How to Ground your Energy


There are many times when we realize that we have too much work to do or maybe we have clearly lost ourselves in the million of deeds we are getting involved. Sometimes we just don’t get that our energy is limitless but as human beings we need to get some rest and find some balance between our responsibilities and our need to rest!

Especially if your work involves healing (doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, Reiki healers ~Rei Qi~, practitioners of alternative medicine etc.) you need to periodically ground yourself in order to avoid exhaustion and energy depletion.

When we practice magic, ANY MAGIC, either this involves uncrossing rituals, exorcism or even love magic, what we really do is that we channel this kind of energy we need within us and then focus it all to our purpose. This procedure however, no matter how much evolved we are in Witchcraft is rarely perfect. We almost always have remains of this energy we channeled and/or we have consumed some of our personal Life-force (Chi).  We should not neglect to ground our energy right after every spell we cast. We need to release the energy we captured and also recharge our Life-Force. 

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As with spells, if you are a medical practitioner (as stated above) you have to understand that patients have lack of energy. And even though you may not understand it, if you interact with them you consciously or unconsciously transfer Vital Energy (Chi) to them! This is rarely a large amount of energy but even this little charge needs recharging! In this way you protect yourself and you can more effectively treat your patients!

Now that we have established this Rule of Grounding Energy let”s see how we are going to do that! 

The father of Western Medicine, Hippocrates, advised his students to ground their energy by hugging a big tree right after every medical practice. The trees are a vertical axis of continuous energy transfer. Hippocrates also advised them to wash their hands with running water. This is why water is a horizontal axis of continuous energy transfer. Both trees and water are good means of Vital Energy and can be used both for our purpose!

Find your Druid in you! Try this Nature Magic Technique!

So how can I ground my Energy? How can I find my energy Balance? Magical Recipes Online never SPAM and always offer you a revised and justified technique or magical recipes based on Ancient Wisdom. Once again that”s the case about us. Combining the Ancient wisdom of Hippocrates, Chinese Medicine, Druidry and Witchcraft we give you OUR grounding technique. Feel free to alter it as you wish. Unfortunately this is an Outdoors Grounding technique. Of course we will soon add an indoors one. 

The Outdoors Grounding technique:

Find a quiet spot in the countryside. Clear your mind. And chant 3 times out loud:

I call upon the guardians of this Forest,  I call upon the forces of nature, help me find this tree I search for,  make me powerful once more!

Look patiently and you WILL see the tree you need. Get to it closer and touch it. Talk to it. Tell it your problems. Ask for it”s help. Either this is a young or and old tree this is what you need. 

Remove your shoes and socks. And just stand letting your back (spine) touch the bole of the tree. Let your spine”s weight so that the tree will bear it. Remove all the tension of your body.  


Each time you come remember always to bring something for the tree and the forces of the forest. Nature spirits love candy and sugar but always remember NEVER to leave trash! Food will be eaten by animals and is not considered trash!

Close your eyes. Visualize that you become one with the tree. Now ask for the forest”s powers. Ask it out loud. Ask it from your heart! Ask for the Tree”s wisdom. Ask for health. Ask for Vitality. Ask for protection. Ask anything you want. Now ask the tree to help you anytime you need it”s help just by visualizing you are there! Establish a relationship with this tree. Make this tree your friend. 

Now when you feel you are done take out a flask of water and irrigate the tree as a thank you! 

Visit your new friend every once in a while. Tell it your problems, tell it your news. Tell it how happy you are to see it again. This relationship will help you so much in your evolution in Witchcraft where your want to become a Shaman, Mage, Wizard, Witch, Druid or Priest of Nature! 

Each time you need to ground your energy, wash your hands with cool running water and then close your eyes and meditate on this tree you visited! Visualize that you are doing the same thing as you did when you actually where there! Remember that you have to pay a visit to your friend every once in a while!

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