the Protection Spell


Today I am writing about the gift of Divine Protection and how to invoke it using natural sources. This spell will allegedly create a radiant divine shield that can protect you from danger, physical and psychic alike.

A word of caution, remember that protection can manifest in many ways, for example, if you don’t date the guy you want or it turns out he is not what you think it was then that is a form of protection, it protects you from dating or engaging the wrong person.

Protection does not only manifest as a barrier that doesn”t allow us to do things or limits us but it is also a way to self-develop, investing our time and energy wisely in order to become better. I always suggest that a protection spell is followed by a self-development spell, such as the Vegvisir spell, as they can both harmonise and work well with each other. However, the choice is up to you.

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5 white candles A carving instrument (a toothpick, a knife, an object with a sharp edge) Incense: Cinnamon, myrrh, amber, sage, pepper, St John’s wort (use a combination that feels right for you) Salt

Optional: A dressing oil of your preference (use an oil that makes you feel protected)

Now the first thing to do is choose the candle that represents you  and inscribe on it using your carving instrument the rune of protection, Algiz, which is shown below:

a Witch in her Magic Circle tapping into the power of Algiz, the Rune of Protection

Then underneath it write your name or magical name or the way you prefer to be called. After all it is all about you 🙂 

Place the candle in the middle and spread the other 4 candles around it in the 4 cardinal directions: East, South, West and North (use a compass for that), the candles should appear in a small circle in front of you with your personal candle in the center. Then spread the salt and form a circle surrounding all candles (not from candle to candle but a circle that surrounds all candles.).

Once done leave a pinch of salt on a small plate in front of you and light the incense.

Light the Eastern candle and say: “Powers of Air, hear my call grant me your protection that is all i ask for!”

Light the Southern candle and say: “ Powers of Fire, hear my call grant me your protection that is all i ask for!”

Light the Western candle and say: “Powers of Water, hear my call grant me your protection that is all i ask for!”

Light the Northern candle and say: “Powers of Earth, hear my call grant me your protection that is all i ask for!”

Then look above you and say:

“Powers of High, listen to my plea,  May I always be protected by thee!”

Light your candle and say: “Banish my fears!

“I light with your light, I am guarded, well-protected and with a shield I rise!”

Look at the flame and visualise a sacred light surrounding you, warm, radiant, loving, compassionate, soothing. Breathe that light and let it shine with every molecule of your body, you are one with it. Let your soul and aura shine with it. You are a Divine Child, you are sacred you are protected! You shine with the light of the Gods, the same light that shines in all creation in our world and other worlds! All is Great!

Open your eyes and proclaim:

“Air protects me! Fire protects me! Water protects me! Earth protects me! The God(s or Divine) protect(s) me! I am whole again, with my shield I move on!”

Take the salt:

“Holy powers always protect me! Be one with me and guide me!”

Eat the salt and say: “I now walk in circles of light! Well protected I let myself shine”

Thank the Elements and the Divine for their gift of protection. You may wish to leave gifts to them or make an offering of wine or milk and honey to the earth, I leave that part up to you.

Let the candles burn and bury the remains. Sprinkle the salt from the circle in running water. The light of the Divine is always with you! You are protected and Divine!

- - -