Establish contact with the Divine. How to ask a favour from your God.

How to ask a favour from your God
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Here we have posted an article about how to ask an Angel a favour. Now, we are going to see how to ask a favour from a God or Goddess. Before I go on, I must make clear that you cannot force a God / Goddess to do whatever you want. He/She is going to do his/her will. But a God would never do anything that you are not asking of him to do for this would be against your free will, and this is something that no divine spirit would do. That is the reason we need to ask for the favour in order to receive it.

And I should also make clear that there is nothing too small or too great to ask from a God, so do ask for whatever you want, and be honest as a God knows you, even better than you do, and so you cannot fool him.
Some people think that a God would only provide whatever is absolutely necessary, but this is not true. A God would like you to be happy, so he is going to offer you all the happiness you are asking for, given that you don’t intend to subdue the free will of others.
Firstly determine what you are going to ask for. Write it down, as clearly as possible. Read it and change it as many times as you need in order to make your request truthful and fulfilling.

Then choose the God you are going to ask for your wish to come true. You may choose your most beloved deity, or a God most appropriate for the kind of favour you are asking. Anything is going to work, but be careful of the nature of the God, as the path he is going to take to fulfil your wish may not be a desirable one.

If you don’t really know the God, learn about him. Read about him. Understand him to the best of your capability.
Now ask yourself, how much time do you need to pray for this favour? How much time of praying is enough for this favour to be realised? And, of course, how much time are you willing to offer? Answer honestly to these questions in order to decide what you are going to do. In generally we use 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 14, 16, 18, 21, 27, 28/29 (that is a full moon-circle) 30, 40, 54, 90, 100 or 108 days, but if you find another amount of days more appropriate, feel free to use the one you believe to be correct.
Also, some would use one day of the week and decide how many weeks they are going to pray for the favour. This is also an acceptable method. If you are going to use this option, choose the day the deity you are summoning loves the most, if there is such a day, otherwise, choose the day you are more certain you can offer your prayers.
Finally, decide the ritual offerings. These are the candles and incense you are going to use throughout the predicated period of praying. Choose these according to your beliefs, to the preferences of the deity or according to the purpose of your prayers. What is of the most importance is to keep them unchanged through the complete period of the ritual.
Now, having the written petition in your working place or altar, light the candle and the incense.  While doing so, repeat the name or a name mantra of the deity. Don’t count the times. Just keep repeating it. And you will continue doing so until the time you’ll have to say something else.
Sit down facing your altar, and close your eyes. You are still repeating the name of the deity. Close your eyes and start meditating on the deity. See his form, realize his nature and attitudes. Give this step as much time as you need. Do not rush it as it is the most important part of the job.
When you fill ready, then and only then stop repeating the name of the deity. Salute him as you find proper to do. Then say:
“I, … (your full name), ask of you, … (name of the deity), 
to … (say your wish), and for this reason, 
I will be performing this ritual for … (the selected number of days, or weeks).”


- -

This is your contract or agreement with the God. This is something that you are going to do only the first day. Then explain to the God why you want this wish to be fulfilled, and how the manifestation of the wish will bring you joy. If you want, you can ask for advice as well.

how to call my your guardian God Gods Goddess Goddesses


When this is done, thank the God, and slowly end your meditation.
Write down your contract. It is the mental contract that is important. You are writing it down for you to remember it and honour it. Now, daily (or weekly, depending of what you have promised) repeat the ritual, but don’t re-make the contract.
You just meditate on the deity, and then tell him again why you want your wish to come true, and how this will brighten your life. If you want you can tell him also what you have done during this day on this objective, or whatever else you find proper.
During your everyday life, do whatever you think you need to do for your wish to come true, and be certain that the God will do whatever else is needed.
It is possible that your wish will come to be before the end of the promised time. This is not ending your contract though, so be extremely careful. If this is the case you should continue your daily ritual to the end of your agreement. Of course, you can now thanking the God for his blessing and telling him how happy this makes you.
After the end of your contract, you may have another one for another reason. Do not have many contracts going together, but you may ask for more than one favour at the same time. Although for beginners, one or at the most two favours are better than more.


So, enjoy the company of the Gods and have your life shine! 
Discover, Play, Love!
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