Ultimate Home Blessing & Protection Spell: Securing your Nest

home blessings and protection

Securing your nest: A home blessing/protection spell for you and your family! Home is the witch’s haven, a reflection of nature, our own personal environment, our temple where our physical selves reside and  we need to keep it safe and pure. For this reason, bird nests  have been used extensively in different magical systems as a form of sympathetic magic in order to represent both the house (physical building) and the home (the environment and its inhabitants).

Securing your Nest

Hence,  I will share with you a spell on how to shield your home and bless both the space and the ones that reside within it using a nest.

The basic ingredient for this spell as outlined above is a nest, and  you can either use an old abandoned nest (do not take or destroy for any reason  a nest that is being used by birds) or alternatively create your own.

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In order to detect if a nest is abandoned, please observe in a timely manner if birds are using the nest and after a 2 month period feel free to take it. Taking a still populated nest will only bring negativity to the witch as it is an act of cruelty the same way an eviction will be regarded in our society.

If you decide to create your own nest, and you are advised to do so, then be creative. Select twigs from your favorite trees that bear a specific symbolism for you. You can even inscribe magical symbols and talismans on the twigs for home blessing, protection and good health in order to enhance the spell’s potency.

In addition, you may want to decorate it with ribbons, colours or any other objects that you feel are suited for the occasion. Talking from personal experience, try not to make a really big nest as you may find difficulty in storing it.

While creating the nest please chant the following words:

“Twig by twig I build this home, in order to resemble my own. 
As birds create nests, I create my own sweet home.”

Once you have created/found the nest that you will use in this spell you are ready to cast the home blessing/protection ritual.

Ingredients for the Home Blessing and protection Spell

For the ritual you will need:

  • 2 white candles
  • Incense of your choice
  • A coin
  • Flowers or rose petals
  • Nuts
  • A stone

To perform a Home Blessing and Protection Spell go out, on a full moon night or when the moon is waxing (getting larger), take out the nest and light the two candles in from of you. Hold the nest in your hands and say:

“Great Gods and Goddesses I invoke thee,
I present to you my home.
From my hands I now leave it into yours.”

Place the nest gently on the ground between you and the two candles and say: “So be it!”.

Then light the incense and say:

“Powers of high listen to my plea, 
please bless my home and all that live in it. 
So shall it be!”

Pass the incence around the nest and repeat  as many times as required.

Then take the stone, hold it high and say:

“Mother of Earth, listen to my plea! 
May my house be always protected by thee!”

Repeat the chant as necessary and place the stone in the nest.

Then take the coin and say:

“Gods of fortune, listen to me.
Bless my home and all that live in it with prosperity! ”

Repeat as necessary and place the coin in the nest.

Take the nuts and say:
“Great Lords and Ladies, I call upon thee! 

May our table always be full, so shall it be!”

Repeat as many times as necessary and then put the nuts in the nest.

Finally take the flowers/rose petals and say:

“Power of High, I call upon thee! 
Please bless this home with hapiness, love and peace! 
And as I said so be it!”

Again, repeat as necessary and place the flowers/rose petals in the nest.

Once completed then say:

“Great Gods and Goddesses, I thank thee for your gifts! 
May my house be always blessed and protected by thee! 
And as I said, so mote it be!”

Your spell is now complete!

Let the candles burn completely and return any leftovers to the Earth.

Store your nest in a safe place in your house (a carton box may serve you well) and feel free to repeat the spell whenever you want.

“As the birds build nests, I create a home.
 A home to resemble my own sweet home!”
The Easy Witch

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