truths. The more you practice, the better mage / witch you will become.

The technique: * Sit comfortably in a quiet place and focus on your pulse. * Feel your heart beat. * Now inhale for 7 consequent heart beats. * Now exhale for 7 consequent heart beats. * Repeat 6 more times (total 7 times). * Repeat for at least 7 consequent days.

The number of 7 is a very important number in many magical traditions, in the Chinese too! It corresponds to contemplation and meditation. It”s the key number to channel the Magical Energy. 


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