How to become a God or a Goddess

How to become a God
How to become a God

Become a God – Is it possible?

Ok, I must admit that the title may be a little misleading. What I intend to do in this post and a few following ones is to give you some ways to instil divinity in yourselves and awaken the God/Goddess that you are. That’s what “become a God” refers to.

Hinduism and Buddhism teach us that we are created of the “body” of the Supreme Being, while Judaism, Christianity and Islam, consider that our spirits are of divine nature. And I guess that most of the other religions, that I am not so familiar with, would suggest something alike. So, let us awake this divine being that we are.

Kama Sutra and Tantra are two schools that use the raising of our sexual energy to help us become united with the divine. The way Kama Sutra is given, a partner is needed. On the other hand, in Tantra the true partner is the God. And so, in a very simplified manner explained, by making love with our God/Goddess, we become more like him/her.

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Depending on the tantric school, the deity may be a particular one, or the personal deity of the practitioner. In the latest case, it is important to understand that the sex of the deity and the sexual orientation of the practitioner are irrelevant. This means that, for example, a heterosexual man may practise tantra with a male deity. In the same way, a homosexual one may practise it with a female deity.

But this is for those who intend to get involved with tantra more than what is needed for this post. Actually, you don’t need to have practised any sexual or no sexual way of divine union, not even meditation, to complete this exercise. You don’t even need to understand the meaning of sexual intercourse with a God. What I am going to describe here is a simplified exercise that any one of any religion may perform.

Is it going to turn you in a God/Goddess? Well, probably not, not right away anyway! But if you keep practising it, you’ll start awakening your divine nature, and given the time, the achievements will be great. But, as nothing is impossible, even becoming a God/Goddess is possible.

The exercise to become a God:

If you want, start with the balancing breathing exercise to help your relaxation and concentration. You can also perform a purification ritual, or bath.

So, sit or stand, depending on your flexibility, preferably naked, but do as you wish. Now, close your eyes and breathe normally for a while. Just concentrate in your breathing, but let it be natural. After a while, start thinking of your most beloved deity. The deity’s form and nature.

When you feel that you are in touch with your favourite deity, touch your right foot, and say, loud or mentally, “I salute (name of the deity) in my right foot” and imagine that the deity is there. Then go to the left foot and repeat the salutation. And continue until you reach the top of your head. Do this for every part of your body and especially the ones that feel less divine to you. Then open your arms and say:  “I salute (name of deity) everywhere around me”.  And touch your chest and say:  “I salute … everywhere inside me”.

That’s it. Breathe a little more and you are ready to go!

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