The Ultimate Beauty Spell, Conjuring the Tides of the Moon! (Part 1 of 2)


The Ultimate Beauty Spell 

Do you want to become even more gorgeous than you already are? Do you want this so much that you are ready to offer a full Lunar Circle to this objective? If so, this is a spell for you.
Phase 0 – Preparation
Find out in your local calendar when the next Full Moon night is. If it is in a few days, then find out the next one, as you will need some time to get yourself prepared for the spell.
Buy a box, folder or whatever you find more suitable for you. Don’t rush this. Find something that you feel it is suitable for both you and the spell. Then start collecting pictures and photos of people that you find beautiful. Not people that look as you would like your partner to look like, but people that look like the way you want to look. If you just like a single characteristic of them, cut only this from the picture. However, it is recommended to have as many full pictures as possible.
If you are good with picture modification, change any picture of others or even yourself to have the characteristics you want. Put these pictures into the box/folder/whatever.
Also, to help your magic help you more, start eating and acting in a way that will help you to achieve your goals. If for example you want to be thinner start eating less and healthier, and start performing some aerobic exercises, if you want to be more muscular start working out and so on. Try to keep this plan for as long as the spell lasts.
Also buy four candles that represent your achieved beauty, being them red (more suitable for sexiness and strength), pink (more suitable for sweet and kind characteristics and feminine beauty), or orange (more suitable for attractiveness and youthfulness). You may also mix them. For example if you want to look younger, sweeter and sexier you may use 2 orange candles, 1 pink and 1 red. These candles should be capable for burning for at least 60 hours. Carve to each candle the characteristics it represents.
the ultimate beauty spell absolute beauty spell goddess beauty charms glamour
the absolute beauty spell
a magically wonderful picture by Maiarcita
Also buy one black, one white, one pink (or red or orange) and one golden candle that each can burn for seven days. Also you will need some incense that you really like the smell and it makes you feel good. You can use botanicals, resins, sticks or whatever kind of incense you want. Just make sure you have enough supplies for 30 days (well, it depends on the Moon circle).
Buy about 1kg of salt (you may use sea salt but I prefer the cooking salt as it is more gentle), about 0.3lt (1½ cups) of extra virgin olive oil and 30-45ml of each of the following essential oils: red rose (not rose absolute), lily, and lemon flowers. DON’T use lemon essential oil. You may use lavender instead of lemon flower if you have sensitivity in lemon flower, but if you can use the original do so, as it is much better both for the spell and for the skin. If you know you have an allergy to any of these oils DON’T use them. Send us an e-mail to provide you with some alternatives.
Finally you will need a nice piece of paper (A4) and Dragon’s Blood Ink or Dove’s Blood Ink.
The Sunday before the Full Moon (so if the Full Moon occurs on Sunday then do it during the previous Sunday), in a bottle big enough mix the essential oils as follows:
Pour the rose oil saying:
“Here is my beauty…”
Pour the lily oil saying:
“… my everlasting youth…”
Pour the lemon flower oil saying:
“… and my glare, just like the Sun’s.”
Close the bottle and shake it well but gently, so that the oils will mix nicely. If you have bought good quality essential oils you will have no problem mixing them.
Now put the salt in a porringer and pour the olive oil on it and using a (wooden) spoon mix thoroughly. If necessary add some more olive oil. You should have a rather soft mix, so that you may use it to every part of your body, so it’s better to be softer than intended than harder. Then put 15-30 ml of the mix. Although extra virgin olive oil is a very protective base oil, your skin may be extra sensitive, so, if you need, put even less of the mix. Using the spoon, once again mix the scrub thoroughly. Then bottle the scrub in a glass jar with a wide top.
Finally, in a small dish, like a tea cup’s plate, put some clear water and add 3 drops of the mix of the essential oils (I’ll be referring to it as philtre from now on). If possible put also one or two drops of May Dew. Using a small piece of cotton, water the paper. Then let it dry completely before putting it aside. The rest of the philtre (that is 15ml) is to be used directly on your skin so, if you have a sensitive skin, or you don’t know if you do, fill the bottle with a base oil like sweet almond or jojoba oil. If you do so, instead of 15 ml of philtre you’ll be having 50 (or more according to your sensitivity) ml of a softer philtre, so change the quantities used accordingly (1 drop of 15ml pure philtre is about equal to 3 drops of a 50ml softened philtre or 7 drops of a 100ml softened philtre)
Phase 1 – The beginning
The spell has four phases that each of them lasts for about a week depending on the phases of the moon. The first phase will start removing any unwanted characteristics of yours. Recognising that you have an unwanted situation and asking from the Gods / Angels / Spirits to remove it is always the first step. And to be honest, if you truly believe there is nothing wrong with your appearance you wouldn’t do this spell. So the first phase of the spell starts the night that follows the Full Moon and ends at the night of the Third Quarter of the Moon.
