A Healing spell for Imbolc – Candlemas

A Healing spell for Imbolc - Candlemas

Imbolc, Candlemas, Anthesteria, different names for the same Sabbath. The 31st of January and 1st of February is a very important date for most religions and sacred to powerful Spirits (Gods / Goddesses if you prefer).

The force of Spring starts to get stronger day by day and this is also a day when Resurrection and Eternal Life is honored!

For the Druids, Brigid / Brighid is honored during Imbolc which actually means in gaelic / celtic language “in the belly / impregnated”. Something is about to be born, something is getting stronger day by day. This is our new life! 

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We died in Yule, time stopped, and now it starts once more. The Circle of Life is eternal, is a never ending journey, as the Annual Circles of the Sun. We have to understand that. Whatever is born, dies in this world, but whatever dies is born again. 

For the Greeks this feast of Anthesteria is a celebration of Resurrection, a victory of life. God Dionysus is celebrated during this feast. During this day, Dionysus is the triple God, the personification of a Man’s major life-stations. The young boy, the husband, the sage. All three separate yet all three united. Remember that during Sabbaths are the day where the laws of nature are kinda altered. Time and space are not exactly the same. Realms mix up together. Portals are being created and powered. 

During Candlemas, the light is being reborn again. It’s a great opportunity to increase our flame of Life and Spirit. To empower that force of progress and spiritual evolution you can channel this cosmic energy in a candle which height is the same as yours! 

And now The Healing Spell! 

Supposing the any kind of Health issue (either Body or Mind) correspond in a depletion of our zest for life, of our flaming vital energy, all we have to do is replenish it! This spell is a way to channel more life-force in you with the help of your favourite spirit. The most appropriate Spirit/God-dess is Brigid and Dionysus. But it’s entirely up to you. 

Tip:You can do this spell any day you wish! During Imbolc is much more powerful though!

Take a White candle (which represents unity) in your hands (as tall as you are) and close your eyes. Meditate on your new self. Healthy, full of Vitality and Vigor. 

Devote this candle to a (fiery if possible) Spirit / God-dess / Angel and light it saying:

Here lies myself, My life and spirit shines brightly as this flame does! I devote this flame to you (name of the Spirit/God-dess), May you always be here for me and look after me and my soul!

Now close your eyes and visualize yourself healthy in body and spirit, watch yourself doing everything you do daily but with more vigor and euphoria. Pay attention to the details. See how it is to be healthy and powerful again. See how you would do everything. 

Let the candle be extinguished. Always take anti-fiery measures. Fire is not a game.


Depending on what spirit you chose to devote this candle to, you can burn the corresponding herb. If you choose for example Brigid (who is maybe the most appropriate for this day) you can devote some Rowan to her.

Practice Magic responsibly.  Always consult your medical doctor if you are facing any kind of health issues. 

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