How to Make an Amulet for Protection


Our dear readers I am happy to share with you the recipe and spell to create a protective charm/amulet. This amulet is meant to give you overall protection against physical and spiritual harm. As you will find out it is based on Voodoo/Hoodoo, however this post is not intended to discuss in depth the philosophy behind mojo bags. This will happen in a future post.

The creation of this amulet is based on the element of Earth which is happy to provide the most protective/durable qualities to the witch. For this amulet you will need:

Ingredients • A small cotton bag (preferably black,white or red) • One small stone • A pen-marker • Sandalwood oil • A whole walnut • Blackberry bark • Powdered egg shell • 4 white candles • A bag of salt

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Now on a Sunday or Tuesday night when the moon is waxing (getting fuller) is time to cast your protective amulet. First take the stone and feel it in your hands. Feel its firmness, its connection with earth, its protective qualities. Take the marker and draw a protective symbol on it. Some suggestions are the pentacle, the triquetra, the Eye of Horus, the Ankh or Thor’s hammer. However, feel free to draw a symbol that you like and you feel it protects you from harm. Contemplate for as long as you like, thinking about how protecting this symbol is for you. Feel it forming a shield around you which is impenetrable and protects you from all harm. When ready dress the stone with 3 drops of sandalwood oil and say:

Hard as stone my shield I cast and it shall never fail me.

Then put the inscribed stone in the bag. Next take the whole walnut. Feel its natural energies of protection, feel the hard exterior, feel its magical protection. Contemplate on it forming a shield surrounding you. When ready say:

My walnut protects I feel no threats.

Then take the blackberry bark and hold it in your hands. Imagine the actual bush of the plant surrounding you.  Nothing can invade in its space. When ready add the bark to the bag saying:

My space is protected, blackberry aids me.  

Then take the egg shell powder and feel it in your hands. Feel its firmness, its power. Feel how it protects the interior of the egg. Then imagine your shield becoming even stronger. When you are ready add it in the bag and say:

My barrier is whole, egg shell make it last long.

Then add the powder in the bag. Close it with 3 knots and say:

Powers of High listen to my plea, a shield I form blessed by thee. No foe, no harm can pass! I pray to thee, make it forever be! This sacred night my shield is formed I am protected! Threats begone!

Then put the 4 candles in a circular order. One candle in the East, one candle in the south etc. Place the bag at the center of the circle that the candles form. Around the candles make a circle with the salt. Try to use as much salt as possible to make a fine thick circle.

Light the candles and say:

I walk in circles of light!

Let the candles burn to the end, and place the remaining salt in another bag. Bury the remains of the candles. If in need, repeat the ritual to grant extra protection. A good tip is to use the salt that you have used in the first ritual. If this is not available or you find that the salt is not enough then add or use new salt.

Carry the protective bag with you, put it in your handbag, your pocket or attach it to your clothes. It will allegedly protect you from all harm, however, this amulet will not protect you from threats or dangers that you have imposed to yourself and are consequences of your own actions, for example casting a dark spell against someone or harming someone. In addition, if you are casting this spell to grant protection to someone else put a lock of their hair in the mojo bag. Remember for the spell to manifest the third person must have cut their own hair and given it to you freely.

The Easy Witch 

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