On the first night AFTER the Full Moon shower yourself and then use the scrub. If you have made it gentle and soft enough and you have no allergies to the ingredients you can safely use it on every part of your face and body, but don’t use it on your hair and take care not to touch your eyes.
After scrubbing, remove the salt with water but don’t use any soap. Then gently dry yourself with a towel or, if possible, air dry. Don’t remove the oil, but let it be absorbed by your skin.
Then go wherever you are going to perform the spell. Since it is better to perform the spell without clothes and in the same place every day and even better on the same time, chose the room wisely.
The room should be ready after you shower, therefore, make sure you have made all necessary preparations before you shower. So, use the four candles that represents your achieved beauty (the ones that can burn for 60 hours) and form a circle, putting the candles on the middle points of the compass. That is, NE, SE, SW and NW. If you intend to cast a circle, put this beauty circle inside your magical circle.
In the centre of the circle put a pillow or something for you to sit and have the black candle and the incense in front of you. Also have the box with the pictures inside the circle, and the bottle with the philtre. Also have the piece of paper you have prepared and the ink and a pen or something alike to write with. If you want, have a picture or a statue of the Angel/God/Goddess/Spirit you are going to call upon his or her help. Finally, of course, have some matches to light the candles and the incense.
[Some ideas about the “helper”. He or she can be your Guardian Angel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Goddess Aphrodite (Venus), God Apollo, God Eros, Goddess Laksmi, God Soma, God Sukra, Goddess Isis, Goddess Freya, or any other you prefer. Choose according to whom you feel more familiar with and who is the most proper for the kind of beauty you desire.]
Now, cast the circle if you want, then light the four candles of your beauty starting with the one facing NE. Sit on your pillow facing East and light some incense. Relax or perform the balancing breathing exercise. Now take the pen and write on the paper a prayer to your helper asking to help you achieve the desired and the best beauty for you. It doesn’t need to have a formal or “proper” form. It needs to express yourself, your thoughts and your soul. Just end the prayer with the phrase “Thank you for your help that I already have started receiving”. After that read the prayer loud three times.
Now, (put some more incense if needed and) light the black candle saying:
“I light this candle to burn and vanquish each and every ugly and unwanted characteristic
 from my face and body”.
Now say seven times:
“The foul marks and ugliness, I now drive out, but everything that is good on me forever shall remain. The Sun, the Moon, and all the Stars my uncouthness, from my feet and my hands and my entire body, do now drive out, for I was born to be happy in each and every way. The fierceness in myself, in my body or my face, I now strike away with my spell. May (the name of your helper) beautify me in the most perfect way.”
Now close your eyes and relax and let your helper, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars start beautifying you. Don’t force the change, just allow them to do what they believe is the best for you, and just feel them acting on you. When you feel they have completed whatever they wanted to do for today, open your eyes.
If needed light some more incense. The incense should be burning all the time. Open the box, and relaxingly and slowly browse the pictures you have gathered. This is a very important part, so give it time. Just look every picture for a few minutes, admiring the beauty you are seeing and imagining you possessing this beauty. You don’t need to overdo with each picture. You’ll be doing it every day so just let your inner self choose to which pictures should focus more each day, but spent some time with each one. The whole procedure from lighting the beauty candles till the end of staring the pictures should be at least an hour long, and as much more as you feel nice doing it.
When you have finished, put the pictures back to the box, and also put the prayer in it. Thank the helper, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars and extinguish the beauty candles. Not the black candle. You will let this candle burning for the rest of the first phase. Release the circle. Put the black candle somewhere safe to avoid a fire and the bottle with the philtre next to it.
Each day for the rest of the first phase (till the night of the Third Quarter of the Moon) you will repeat the same procedure, but you won’t write the prayer again, but just reading it, and you will not need to scrub yourself every day, but do it at least two more times. The bottle with the philtre should always remain near the candle, inside and outside the circle, and every day when you start the procedure put three to seven drops of the (pure) philtre (or the equivalent of a softer philtre) on your body. (The days you do the scrub you don’t need to put on the philtre.)


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