Tools of the Craft: Creating a Crystal Deposit of Magical Energy

The rechargeable battery Amulet of Magic.
How to create a repository of magical energy.
Creating a Crystal Magic Tool
not just an enchanted Item. 
The idea of enclosing magical energy to an object for it to act as needed is a very common practice in magic. All talismans, mojo bangs, etc are such items.
What I am going to describe here is something like that, but it takes the talisman one step further, into making it a real magic tool, and not just a magic item.
Talismans practically empower or sometimes just bring forth some aspects of the holder. For example, a protective amulet will empower the defensive abilities of the holder against magical attacks. Of course, as they act in the astral or ethereal level, this can possibly mean that they may even stop some attacks from ever be made. The same goes for an amulet that makes a person more attractive. There, the amulet will bring the best qualities of the person in the surface, maybe empower them, and also it may attract the situations needed to find the correct people.
The tool is more active. It is for acting instead of, or in cooperation with, the mage. We usually make such tools for reasons of healing, purification and protection. And there is a very good reason for that. For example if the mage is not healthy, then the ability to perform a healing spell on oneself will also be weak. And the same goes for the purification and protection, only in these situation is not the body that is suffering but the spirit. We also make such tools for helping us in our magic works. The knife (or sword), the wand (or staff), the cup and the disc are in fact such tools.
If one is under magic attack he or she may not be able to protect oneself sufficiently, but if one has a protective tool, they can use it so that the tool will protect themselves by itself.
deposit repository of magical energy
Create your own battery of magic
Now, how to create such a tool?
First of all we need the item that will store the particular magical ability, to make it our repository of magical energy. There are several kinds of such items, and several ways to charge them. The malas, rosaries and the praying knot rope are all capable to become such tools. In fact they are such tools, but maybe incomplete.
Here I am going to give a simple, yet effective way to create such tools using the power of a crystal, and some energy magic. You can choose the crystal you are going to use according to your likes and beliefs. Quartz is a very good choice as it has a very large storing capability and protection, healing and purification are among its natural aspects. But keep in mind that quartz is a “trap” kind of crystal, meaning it traps inside itself the negativity. So, if the tool is not yet powerful enough when it will be used it may be polluted by negative energy, which will not be cleared by itself. If the tool is powerful enough though, then it will be capable to undone the negative energy.
Another wise choice is the fluorite. Fluorite may not have such large storing ability, but it also has protection, healing and purification as natural abilities, and also has a great self cleansing ability: as it works it absorbs negative energy and then healing it before releasing it. It is a harmonizing crystal.
Anyway, in my opinion it is better to use a crystal that already has the natural ability to do the task you want it to do, and also to be a crystal that you like. Whatever crystal you choose, you need a big one. It doesn’t need to be huge, but the bigger it is, the more powerful it can become. So choose wisely.
You will also need a cloth big enough to keep the crystal covered. The best kind of fabric is the black silk as it seals the energy so that, neither the crystal’s energy will pass the silk, nor the outer energies will interact with the crystal. Black velvet is also a good choice.
Now, you should choose what you want your tool to do. It is unwise to have one tool to do different jobs. Of course you can have one for each job, but start preparing the tools one by one and not all together.
Buy the crystal you want to use and purify it. It is better if you use a new crystal. If you want to use one that you have already used before, you need to cancel whatever it is written in it.
It is common to name the object (and there is a very good reason for this) so, if you are going to name it, find the name you want to give to it beforehand and write it down, so that you won’t forget it.
And now it is time to start creating the tool. Cast a magic circle, or start your ritual anyway you usually do. Sit down comfortably having your crystal in front of you. Raise the crystal with both your hands at about 45 degrees higher than your eye level and say:
“Oh crystal, I now name you …”
Lower the crystal to its original position and then rise it again and repeat the affirmation. Do it a third time and then put the crystal back to its place.
Crystal deposit of magical energy
Now, close your eyes. Take some deep breathes or perform the balancing breathing. Keeping your eyes closed call upon the energy you want (health, healing, purification, protection). Let your whole world be filled with this energy. Give yourself as much time as needed. Then start taking this energy in you, until your whole self is overflowed with it. Keep gathering the energy. And now, with your eyes still closed, take the crystal in both your hands and talk to it gently:
“(Name,) I am now filling you with the power to heal/purify/protect”
And start sending the energy through your palms in to the crystal. Continue doing so until the crystal is full of this energy and even more. What you want to accomplice, is to make the crystal have so much energy that it can create an aura of this energy as wide, thick and powerful as possible. When the crystal is so full of the energy, that a thick aura is spreads from it all over the place, speak gently to the crystal:
“(Name,) You have now the power to heal/purify/protect”.
End immediately your meditation and cover the crystal completely. Perform this ritual every day for seven days at least. You won’t be naming the crystal every day, only the first time. But all the rest you will need to do them every day.
By the end of the week you will be having a magic tool. Not to powerful though. So, after that choose a day of the week and from now on, every that day repeat the ritual.
You should have the crystal always covered and do never use it, unless it is needed. If you use the crystal before it has become “alive”, it will perform its duty but in the cost of some of the magical energy that it is stored in it. Thus, if you need to use it, repeat the seven days ritual, and then continue once a week again.
When the magical energy in the crystal becomes strong enough the crystal will become “alive”, and from then on it will have the ability to regenerate the power that it has used performing a task in due time, just as you have the power to regenerate your energy through sleep and food. But how long you will need to charge it before this happens, depends on many things and most importantly on your belief and ability.
If, for any reason, you don’t perform the ritual one week (after the first seven days), it is not a problem. Just continue next week. But do not change the day.
Whenever you want to use the crystal uncover it and talk to it gently saying:
“(Name), I call upon you. Heal me.”
Or whatever job you want it to perform. When the crystal will have come alive, you may even sense a presence when it is acting. Let the crystal uncovered only during the time you want it to act. Then thank it and cover it again.


So, this is it. Give it a try, give it time, and have fun.

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