Fire Magic Spell: Burn your troubles away

A simple yet powerful way to burn your troubles to ashes, and awaken a wonderful life.

Burn your troubles away
Burn your troubles away

How to turn your troubles into ashes

This is a very simple and potent spell that can help you burn away all your troubles, the inner ones and otherwise. But in the same time it is quite… inconvenient in some aspects. Then again, sometimes, some small sacrifices worth the cause. Let’s get this clarified…

Getting ready for the ritual:

So, buy a new very very cheap piece of underwear, preferably the one covering your genitals. Any colour and shape will do, but avoid black and very tiny ones, not for magical reasons but for practical ones. Keep on reading and you will understand. If you have an old one that you want to get rid of, that will work even better.

Wear this underwear for at least three consecutive days and don’t, I say do not, try to keep it clean from your body’s excretions. Sweat, piss, seminal fluids, menstrual blood, and the likes is good to stain the undergarment. In fact, the more the merrier. This is obviously one of the inconveniences this spell has.

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The Ritual:

Part One – Burning away your troubles:

Now, on the fourth day, still wearing this, hopefully filthy piece of underwear, light a fire somewhere. Obviously take all fire-safety measures. If you have a fire place in your house that will do perfectly, otherwise you need to do it outdoors. If you want, throw some peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus on the fire, to even more empower the spell, as they have some wonderful banishing, cleansing and healing properties.

Take off your clothes except of the undergarment, unless you are using your entire outfit for the spell. You can do so if you can afford it.

Summon the banishing, purifying and healing properties of the fire. Summon the fire Gods and divine spirits you believe in and trust into the fire, asking them to give to itthe power to burn away your troubles and heal you and your life from them.

If you don’t know how to do so, you can use the mantra “Ram” first to awaken the divine fire into your fire and then the mantra “Hum” to give the banishing, purifying and healing properties into your fire. Repeat 108 times each mantra facing the fire.

Now, at long last, take off this filthy piece of underwear. Using a black marker (that’s why black coloured underwears are not suitable) write on the underwear all your worries. If some of them are caused by some specific other persons, don’t write the persons. Write only the problems that bother you. Obviously, if you have many troubles you will need more space, and that is why a small undergarment won’t do. Let yourself to be expressed truthfully and freely. If you need to write a problem more than once, do so.

When you have finished writing your problems, take a good look of this filthy underwear and the filthy situations it describes and symbolises and throw it into the fire.

Stand up, looking down your burning undergarment and talk to it. Say to it:

“As you burn, so my problems do.  As you vanquish into the flames so do all my troubles.”

Repeat this phrase as many times as you want.

Now, if you have used your fire place at home, go take a quick shower and come back, still naked. If you are in a beach and you can do so, you can go for a quick dive in the sea and come back. At the very least, have some bottles of water with you and wash yourself, at least symbolically, off of your troubles.

It is better if you let the water air-dry by itself while you are watching the fire, but if you need to – for example because it is winter – dry yourself.

Stay naked at least until your undergarment has fully turned into ashes, but even better until the fire has completely burned down. For practical reasons, if you are doing this outside, during winter, possible at night time, you can have some small fires around the circle for heat and light. These supportive fires you can feed with wood for as long as needed, but your main fire, the one needed for the spell must be at the centre of the circle, and – in the beginning – it should be greater than the rest, and surely big enough to completely burn your underwear.

If you wanted to use your entire outfit for the spell, you will throw all your clothes into the fire, but write only on those that touch your skin.

Now, the fire has burned out and your worries have gone. You can end this ritual here, or you can do something more to empower your new, worry-free life.

Part Two – Empowering the new you:

I believe we have created our lives and our personal world, including our problems, by means of our believes, our thoughts, and our actions. Therefore, if a healing doesn’t happen, sooner or later we will recreate the some kind of problems and troubles. Thus, I really suggest you will do some self-healing after this ritual. Will it be ritualistic, meditative or of some other kind, is up to you.

