Practical Magic: How to Break a Bad Habit


Sometimes we have a habit, or a usual tendency to do something or act in a way that it is unwanted. And although we may want to stop this custom, the habitual power may seems to be too strong for us to overcome it. In such cases this simple candle ritual can help you achieve your goal more easily.

But please keep in mind a very important fact. If people around you tell you that this habit of yours is bad for you and you should stop it, but you don’t think so, or even you like this habit, not only this ritual won’t help you, but even more, you should not even try to stop the habit in anyway.

Of course if you enjoy eating a cake per day and you are diabetic, your habit will obviously became lethal. Logic says that you should stop it. But even in such cases you firstly need to start wanting to stop the habit and then take care of stopping it. Otherwise you will just oppress the habit and that can be as dangerous as, or even more dangerous than, the habit itself.

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Anyway, if you have a habit that YOU, not the people around you, but you yourself want to stop, here is what you can do to empower your will and determination and ease your path towards your freedom from it.

Arrange your altar like this. P1, P2, P3, and P4 are the four purple candles and B is the black one.

You will need:

Two white altar candles, or what you usually use as altar candles. One black candle to symbolise the bad habit. Four purple candles to symbolise your power to stop the habit. Use some High John or Crown of Success incense to burn. To dress the candles use High John or Crown of Success for the purple ones,  Banishing or Citronella for the black one, and either the same oil as for the purples for the altar candles or whatever you usually use to anoint your altar candles.  


Important Note

Now, make sure the purple candles are capable to burn for more time than the black one, approximately two times as much as the black one.

Now, anoint your altar candles as you usually do, and if you have no usual pattern anoint them from middle to top towards you and then from middle to bottom again towards you. (You will need to turn around the candle to do so) Anoint the black candle from middle to top away from you and then from middle to bottom again away from you. While doing so, imagine that this candle is your bad habit. Anoint the purple candles from middle to top towards you, and then from middle to bottom toward you, infusing them with your power to stop the unwanted habit.

Light your altar candles, the incense and invoke your deity.

Light the black candle saying:

“This is my bad habit of (state the habit), that I am now overcoming”.

Light the purple candles while saying:

“Here is my will and power to overcome my habit of (state the habit) and free myself of it.”

Then state:

“My habit of (state the habit) is under my power and I command it to leave me now and forever!”

Repeat this phrase as many times as you need to feel it.  

Now sit down, relax and visualise your everyday life without the habit, and see how happier you are and how better your everyday life is now that you are free from this unwanted habit. Keep the visualisation for about 5 minutes. Ten extinguish the black candle. Sit peacefully and watch the purple candles burning for about five more minutes. Then extinguish the purple candles and the altar candles.

Leave the altar as is. Let two days pass and on the third day repeat the ritual. Continue so every three days until you are satisfied with the outcome. If when the black candle is finished you want to continue the ritual, let the purple candles burn completely and start with a new set of candles. If your altar candles are big enough you don’t need to change them but do not change the black candle without changing the purple ones as well. On the other hand, if it is not possible to find purple candles that can burn at least twice as much as the black one, you can substitute them with new ones as needed, you just need to replace all four candles together. Before doing so let them burn completely. Actually, if you want, and can afford it, you can use new purple candles for every ritual. Either way, I would recommend anointing the candle every time you do the ritual, and not only once. It is best to keep the program as is. If for some reason you forget to perform a ritual or you were unable to do so, do it the first day you can and keep counting from that day on. This is it! Have fun, and be happy and free!

- - -