Karmic Zodiac Love Match


I am pretty sure you’ve read all about astrological compatibility with other signs…. many, many times. Astrological soulmate synastry usually regards relationship’s compatibility as if you are always looking at other people like possible husbands / wives. I truly believe that this is the wrong way to view your relations with the other signs, thus the common Astrological Compatibility you are familiar with is incomplete.

YES! The signs which belong to same element as yours make you feel more comfortable when you flirt, sleep and talk with.

YES! The signs which belong to same element as your ascendant’s sign look at you in a more attractive way overall.

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But is this always what happens in real life? How many times did you find yourself falling in love with a completely incompatible personality, who lives in a completely different way than you, and looking for completely opposite things in a relationship that you! And yet you still want to be with him/her, you madly want to make love with him/her and you can't help but dreaming of him/her.  Oh my dear readers, maybe the other astrologers were not so frank with you. The truth is that romantic compatibility is a very tough project which requires the personal horoscope of each one but some things are pretty much the same for each Zodiac sign. Here, I'm not going to cover the easy-to-fix relationships. Here, I'm going to talk about Love and Eros, the most significant principles in the whole Creation. And believe me, as you already know from your lives, relationships are not about what's easy or not. I believe that the most important thing that makes a relationship grow is Love and Eros. Your way towards love may is indeed a rose garden, but this article can help you avoid the thorns. 50 shades of Zodiacal Love Aries The fiery and mighty conquerors if you are Aries you probably fall madly in love with: * Aries: A very competitive relationship. If your lover is Aries you always strive to conquer him/her and the same applies to your partner. The nights are always fiery and the days full of demands. You are enchanted by this animal magnetism, you just can't get enough of him / her.  Tip: Always invent something that he/she wants to conquer. Sex tip: Caress his head while looking at him/her intensely.  * Scorpio: You will learn what jealousy really means, what passion and sex is all about, what life is all about! With a Scorpio you discover you powers and at the same time what is your Achilles heel. Let your partner explore the world with you, let him/her know your adventurous sexy personality.  Tip: Sex is a source of power to them. Be always sincere with them.  Sex tip: Stand against his body grabbing his/her waist and breathe intensely. * Virgo: It really excites you that they look so snob and difficult to conquer. Your senses are enhanced when being with them waiting like a predator for their “weak” moment. The way they talk and walk stimulates your senses. They know how to turn you on and yes they will use it in not so obvious way.  Tip: Make them feel safe and you will never forget this night… Sex tip: Talk to him/her dirty before having sex while grabbing him/her. 

Taurus Explorers of the senses

if you are Taurus you probably fall madly in love with:

* Scorpio: Your search for perfection in Romance will surely bring a Scorpio in your way. The are governed by Mars and you governed by Venus. Yin and Yang, Light and Darkness… you constantly switch from one position to another but this what enchants and what drives you crazy at the same time!  Tip: Make your lover know all about your sexuality. Be frank with him/her. Sex tip: Caress his/her pelvis area over his/her clothes.

* Leo: The smile of a Leo and the way he/she looks so cool magnetises you from the first time you met. And then you are drawn by the infinite generosity and the way they always manage to shine like the Sun. Your sense of responsibility is being shared by them in a different way. They are not precise. Tip:  Make yourself more flexible to his/her programme but always let them know what you really like.  Sex tip: Serve him/her an exotic meal naked! Treat them like kings/queens in bed.

* Sagittarius: The confidence of this sign amuses you and helps you perceive that “the clothes do not make the man/woman”. Their fiery energy dominate your world and you may dislike so many things on them but their optimism rescues your heavy heart and this is what is all about. They transform you to something brighter!  Tip: The perfect gift to them is to travel with him/her to an unknown destination. No matter how close this is! Sex tip: Make love with their mind first. Make them know what you like. 


Kings and Queens of flirting

if you are Gemini you probably fall madly in love with:

* Virgo: Different qualities of the same Mercurial substance. The essence of Mind Games is the one that brought you together and the one that keep the erotic fire burning. You are both equally curious of how each other think and react, and this curiosity pushes you to explore the virtues of sex and it's endless variations.  Tip: Make your Virgo feel comfy with you way of living. Remember, you are equally smart. Don't cheat on them. Sex tip: Send them a promising – HOT – message or put in his/her pocket. 

* Scorpio: You always believe that flirting never hurt anyone and yet you found yourself – again – trapped in the wicked web of Scorpio's world of instincts and erotic satisfaction. You wanna know more and as you learn more about him/her you find yourself deeper and deeper in love. This karmic relationship has many things to teach you both. Tip: Be always straight with them. They have a weird ability to discover the truth. Sex tip: Play with his sexual appetite – yet always be prepared cause Scorpio's love may be… rough!

