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How to make and how to use Magic Squares
to fulfill your Desires

In this post we will present you two magic squares which seem to be the same, as they have the same lines of numbers, yet the first and third lines change places. Both squares have the same numbers (from 1 to 9), a total sum of 45, and every row and every column sums up to 15, as well as the diagonals. But the uses of each are different. The first square is used to fulfill any desire, whilst the second one is used to remove evil influences. Now, how to prepare and use each square?

Preparing and Charging the first square, the Magic Square to Fulfill your Desires. 
During the first face of the Moon – Waxing Moon (from the night after the New Moon until the night of the First Quarter), write on a piece of paper using preferably Dragon’s Blood Ink the square and then the numbers from 1 to 9. Do not write each line in order, but follow the numbers.
Use a piece of wood to write the numbers which you have made it to a pen of 11cm length. While writing the square use only an oil lamp for light, and have incense of flowers or fruits burning. The choice of the exact incense is yours. Now on the back side of the square write down your wish.
While writing the square do not speak and be concentrated to your wish. Then smoke the square with the incense, and after that put it between your palms in a praying position and while doing so, pray for what you want and visualise having it.
Do this for seven days. If possible, keep the oil lamp lighted for the whole period. Do not put the square on the ground while writing it or safekeeping it. After the seven days, if the wish has not yet been fulfilled, keep the square with you. If the wish has been fulfilled before the seven days period, DO COMPLETE the seven day ritual, but instead of praying for what you want, give thanks for receiving it.
After the fulfilment of the wish (and after the seven days) repeat the ritual and burn the piece of paper with the square, giving thanks for the manifestation of your wish.

TIP! Do not use this square to harm anybody or to force your will on others, for the results will be catastrophic to you.

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Preparing and Charging the Second square, the Magic Square to Banish Evil Influence and Obstacles.
The second square is to uncross you, to unhex you and to remove all fears and obstacles being them real or imaginary. Although it can clean and protect you, and even send away evil spirits, if your condition is severe enough, it may not be enough by itself to do this.
Choose a specific hour of the day that you can repeat the ritual every day. You’ll need 10 days to complete the ritual, and you have to acquire all that you are going to need before starting.
You need incense made of ten different ingredients. Choose the ingredients according to your beliefs. The important thing is to be ten different ingredients. Make enough quantity of the mix to have for the whole ten days period. If you are using botanicals you will need more incense than if you are using resins. Prepare the incense for this specific purpose only. Don’t make too much to have in hand for future uses (but you can buy more of each ingredient to have for future use).
Again light an oil lamp and have this as the only light for writing the square. Make the square first, and then put the numbers in it from 1 to 9. On the other side of the paper write your name. Use Dragon’s Blood Ink, or any other ink you prefer. Write the square with a pen made of wood for this purpose and that is 15cm long. Both for this square as well as for the previous one don’t buy a pen. Make it yourself. And do not use a pen that you have made or used for other (even similar) reason.
While writing the square keep silence. After writing it, smoke it with the incense and smoke yourself as well. Then hold it inbetween your palms in a praying position and pray for the removing of all black magic, evil influences and fears. Then visualise yourself brilliant, free and happy.
Keep the oil lamp lighted for the whole 10 days if possible, and have the square next to the lamp. Do never let the square touch the ground. On the tenth day burn the square knowing that you are now free. During the ten days think only good for you and for everybody else. This is an important part of your cleansing.
If you prefer working on the floor, use a cloth or something to have your square on.


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