Self Hypnotic and Meditation Techniques : Make your wish come true

A Complete Guide to Make your Wish come true 
Utilizing Self-Hypnosis and Meditation
written by a professional Hypnotist and Master of Mind Control Techniques

Here I am going to present you a technique for you to manifest your wishes in the material plane through the power of the mind. This technique is very capable as it deals with the challenge from multiple points of view, and we mostly use it for more significant… “bigger” wishes rather than simple ones. If you want a simple self-hypnotic technique for you to attract something in your life you may use the one described here: Self Hypnotic and Meditation Techniques : Magnetize what you want through visualization.

Also, since for this technique we are going to use the hypnotic/meditative state of mind, if you do not know how to induce such a state you may want to refer to this article: Self Hypnotic and Meditation Techniques : Inducing the Hypnotic State.
Furthermore, to avoid some common mistakes you may refer to this article: Magic Lessons: Collaborating with the Universe (Why sometimes spells don’t work?).
What you are going to need:
* Yourself, some of your time and your will to achieve your goal
* A notebook or some paper and a simple pen or pencil

* If you want you may use some incense or music or both to help you achieve the relaxed state of mind required, but this is up to you.


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Success is in your hands


The first day you are going to need a little more time and as it is essential for you to do the whole thing in one session, be sure to save enough time for yourself.
Write down to your notebook what you want to achieve. Write it down with your own words, as clearly and as completely as you can. Do not criticize your wish neither the possibility of receiving it. Accept them both and write it down. Write it down as “I want to be/have/achieve…”. You are expressing a wish. Write what you want and not what you don’t want.
Now, read what you have written. Read it again. Are you satisfied? If yes then go on, if not, correct it until you feel satisfied.
Now write down what you fear if this wish comes true. Do not judge your fears. Just write them down, preferably as a list of fears rather than a text. If in fact you have no fears, then you may avoid this step, but if you have, no matter how stupid, irrational, or whatever you think they are, they are important and you should take care of them.
make your dreams come true
Aim your Goal and go for it!

Very well! Now write down at least 10, up to 20 reasons why you want your wish to come true. Any reason that is important to you IS important and any reason that is unimportant to you is unimportant, so don’t think what others think is important, but only what you think is important. Write them also as a list.

Now the tricky ones! Write 10 to 20 reasons why you can achieve your goal and then 10 to 20 reasons why you deserve receiving your wish. Now, I know that these two may seem difficult up to impossible, but if you cannot find enough reasons to write here, then in fact either you think you cannot achieve what you want or you think you don’t deserve achieving it or both. So manage to find at least 10 reasons for each of the categories.
Very well! You have just finished your draft notes. Let us make them to your worksheet.
Read your “what I want” and now write it down again as “What I have/am/or what is appropriate”, using present tense.
Then write down, “Clearing the path”, and under this write one sentence for each of your fears cancelling it. I’ll give an example to see how you should do it. Let us say that you want more money, and you fear that more money brings more obligations. Then you will write:
I may fear that more money brings more obligations, but I now realise that more money brings more freedom.”

Use the underlined text as it is and do take care in finding the opposite situation, not just a good one.

make your wish come true
Rejoice in your Success, Live your Life with optimism, Live your Dreams


Now, write “The reasons I am having my wish”. And write again the reasons you want your wish to come true as follows:
“I am having more money because I want more freedom in my life”. (I have used the previous example)
Now go down and write “Why I can achieve my wish” and write your reasons as:
“I can have more money, because I am willing to have.” (Yes, a reason can be that obvious!)
And then write “Why I deserve my wish” and write your reasons as:
“I deserve having more money, because I am human.” (And again yes, this is a fundamental truth)
Now, you can stop your preparations here, or you can prepare the two helpers which I am writing about them further down. Whatever you choose to do, after writing them all down, time has come for you to start your actual action.

Your everyday action
So read your worksheet slowly from the beginning to the end. If you can read it out loud it is better, but if you cannot, do not worry about that.
After reading it, start your meditation, and visualise yourself enjoying in the now your wish. Do it as if you have already achieved it and as vividly as you can. Keep this visualisation for at least 5 minutes and up to 15 minutes. Then open your eyes and once again read your whole worksheet.
Now you have finished. Fall asleep, or do anything else you want. Something totally different.
Repeat this procedure (under “Your everyday action”) at least once a day and up to three times a day for as long as needed. Give it a try of at least three weeks. During this period do not criticize yourself or what you have accomplished, but appreciate even the tiniest of your successes.
Now the helpers
Write down in your organiser or something that you have with you all the time this text as given:
Live always happy!“As I read this exercise I start breathing deeply and relaxingly. And as I now have started breathing deeply and relaxingly, my body starts to relax. Yes, my body has started relaxing more and more with each and every breath, and I feel more relaxed and calmer with each and every breath.”
“And now that I am relaxed and open, I am ready to create my own happiness.”
And after that rewrite the text you have written under the “What I have label of your worksheet.
This is the first helper. For the second helper write again the text in the quotes and after that write what you have written under the “Clearing the path” label of your worksheet.
Use these two helpers frequently during the day. When you are waiting for your bus, or while you are on it, when you are going to the toilet, when you are waiting for a friend. Any time is good. Feel free to choose which helper you are going to use each time according to your intuition.
So this is it! Have fun and create your own happiness!!!

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