* Sagittarius: You found yourself a ray of Light in his/her eyes. They truly are a source of optimism and laughter. You share common interests and you are both eager to discover the whole world. Your relationship is based in your mental communication. You sometimes don't even express the things you want to say and he/she completely understands! Tip: Talk about your travels and exotic journeys. Sex tip: Caress his/her thighs with your tongue. 


the Seducers & Seductresses of the Moon

if you are Cancer you probably fall madly in love with:

* Virgo: You share common love for your house and all that binds you together, like work and family. You both believe that a good life is created with effort and hard work and you both have the tendency to become whiny. Virgo needs more that a house though. Let his/her brain breathe with interesting conversations and social encounters. Tip: Make him/her a gift to a beautiful (and clean) spa! Sex tip: Play with their minds, let your fantasy be their guide in sex 

* Sagittarius: They will bring joy to your life and the first months you will have a constant smile on your face. This is what their shiny magnificent energy does! You both love travelling and you both know that life should be felt as a game to be worth living. The prize of that game? Your love! Tip: Organise frequent trips and let them discover the world by your side. Sex tip: Cook (or order) an exotic & aphrodisiac meal for them.

* Aquarius: The more you want to live a stable life the more you get crazy when your Aquarius is around. The are sweet, interesting people but they truly are from another planet. Their magnetism is obvious and you always try make them settle down with you. It is not easy, but it can happen.  Tip: Don't try to convince them to change. They are different – that's why you love them! Sex tip: Massage their feet and legs before you begin your sexual endeavour.  


Radiating charms and vitality

if you are Leo you probably fall madly in love with:

* Scorpio: Light and Darkness, Yin and Yang, ever fighting… ever in Love! You are born to be together yet there are so many things that stand between you too. You are different people and difficult personalities. None is eager to change. Yet both know how to play the game of love and the nights are always filled with passion. Tip: Respect them. They never forget. Sex tip: Put your fancy underwear and strip-tease them. Be ready to feel like never before.

* Capricorn: By their side you will feel secure and ready to conquer the World. You are both very strong but rigid, so try your best not to confront them. Be sincere with them and talk about anything you want. Their lust may be hidden yet if you make them feel secure it will burst into flames. Tip: Look them in the eyes and tell them the truth. Your look magnetises them. Your honesty calms them. Sex tip: Control is the key word for a successful erotic life with them.

* Pisces: The levels of your hormones rise after the sight of your lover. You feel like you are in a dream, their fantasy in dominant and their eyes are portals to another reality. You feel like you are conquered – for the first time. Give them love and they will return it multiplied. Tip: Even if they start to feel completely detached with reality, try gently to remind them the truth. Sex tip: Role play with them!

Virgo Zodiac's expert mind players

if you are Virgo you probably fall madly in love with:

* Aries: They are passionate, furious and dominant. You are enchanted by their powerful personality and you are eager to serve their sexual appetite. Your relationship can be enriched if conversations are always being held in a calm and peaceful way. You can tame them but not for long! After all their are the conquerors of the Zodiac. Tip: Give them space, drag them to sport's activities. Sex tip: Talk dirty to them.

* Cancer: You are easily carried away by their sensitivity, like a boat by the tides. Their smile changes the way you think and although you can easily find things you dislike on how they react, you still are in love with them no matter what. Tip: Surprise them with a nice gift! Sex tip: Show them your oral skills, open yourself to their endless fantasy.

* Sagittarius: You are so much different with each other and yet you are easily charmed by their smile. This is the sign that makes you look again up in the sky and dream again. Their love for life reminds you things that you probably have forgotten like optimism and hope! Tip: Talk with them about anything that you are interested. They love conversations as much as you! Sex tip: Work out together!

Libra  Goddess's of Love priests and priestesses

if you are Libra you probably fall madly in love with:

* Taurus: It seems like the perfect much. Both signs governed by the planet of Love, Romance and Beauty, Venus blesses this union with affection and great sex. Libra is indecisive while Taurus always has a strong and bold answer. Tip: Don't try to change your Taurus. Instead try to talk about your insecurities. Sex tip: Sexy lingerie is a must!

* Gemini: Your relation seems like an endless game which both parts are ready to play and risk! Gemini's magnificent intellectual skills amuses you and the conversations about Art and Sciences may last all night! However your tendency to flirt may become a problem in the future! Tip: Take your Gemini to an art exhibition or a concert. Sex tip: Tease his mind constantly.

* Capricorn: Saturn connects both signs with a sense of rationality and common logic. You both love be admired by each other and your are both extra sensitive about your social and career status. Maybe this is where you met first. Your insecurities may be your relation's Achilles heel. Tip: Talk about business and plans for the future. Sex tip: Plan a meal in a prestigious restaurant and dress for success!

Scorpio The famous kings and queens of Sex

if you are Scorpio you probably fall madly in love with:

* Aries: Your sex drive is equally powerful with your lover's. Both governed by the fiery Mars, your are prone to make love and war at the same time. Who is in charge? Nobody knows. Aries will help your look at your life in a more extroverted way but will also cause you a feeling of uncertainty in many aspects of your relationship.  Tip: Do sports with your lover. Let your competitiveness be expressed there.  Sex tip: Make love as much as you like. It helps both of you.

