A Success Spell for the Winter Solstice


As we previously said Yule is not only a perfect time for removing everything that holds us back, but also a great opportunity to sow the seeds for everything we want to achieve during the new year. So here is a spell that will help you succeed in anything you want.

On a piece of paper write down everything you want to achieve in the starting year. Don’t judge your wishes. Don’t think what you should ask for, just what you really want.

When you feel like you have written everything down, read again the list. Do it as many times as you need and narrow down your wishes to a maximum of eight. Now, this can be done either by removing the less important – for you – and keeping the most important, or by grouping your wishes under the one that you believe it “contains” the others. If for example you want to buy new clothes, a new house and a car, you can sum up the costs and ask for that amount of money, therefore having one wish instead of three.

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If you are happy by narrowing down your wishes to less than eight, this is – according to my experience – even better. Think it as such. If you can rise an amount of energy that I should name A, then you are going to use A/8 of your energy for each of the eight wishes, so if you have instead three wishes then you have the choice either to use A/3 for each wish, or to decide to give double energy to one wish (that would be 2A/8) and triple energy to two of them (that would be 3A/8), by using again the method that we will see in a while for the eight wishes. It is much simpler than it looks, and I am going to explain it clearly.

Now, you will need:

* 8 square pieces of paper (if you can make them having the size of your birth number it will be perfect), to write each wish. * Dragon’s Blood ink and a pen to write the wishes with. * 8 orange candles * An attraction or success oil to anoint the candles with (Crown of Success will be brilliant, but even  Sunflower cooking oil will do; add some cinnamon in it for better results). * And some incense that can be the Phoenix Blend, or Crown of Success, or Cinnamon, Frankincense and Myrrh, or whatever you trust the most. * You also need a symbol of each wish * A wooden box * And a satin red string or ribbon (you will need to cut 8 pieces equal to your height).

During Yule’s night (and during the celebration ritual, if you perform one) using the Dragon’s Blood ink write one wish to each piece of paper and arrange them in a circle around you.

Now, if you have less than eight wishes and want to share the energy equally, then use as many pieces of paper as your wishes. Write one wish to each of them and of course so many orange candles. But if you want to put emphasis on some wishes more than the others, then use 8 pieces of paper and 8 candles and repeat the same wish as many times as you want (in the previous example I would have written one wish on two pieces of paper and two wishes on three pieces of paper). If you do that, then we recommend that the symbol for the same wishes should remain the same (if for example you want wealth and you have used a picture of $100 bill, then have as many pictures of $100 bill as many times you have written the wish). Also arrange, if possible, the same wishes in a different order and avoid having them one after the other.

Now put the symbols on top of the papers. Inscribe each wish to each candle, anoint it with the oil (from the middle to its top towards you and then from its middle to its bottom towards you again), and put it behind the piece of paper.

Now, light the incense saying:

“I offer this incense to (name the God/Angel/Spirit of your choice and trust or just say the Universal Powers of Time) to please.  So, please come here (the same) and hear my plea and bless me with great success to what I want to achieve.”

Now start lighting the candles around you starting from the one facing North and continue NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW. While lighting each candle say:

“I light this candle to bring to me (and state the wish the candle represents)”.

After lighting all the candles sit down facing the Northern candle. Visualise for about 5 minutes yourself enjoying the fulfilled wish and then continue to the next wish until you have completed the circle. If you have written the same wish to more than one pieces of paper repeat the procedure for each candle.

After finishing the visualisations sit down peacefully or even lie down, if you have made the circle wide enough. When you feel that the energy has settled itself, then thank the God/Angel/Spirit that you summoned and leave the circle, or continue your ritual. Let the candles burn themselves completely taking every safety precaution to avoid fire.

When all candles have burned out go back to your circle and using the pieces of the red ribbon wrap up each piece of paper with the symbol and finish the wrapping with a knot. Then put the “charms” inside the wooden box and have the box under your bed until the next Winter Solstice.

Enjoy your lives and have a year full of blessings and successes!

- - -