White Magic: the key to Divine Power


Mankind always felt the Divine Power watching over every step we took since our Creation. Even in our very first steps, we looked up amazed by the darkness and of the infinite gazing at the bright stars, feeling that someone was watching upon our lives and heard our prayers and cries.

Since then we developed various ways to make this communication more optimal to the point we created complicated ritual or/and religious systems to feel more secure that the deity we prayed is properly informed AND pleased to help us! 

Greeks believed in a God who was master of Medicinal arts, Asclepius. Although He was not considered a major deity numerous temples were built in his honour. In these temples archeologists discovered many offerings of worshippers, like representations of infants in cases of women with difficult or complicated pregnancy, or representations of children who were probably suffered of a disease. Other dedications who were found were representations of several – almost everyone – parts of the body like eyes, legs, arms/hands, breasts, male and female reproductive organs so that the God would restore the health of these parts. In many cases the worshiper wrote on the offering things like “for the health of my eyes” “for the health of my breasts” etc…

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Apart from health issues, the ancients dedicated to Gods and Goddesses several items (sometimes symbolic ones) in order to receive their blessings. For example, the ancient Athenian was asking for Protection from Goddess Athena (Minerva in Latin) when he was leaving his tunic on the sacred rocks of Acropolis. In a larger scale, the whole city of Athens asked for eternal Protection from the same Goddess when they built the magnificent chryselephantine (golden & ivory) statue of Athena which was located in the “heart” of the Parthenon, Athena’s temple. 

These offerings were called by the Romans (and we still call them nowadays) Ex Voto, which actually means “from Vows”. Ex Votos are also called Milagros (miracles). Many type of materials have been used to create these kind of offerings. Stone, metal, marble and also wood was and still is used to create Ex Votos. 

The New Religion has also embraced this type of White Magic as we can see the remarkably same offerings on Statues or Holy Icons of Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ or other Saints. 

The method remained absolutely the same through the Ages. 

* The Worshiper has to pick first which deity or saint is more suitable for his/her wish. For example if someone's wish was about health he/she should pray to Apollo, Asclepius, Isis, St. Pancras etc but if he wanted protection from Evil he/she should ask the blessings of Apollo, Horus, Archangel Michael etc…

* The Worshiper should create – or buy – and offering / an Ex Voto which depicts his actual desire. If he/she wants love, a heart would do the trick, if he/she wants protection a shield should be appropriate etc…

* The Worshiper should activate the offering / Ex Voto / Milagros like a charm. The Worshipper should visit the appropriate temple (preferably on day of power for the Deity or Saint for example the day which is honoured (Summer Solstice for Apollo, 8th of November of Archangel Michael and Gabriel etc..) or place it on his/her altar and pray. 

* The Worshiper vows to honour the Deity / Spirit / Saint from this day and the offering just seals the deal. For example: 

Oh mighty Apollo protection I ask from Thee,  from all evil set me now free! 


Archangel Gabriel, Archangel or the Moon and all Waters,  bless me with fertility, fill my life with sons and daughters! 

Easy, isn't it? Try it!

- - -