* Gemini: It's probably the way he/she thinks that charmed you in the first place. You always think of the negative possibilities while your love always manages to handle things in a more quick yet effective way. It helps your mind embrace the word “easy”. The talks with Gemini are always interesting and your curiosity is equally powerful.  Tip: Don't try to confine his will for life. Act smart! Sex tip: Seduce a Gemini with an interesting conversation while caressing his/her pelvis area

* Leo: Both strong, both bold but also difficult to change. Your attraction towards a Leo is based in the power he/she radiates which is expressed in so many ways. Their vitality amuses you and if you are eager to let some things go then your relationship will be more than successful. Tip: Always flatter them, never judge them. Sex tip: Express your wondrous might in bed.

Sagittarius Bringers of Joy

if you are Sagittarius you probably fall madly in love with:

* Taurus: You are very prone to fall in love with the sign of Venus which expresses all things that probably miss from your personality. Things like stability and patience. The keyword to your relation is “satisfaction”.  You will love his/her organised way of thinking and he/she will adore you thirst for life! Tip: Buy your Taurus a gift for his/her house. Sex tip: Kiss your Taurus on his neck whispering words of love and passion.

* Cancer: It is in this relationship that you feel “like home” in so many ways. They are organised and nurturing plus they can do anything they can to make you feel better if – of course – you will succeed i making them feel safe and loved! Tip: They are really sensitive. Be careful NOT to speak to them roughly. Sex tip: Massage their back with hot essential oils mix and kiss their stomach area.

* Pisces: Your thirst for life enchants the dreamers of the Zodiac and they really want to follow you in your wondrous adventures and journeys. There is only one thing that holds them back. You are sometimes brutally honest with them. Don't be. Make them feel love and tell them what you want in more sensitive way. Tip: Talk about your favourite music bands. Find ways to intrigue their fantasy. Sex tip: Light up some candles and make a magic night just for them!

Capricorn Mighty masters of Passion

if you are Capricorn you probably fall madly in love with:

* Aries: The truth is that you are really different but there is a karmic bond between you two and this is probably because of your common relation with passionate Mars. You admire each other vitality and you can both competitive in your work as you both strive to evolve. Your Aries however is much more restless and impulsive. Tip: Do not try to judge your Aries. Sex tip: Play the who is in charge game!

* Gemini: This sign's way of thinking makes you feel alive again! As a Capricorn you are bound to think in a more “earthly” way always striving to schedule and plan things. Gemini's free spirit makes you smile and boosts your optimist. Tip: Do not confine your lover! What may seem as constant cheating is probably just an innocent flirt! Sex tip: Don't be shy. Show your lover how hot you can become when no one's around.

* Leo: This is a very important person for your life. Your Leo brings you the good news that life is not just about obligations and rules, but it can also mean happiness and joy. You admire his/her might but you both have to respect the fact that you are strong and difficult to change personalities. Tip: Admire your Leo and let him/her know! Sex tip: Caress his/her hair while telling your lover how magnificent he/she is in bed.

Aquarius Magnetic Alien Lovers

if you are Aquarius you probably fall madly in love with:

* Taurus: You are absolutely different kind of people and you should probably know that what you like on your Taurus is what really misses from you. The truth is that in sex your probably like different things too but the way your Taurus thinks provokes you to dive into his/her earthly dominion. Tip: Make them feel safe. Sex tip: They might know what they like in bed but they are always intrigued to know more. After all Venus rules all kinds of romance.

* Cancer: Your lover is more sensitive that you can ever imagine but you are such kind people that you have already noticed and you do not want to hurt them. Be careful as they very easily feel hurt! On the other hand you Lover will create a nurturing Matrix for you to feel safe and loved! Return the favour! Tip: Help them in their house. They love anything that involves their house! Sex tip: Kiss them in a way that will feel entangled to your passion.

* Virgo: There is a special karmic bond between you two and at the same time you truly are so different. You are charmed by the way your Virgo things and you are shocked by the way he/she expresses his/her lust in bed. To make this relationship work it need from both of you patience and honesty. Tip: Talk about your plans and your magnificent ideas. Your Virgo will let you organise your thoughts and succeed! Sex tip: Take them by surprise and talk dirty to them.

Pisces Lovers from a fairytale

if you are Pisces you probably fall madly in love with:

* Aries: You are enchanted by their might and their boldness and these are some qualities that probably miss from your personality. They are passionate and impulsive and they always try to get what they want. You love being flirted by your Aries and if you can let some things go you can tame them! Tip: Do sports together! Sex tip: Tease him/her… constantly !

* Libra: You both share the love or Art, music and beauty in many aspects of you lives. You are charmed by their elegant look and their manners. This make you feel happy and satisfied when you are together. However your sensitivities are not easily expressed to your Libra as it seems that he/she cannot understand your needs. Tip: Music calms you both! Sex tip: Aromatherapy recipes can boost his/her libido!

* Aquarius: You admire the way they perceive the World as you share some common believes! In your relationship you should both try not to hurt each other with rough words. Your Aquarius needs space to breathe the air of freedom. Do not try to confine them. Tip: Ask him/her about humanity and how things should be in our World. Sex tip: Let him/know how sexy you can be. Enchant his/her senses.

- - -