The Spring Equinox is the time, the darkness of the Winter starts becoming the light of the Summer.

What we sowed during the Winter Solstice have started coming to fruition. The Air element is ruling, clearing the clouds and bringing the changes we seek.

For all these to manifest –  in a good way in our life – we need to re-establish our inner balance and to become light and agile as the Air itself. Here is a very simple way to achieve that. All you need is some of your time, one black candle, one white candle and some bay leaves, some charcoal to burn them, and if you want some bay oil to anoint yourself. If you are using the oil, anoint yourself. Then sit down, facing the eastern direction, the direction of the Spring Equinox. Have the incense burning in front of you, and have the two candles on your left and right side.

As about how to place them, well, there are some different opinions about that. The tarot’s High Priestess, the Moon, and sometimes the Hierophant, are having the black pillar on their right and the white on their left. That is a way to do it.

On the other hand, on your left would be the Winter (therefore the black candle) and on your right the Summer (and so, the white candle).

Most of us write from left to right, therefore the things we leave in the past is on our left side, where the black candle should be put. For those who write from right to left, the opposite would be more proper.

Finally, although the black candle in this ritual will represent mostly what holds us back, it also is something that there is in our lives and past, some kind of roots so to say, so, the black candle should be put on our receiving hand, while the white, representing what we are creating should be put on our projecting hand.

Choose your way according to what seems right for you. No matter how you put the candles, light firstly the black one, then the white one and sit in between.

Relaxingly watch the smoke of the incense and focus your mind. Say:

“What holds me back, now I see.”

Keep watching the smoke and let your mind find what holds you back. From whatever you see, what’s in you is what is important. What is in the external world is caused by our thoughts. So find your negative thoughts and feelings, and release them, and cure them with love, the love we should always provide to ourselves.

When you have finished that part say:

“What I seek, now I receive.”

Let your mind find what you really want for yourself and your life. Let yourself feel a magnetising power going from you to your objective guiding it back to you. Open yourself in receiving it and feel thankful for that.

When you finish this step, say:

“Now I am balanced, focused, and agile.  I am as the wind blowing towards my happiness.  I release my past just as the wind lives its place and move forward.  No obstacle can stop me for I am the wind and easily go around it.   For all I know, it is absolutely certain that I am becoming happier in every way.”

Let yourself feel that. Feel like you are the wind that blows towards your happiness and becoming one with it.

That’s it!

Let the candles burn out completely minding fire safety, and live a happy life!

Merry Spring Equinox