Totem Symbolism: Koi Fish carp and its Golden Magic

Totem Symbolism: Koi Fish carp and its Golden Magic
Totem Symbolism: Koi Fish carp and its Golden Magic

Dear readers, I am very excited to present you with an amazing article on the magical meaning of koi fish/koi carp (cyprinus carpio) and his very famous cousin, the goldfish. The word ‘koi’ comes from Japan and it literally translates as ‘carp’. The koi fish is a very old fish prevalent in many civilisations both in the Eastern and Western world and its appearance in dreams, visions and magical journeys is auspicious.   

Koi Fish Powers

Koi fish are very hardy creatures and have been reported to live more than  100 years (with one report of a 225 years old koi fish) and are associated with longevity and resilience.  Koi fish are cold water fish and they have the ability to survive and adapt in various climates and water conditions while they are good at swimming against the current; embodying a strong and purposeful energy.  There is a sense of making whatever conditions surround you work, however difficult they may be. The koi carp is brave and a real go-getter, while at the same time remains peaceful and calm.

Koi fish greatly increase the cloudiness of the water they inhabit because they are constantly stirring up the earth at the bottom – do you need to let things be still for a while, to allow the waters to clear?  How are you “muddying the waters”?  Or conversely, do you actually need to shake things up a bit?  Be aware of what undercurrents are operating in your life right now – the koi is encouraging you to look deeper. They will find food in all places (even the least expected) and reminds us to keep growing, count our blessings and look for diamonds in the dirt, all challenging aspects of life have something to teach us.

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Magical Uses of Koi Fish & Feng Shui

Koi carp are used for ornamental water gardens and as such are a symbol of beauty and harmony. Their rise from the domesticated common carp or goldfish to the more regal ornamental koi carp symbolises ascendance and the appreciation of one’s value.  This animal appearing in your visions may be indicative of your self-worth increasing – realising that you ARE worthy of all good things, and may also be an omen of forthcoming abundance. In Feng-Shui, images and sculptures of koi fish  are used in order to bring abundance and prosperity in the house. Remember, keep your mind and surroundings clear, both physically and psychically, in order to let true abundance to manifest in your life.  

24x34cm Full Square Red Koi Fish Lotus Feng Shui Animal Landscape Canvas Diamond Painting Wall Art Picture for Diamond Embroidery Cross Stitch
24x34cm Full Square Red Koi Fish Lotus Feng Shui Animal Landscape Canvas Diamond Painting Wall Art Picture for Diamond Embroidery Cross Stitch

Their colouring can be any combination of orange, red, gold, black, blue and white – red and orange being linked to creativity, sexuality and abundance, survival and the power of Pachamama (Mother Earth), gold being linked to wealth and one’s divine connection to All That Is, white being symbolic of protection, purity and divine light, blue of water, peace and communication, and finally black being symbolic of the shadow, the night, the hidden aspects of life, the dark waters of life where all miracles reside. 

Koi’s bright colours put them at a severe disadvantage against predators; a white-skinned Kohaku is going to stand out a mile for predators against the dark green of a pond.  Therefore if a bright white or very vividly coloured koi appears, it may be a message to protect yourself from those who may want to take advantage of you; whilst also encouraging you to simultaneously embrace and celebrate your own vibrancy.

Shadow Aspects

The shadow aspect of the Koi might be revealing itself to you – where are you being overly ornamental, or alternatively where are you not owning your own beauty and power?  There may be something here about keeping up appearances to please other people – can you show the more ordinary aspects of yourself and yet still feel prized and valued?  Is there a balance between wanting to show your best self, whilst also knowing that you are entirely loveable even if you aren’t looking your best today? Or perhaps it is a reminder to be mindful of where you are not making the best of yourself; could you benefit from making a bit more of an effort to “ornament” yourself?  

Alchemical And Magical Correspondences of Koi

As they are surrounded by water the koi relate to the astrological water signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Water denotes connection to the Divine Feminine, emotions, intuition, imagination, the moon, dreams and the subconscious, water creatures, the mists, healing and all mysterious and magical beings.  Be mindful of keeping your water clear and flowing and remind yourself of the boundaries you set – it is all too easy to absorb others’ energies and become drained by them. Do not let the waters cloud, but if you do proceed with caution.

May the koi carp’s appearance in your life inspire you to persevere with your goals and dreams, enjoy receiving abundance in all forms, balance outward appearance and inner authenticity and embrace your own value, power and Divinity.  As with any symbol given to us, we must always go with what meanings resonate with us personally.  

Love and blessings,

Astaria & The Easy Witch 

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