How to Change Your Eye Colour

How to Change Your Eye Colour

Seduction as form of magic is a practical simple magical act that is used to attract (or we may say create) something from the same thing. It’s most common use is to create an illusion from the imagination of the sorcerer. The sorcerer creates the illusion strongly enough in his or her mind and this illusion becomes visible to the others. What kind of Illusion? What if we told you that you can ‘change your Eye Colour’ ? 

How to Change Your Eye Colour

Since the so-called real world is in fact a strong a generally accepted illusion, if the illusion created by the sorcerer grows strong enough, then it becomes, what we call, reality, and then on the illusion sustains itself as any other part of reality.

What I mean is that a sorcerer for example may imagine (thus creates the illusion in his own mind) that there is a wall in front of him. If this illusion is strong enough then maybe more people see the wall and then maybe all people see the wall, and as the illusions grows stronger and stronger, the wall manifest itself and then on the imagination, or spiritual power, of the sorcerer is not needed in order for the wall to continue exist.

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Now, I would also like to mention that the subconscious mind of a person is easier to see an illusion than the conscious mind. Therefore, in the previous example, it is possible that after a while, people that were in the place the illusion of the wall was created, may remember the existence of the wall even though as long as they were there they may did not see the wall. Now, this is the form of magic we are going to employ to achieve the change of the eye colour of oneself.

The Spell to Change Your Eye Colour

Unless you are very talented, the permanent change of your eyes’ colour may take some time to be achieved, but if you want it enough and you are willing to offer enough time to this, you are going to achieve it.

Choose the colour you want your eyes to have. The human mind finds it more possible to make a change to a colour that nature may provide to someone’s eyes, but if you want, even red, yellow or purple is possible. Now take some colour paper of the same colour in various shades, and have them all around you. If it is possible, have no other colour around you. Concentrate on the colour. Feel the vibrations of it, feel its energy. Listen to its sound, taste its taste, feel the colour however you can. Think only of the colour. When your mind is full of the colour, close your eyes and see and feel the colour all around you. If you cannot do that, reopen your eyes and observe the colour more, until you can easily see and feel the colour with closed eyes. Some people need more than one day to achieve this goal, so be patient. It is in your abilities.

When you have achieved this goal, you are ready for the next step. Send this entire colour to your eyes, and more accurate, to the iris of the eye. Fill the iris with this colour. Feel its vibration in your eyes as well as being radiated from your eyes. When you have a constant and secure feeling of that, you may say something like: “My eyes are now red”, or whatever colour you have chosen, and open your eyes.

Do not go to the mirror. Do not ask your family members or your closest friends what colour your eyes are. For you and your closest people the illusion of your previous eye colour is strong, so you and they may not see the new illusion at first. Just be sure you have achieved your goal and go out and see what happens. If you want to ask somebody about the colour of your eyes, ask somebody you have just meet. Or ask a friend through the telephone if they have noticed your colour contact lenses and if they liked them. Their unconscious mind may remember the changed colour and providing them with an reasonable excuse (the contact lenses) they may feel free to express what they remember.

Continue practising this technique until the change is visible to everybody, or until the change is permanent, depending on what you want to achieve. You can also use the same technique for the colour of your hairs if you prefer, or even for the colour of your skin. It is wiser though to practise in small areas, like your eyes, before going on to large areas, like your skin, as you will need better focusing to create an illusion that big.

You are just perfect as you already are! So, go on, play and have fun! 

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