How to See Erotic Dreams


DreamWorld consists of pure energy, thoughts and emotions of past, present and future. It’s a web of parallel universes, of possible and completely impossible situations, a scenery created constantly by our mind’s forces. When we Dream we let our wishes, our fears, our deepest and most precious vulnerabilities dig their way out on the surface of our consciousness.

Sometimes, we wake up with such a clear memory of a Dream that we would swear that it just happened. Our body feels like it happened. And this is somehow a Reality our body felt more true than our previous day experiences. This is why it feels so great when we see a wonderful dream and at the same time why we feel so deeply concerned when we wake up after a dreadful nightmare.

Seeing happy and satisfying Dreams while we sleep, helps our mind relax and during this hours and dump the tension of the past day. And always remember that 1/3 of our lifetime is spent on our bed. If you realise this fact, you will definitely agree with us, that it”s very wise to use this time for our happiness and euphoria.

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Seeing sex Dreams might seem childish but in fact may fire up your libido and wake up your sexual charms and appetite. It will help you explore what you do and you don”t like. It will treat yourself with refreshing moments of pleasure and that”s what it counts!

So let's get to work! 

You will need:  1 part of Myrrh (resin) 2 parts of Wormwood (dried herb) 2 parts of Anise (dried herb)

Myrrh was used widely by the ancient Greeks to invoke sexual intentions and charms. This was something that may angered the Egyptians who devoted this sacred resin to Goddess Isis (who was indeed Goddess of Love but also a very sacred figure in their Religion and was considered misuse of Myrrh). Myrrh is a very power ingredient in Magic and will alter your sense of reality at once. 

Wormwood on the other hand is a very powerful invoking weapon in the hands of every practitioner of magic. Wormwood is used to lift our consciousness and become more sensitive to the psychic vibes. In dream mixtures Wormwood makes the dreams vivid.

Anise is an erotic herb used in many love and sex spells. Anise is also used to aid in beauty spells and to increase one's charms. Added in a herbal mix, creates an erotic aura, very distinctive. 

Gather the ingredients and mix them during the Waxing Moon, on Monday and if possible during the Planetary hour of Venus. Mix the ingredients and chant seven times:

Gates of the DreamWorld, Powers of my mind, let the sexual visions come forth, happiness and bliss to find!    


Burn 1 teaspoon of the mixture on a charcoal in your room prior sleep. Remember to let fresh air clear some of the smoke before you sleep.Do it no more than 3 times per week. Wormwood might make your dreams very vivid. Remember to create a healthier sex life. Dreams are fun, but they cannot replace reality.

- - -