Now, let us say that you want to continue on the healing progress. If so, do not dress yet. You should have some spearmint oil, or peppermint oil, or eucalyptus oil with you. All these oils are skin irritators so, have them diluted, according to your skin needs, in some base oil or some body lotion. I would suggest sunflower oil as the best base for the purpose, or the olive oil as the most protective oil for the skin, but do according to your likes. What is most important is that you will enjoy the outcome. If you want, you can mix two, or all three of these oils. You can even use some other oil you think of as more healing and rejuvenating.

Either way, have a bottle of the oil of your choice, and a white, yellow, red, or orange candle, or any other colour you believe that describes the new you and your new life. Only one candle is needed, but if you like to have more, do so freely. Both the size of the candle and the quantity of your oil can be as great as you want and you think proper.

Light the candle invoking the rejuvenating power of the holy fire in it. If you are working outside, protect the flame somehow. To invoke this quality of the fire, you can summon the Gods or spirits of fire you trust and ask them to make the candle and its flame a symbol of your rebirth in a happier you and in a happier life. Alternately, you can use the mantra “Ram” 108 times to invoke the divine fire and then the mantra “Hreem” to give power to your new self.

Once your flame is blessed, open the bottle with the oil, and pass it through the flame, blessing it with the properties you have invoked into the fire. Then, hold it in between your palms and lift it above your eye level, as high as you can comfortably do so. Raise your eyes to look at the bottle and say:

“Oh, oil, blessed by the divine flame, help me become a better me, help me make my life happier, help me be totally free of sorrow and full of joy.”

Keep the oil in this position until you feel that it has answered your call. Repeat the phrase as many times as you think.

Then, using the oil, anoint your body quietly. While doing that imagine your new, troubles-free, worry-free, full of joy, life and your new happier self. Starting from your feet going up to your head has a nice symbolism, but do it according to your beliefs. If you have used enough of the base oil you will have no problems on any area of your body. Maybe you should test the oil on sensitive areas before performing the ritual, to make sure that it is not irritating. Give as much time as you need to this part. It is important to take your time and slowly and calmly do the anointing. Don’t hurry. Don’t stress yourself. Do you want your new life to be stressed and in a haste?

When you have finished anointing yourself, close the bottle. Then, stay for as much as you want gazing the flame of the candle, and imagining your new, wonderful life and your new, wonderful self. When you feel you are ready, say to the candle something like:

“Thank you.  From now on please take care of me”

and extinguish its fire.

Part Three – Ending the ritual:

Whenever you are ending the ritual, wear clean clothes. The whole outfit, not just the underwear. If you performed the ritual indoors, you may stay naked as much as you like. There is no rule against it. But whenever you will need to wear clothes, wear some clean ones.

Release the circle, dress in clean clothes and be certain that all the fires are completely burned out. Gather the ashes of the main fire. You can either throw them in the sea, or in the winds, or bury them into the ground. Do with them whatever you consider as the best way to symbolise that this past has already and completely ended. Take the candle and the oil with you.

What to do after the ritual:

For some time, find at least five minutes a day, to anoint yourself with the oil and light the candle. Gaze at its flame and visualise your new self and your new life. After a shower or a bath is a good time to do it. If you feel your old troubles and worries are coming back, do this.

Also, have some cotton with the oil, or a small bottle with the oil with you at all times. If you find yourself worrying about something, smell the oil while reminding yourself that your troubles are gone and true joy has joined hands with you.

That’s all! Should I remind you that if you have a health problem, either physical or psychological, this ritual will help your healing progress, but it does not intent to substitute your therapist or your medications. Also, if your troubles are caused by a curse or an evil spell, perform a complete banishing before performing this ritual. If you cannot handle it yourself, ask a specialist.

Finally, you can perform this ritual in groups, each for their own worries. You can also have some friends with you, to support you and offer more power into the ritual. But, you cannot do this ritual on behalf of another. This means, the persons who want to get rid of their troubles should be performing the ritual themselves.

Have fun, and have a blessed, worry-free, full of joy life!

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