Magic Moon Water

Magic Moon Water

Moon Water. For thousands of years the Moon was believed to be an ultimate source of Magic, healing, fertility, beauty and Emotional abundance. The Moon was also believed strongly associated with the Female energy so much that even the reproductory Circle of each woman was directly linked with the waxing and the waning Moon. This doesn’t mean that for each civilisation the Moon is associated with a female Goddess.

History of the Magic Moon Water

On the contrary. In Greece for example Moon is associated with Artemis (in latin Diana) who was a lone beautiful huntress while her twin brother Apollo was associated with the Sun. Bun in Egypt we see that Khonsu is associated with the Moon, a male God and in India we see the God Chandra (Soma) who is also associated with the Moon. This does not mean that the Indians and the Egyptians did not realize the acknowledge the relation between the Moon and Woman.

Deities and Entities of Moon Water

Moon was also associated with the Water and was perceived as a way to channel the powers of the Moon. The ancient civilizations realized that the circles of the Moon affect the Tides os the Seas, thus the Moon strongly influenced the Waters of our World. Many Lunar deities are associated with the Waters like Yemaya (click here to read our exclusive article on Yemaya). One of the most powerful and easy to make and use tools of Magic is the Lunar Water, a water which is charged by the powers of the Moon. The clue for the success of the Lunar Water is to align the procedure with the waxing part of the Lunar Circle, from the New Moon till the Full Moon without missing even one day of the Lunar Circle.

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What the Lunar Water requires:

Fill a bowl with water. If applicable the Natural Water will be extra potent and can be adjusted to what you want to achieve. For example if the water is charged for Protection pick Sea Water, if the Lunar water is used for beauty and healing choose River Water or maybe if you want to enhance your Magical Powers pick some Lake Water. Basically Tap Water can be used very effectively for each and every purpose as the Water is an excellent tool to charge with your desire, so sensitive and passive and you will be amazed.

From the dark night of the New Moon till the luminant skies of the Full Moon put out the bowl of water and expose it to the Night Sky, EVERY NIGHT for 3 hours. If applicable and for extra potency schedule it while the Moon has already risen. NEVER EXPOSE THE LUNAR WATER TO SUNLIGHT FOR IT WILL NO LONGER BE EFFECTIVE!

When you leave the Water, put your index finger of your strong hand (left-handed? right-handed?) stir clockwise and chant thrice:

moon water recipe

I call upon the Spirits* of the Moon, as the Moon grow stronger, Bless this water with your magic Light help me access your Divine Might.

*you can replace the word Spirits with Angels, Gods, Goddesses or whatever entity of the Moon you prefer. Keep it White and Bright.

Now leave it unattended and just come back to pick it up.


The gentle tides of the sea can crack a rock in half but they do not use much force. Just a little wave of energy each time. To access the power of the Element of Water requires little energy but for a long time. It is very important not to miss even one night of the Waxing Moon! The Water should be charged every night! Be patient, spend little energy.

4 simple spells using the Lunar Water:

  • How to increase your Psychic Powers with Lunar Water:

Every night when you pick the bowl back put your index finger of your strong hand. Mark a clockwise circle in your forehand seven times. And just sleep.

  • For Fertility Magic and how to increase Romance in a happy couple:

Every Night when you pick the bowl back put it under your bed and make love.

  • For Beauty and how to maintain Youth:

Every Night when you pick the bowl back wash your face with the water and fell asleep.

  • For protection of Evil and how to Banish negativity:

Every Night when you pick the bowl back sprinkle some Lunar Water on you and your room. Visualise that you and your room is picking the Bright Light of the Moon.

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