School of Witchcraft: the power of Gratitude


Dear MRO family, today I would like to analyse one of the important aspects of our development process as witches, humans and our selves- the gift of gratitude. Expressing our gratitude to Spirit and our Spirit friends for everything we receive is not only an act of courtesy but an essential part of our evolutionary process.

Gratitude, a Divine essence

By learning to be grateful to the Divine, to our selves and to others we start to appreciate our lives and the experiences we receive. Through this recognition we form a bond of love while we start to enjoy everything at a profound level which contributes significantly to our happiness and our personal development.

Most spells and rituals on manifestation contain three essential parts: invocation to our Spirit allies (Spirit/Divine/Gods and Goddesses/ Elements/ Guides etc), the petition of what we want to happen or what we want to change (prosperity/fertility/love/sex/ whatever your heart desires)and finally the expression of gratitude and reassurance that what we have asked for is already here. These three parts show very well that our Witch ancestors knew their stuff extremely well. They have recognised the importance of connecting to the source of all things and realising that the Witch and the Cosmos is connected, that manifestation can happen when we know (or think we know) what we want and ask for it to happen and finally by expressing our gratitude we recognise that this change manifested in our lives will make us happy and will develop us further.

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Tapping into Gratitude

As you may realise, our very lives are part of the ritual of life where we pray/meditate and connect to the Source, we ask for companionship, assistance, love from the Divine, friends and loved ones, however, sometimes we forget the gift of gratefulness and I want this article to act as a remembrance of its importance. Today, I want all of you to start feeling grateful for your lives, your experiences, your family, friends and loved ones, for all the things that make you happy and help you develop as a human being on this Earth journey, for all the aspects of your Self that makes you who you are, for all the blessings Spirit has given you. I know that we all face challenges in our lives, however, I want you to recognise that you have faced them with bravery, accept them and embrace them as part of your development process. I want all of you to celebrate and enjoy the wonderful beings that you are just for the shake of it.

As today I want it to be a celebration I will end this article with a Gratitude ritual. A simple yet effective one to honour the Divine, your Selves and your lives.


An offering of gratitude (it can be whatever you love most, a piece of chocolate, a flower, a poem, a stone from your favourite place, milk and honey etc).

A candle (choose a candle of your favourite colour that makes you smile, alternatively use a white one)

Essential oil of preference (choose your favourite essential oil- or alternatively select either jasmine, rose or musk for their sensual powers)

A piece of paper and a pen

Optional: A piece of pink quartz or purple sugilite (the stones of unconditional love)

Part 1: Sit down, contemplate and focus on all the aspects of your life and yourself that makes you happy. Identify all the experiences, people, aspects of Self etc. that made you who you are and you feel grateful. When ready write a list of all the things you are grateful for. Then, anoint the candle with your favourite essential oil and place your offering in front of you. If you are going to use pink quartz or purple sugilite please leave it next to the offering.

Part 2: When ready invoke Spirit:

“Today, this sacred time, I invoke thee Spirit Divine with this flame I recognise my Self and your light in my life.”

Then light the flame of the candle and say:

“Spirit Divine I thank thee for all that you have given, for all that you give and all that you will give. Merciful and kind, I recognise our joint efforts to be happy and wise. This sacred time, I recognise and I am grateful for:  (read the things you have written down on your list)!

Rise your offering with your hands and say: “Spirit Divine thank you for all your blessings, please accept this token of my love! And as I said so be it!”

Then take some time to express gratitude in your own way. You can either talk to spirit, put your favourite music and dance with it, write a gratitude message on Facebook or do whatever you enjoy! Don’t be afraid to express yourself and don’t feel judgemental. This is your time!

When finished extinguish the flame. Put the candle in a nice place in your house or on your altar. When you feel that you want to express your gratitude, light the candle and speak your mind 🙂

Please return the offering and your gratitude list to Spirit by either burning, burying or leaving them outdoors. Whatever sounds reasonable and appropriate for you- there is no right way!

I would like to thank all and every single one of you for your love and support, your words of kindness and your blessings!

With infinite love,

The Easy Witch!

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