The Road Opener spell and magical recipe


In occult supplies’ stores you may find several products under the name “Road Opener”, “Block Buster”, “Block Remover”, which are essentially different names for the same formula, although from brand to brand the formula may not be quite the same.

Road Opener as in Remover of Obstacles!

Personally I have tried several brands and I could say that although I have tried quite a few of them, I am really satisfied of one or two. I am not going to review any of them in this occasion, but I am going to give you some advice to create your own Road Opener products. If you prefer to try the already manufactured oils, incenses, salts, and powders you may do so as well.

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One of the most potent Road Opener is the essential oil of Orange (not orange blossom, which is an oil with very different spectrum of properties). It is also a quite economic essential oil too. Although orange oil can do the trick, maybe you would like to empower it even more. If so, add essential oil of lemon blossoms and citronella. If you are going to ask the help of certain spirits you may use lemon oil instead of lemon blossom. Although lemon oil does not opens the roads of opportunities, does help in summoning the help of benevolent spirits. Just keep in mind that lemon is not a gentle oil in nature, so if you are going to use it on your skin dilute the mix to a carrier oil at least ten times the amount of the lemon oil you are going to use. Some people would need a dilution of 1% of lemon oil (that is 100ml of carrier oil for 1ml of lemon oil) to avoid irritation. Even more, avoid direct sunlight for at least two hours after applying it to your skin.

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Variations of the Road Opener

If you chose to make the combination of the citrus oils, I would suggest using the same amount of each of the three oils. But if you are going to use it as a perfume try to make the smell pleasant to your taste as well by changing the ratio but do not add more oils (except of the carrier of course). If you prefer a sweeter smell, another potent Road Opener is the essential oil of cherry blossoms. I have never tried to combine cherry blossom with the citrus, but if you want, do so.

If you are a gay man seeking to open the roads for a new relation you should absolutely use orange oil (or the citrus combination I mentioned before) as orange is masculine in nature and also a man magnet, not to mention a lust amplifier. In just this case you may substitute lemon blossoms with orange blossoms, as the later is also a man attracting oil, even though it is not really a road opener.

Now, for incense, you may use the oil in a burner or directly on charcoal disks. Although the last method is more powerful, it will not give good burning. What I would suggest is to mix your road opener oil with corn flour to make an evenly burning road opener incense.

If you like using powders and bath salts, just buy some talcum powder for the powder and sea salt with baking soda for the bath salts, and mix them with your oil. But these two are not necessary ingredients for the spell.

Now, whatever oil you have chosen as a road opener, and whatever the objective of your spell is, the candle you should be using, according to my opinion, is always of orange colour. I now some using a yellow candle and others are using a candle according to the kind of roads they want to open (i.e. green for money, pink or red for love, etc) but I am not font of these tactics.

Now the ‘Road Opening’ spell:

First and more importantly decide what you want to achieve, to which aspect of your life you need the path to clear and the roads to open.

On a piece of paper have a symbol of good luck. The Surya Yantra, the Budha Yantra, the Sri Yantra, a Ganesh Yantra, the Fool of the tarot, the Chariot, the Knight of Swords and the Knight of Wands, are some such symbols, that are in harmony with the essence of Road Opening, but you can use any symbol you trust. If you are going to use a tarot symbol, do not use the tarot cart but copy it to a piece of paper.

Now on the reverse of the symbol write your wish. I would suggest using dragon’s blood ink. Then anoint the paper both sides with the oil making clockwise circles, while thinking of your wish.

Anoint the orange candle with your oil from middle to top towards you and then from middle to bottom towards you again. While doing so, be focused to your wish. Put the candle on top of the symbol.

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Light the candle and the incense. Then say 9 times:

“I call upon the Divine Grace, to come and make my wish come true. Oh please, clear all obstacles of my way, and always keep me safe, while blessing my life and day with all the luck I need”.

Now visualise enjoying the blessing you seek for five to ten minutes. Then say again the incantation, and visualise for another five to ten minutes what you want, as if it has already become reality. Repeat this procedure for a third time. Then say:

“With trust to the Divine Grace, I now know and declare, that my road has already opened and I am walking towards my happiness and success. And so it is!”

Then let the candle burn to the bottom. Of course do take all fire safety measures.

Repeat this for seven days. After the seventh candle has burned out, fold the paper with the symbol and your wish in half towards you, and with the symbol on the outer side (if necessary turn it 90ο and fold it again). Carry the paper in your wallet or pocket. Read your wish and focused on the symbol for one or two minutes at least once daily, and anoint the paper both sides with the Road Opener oil once a week, until you see the results you wished for. Then burn the paper thanking the divine grace for helping you in achieving your goal.

Even more, you may use the oil as a perfume on you, and sprinkle a drop or two each day to your shoes.

If you want instead of Divine Grace you may summon the help of your favourite deity, or a deity you believe to be appropriate for your spell.

Finally, if you see no results then try using as your oil and incense this combination: equal parts of gardenia, jasmine, and lily of the valley, add powdered orris root (1grm for each ml, i.e. 10ml gardenia, 10ml jasmine, 10ml lily of the valley and 10grm orris root). Let the root in the mixture for at least one week before using the oil. If you see the desired results with this mixture then seek the help of a specialist, as this mixture helps you to overcome the effects of malevolent influences but does not really solve the problem.

May all the roads of your happiness be always open and free of obstacles!

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