Guided by Angels: Life before and after physical Death


Dear MRO readers, 

I am very happy to share with you the amazing work of Paddy McMahon, a famous Irish medium, who has published numerous books based on communications he had with Spirits.

Through his books, Paddy introduces us to his Spirit guides, his guardian angels, and their teachings: Margaret Anna Cusack, J. Krishnamurti and Shebaka share a plethora of thoughts, ideas and teachings about all aspects of life- before and after physical death 🙂 With this in mind, this article will share ideas and excerpts from Paddy’s books while aiming to light the sparkle of inspiration, empower you and help you kickstart your conversations with your Guides.

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The optimistic messages that Paddy and his Spirit Guides share in their books will definitely change the way you view and live your life. As an introduction, on how to view physical life as a continuation of life in spirit, understanding more about Spirit Guides and dismiss your fear of death I would recommend his book: Guided by Angels. In this book, Paddy discusses in a friendly, humble, honest and down to earth way his personal experiences as a medium. He started receiving conscious messages from Spirit at his late 40s. These conversations completely changed his life and led him to share all these fantastic experiences with the rest of the world. The messages from Spirit shared in the book can only be described as an infinite river of compassion and love for all the incarnated souls of our World.     

His books contain both theory and practice and I can only describe him as a medium that walks his talks. I am happy to share with you one of his practical examples on how to ask help from your Guides and handing over to them. This technique is mentioned in many of his books and I highly recommend it due to its simplicity and effectiveness. I personally feel that this practice has helped me built bonds with my Spirit Guides, boosted my confidence to myself and the Universe and convinced me forever that I am not alone but all the love of the universe is at arms reach should you wish to ask for help. In addition, still acts as a reminder that free will is sacrosanct and always remember the saying: ‘Ask and you shall receive.’

In Paddy’s words, here is the technique:

“Imagine yourself in a circle with your Spirit Guides, who are channeling into the circle all the unconditional love of the universe. Suppose you are concerned about friends or relatives or people who are either living or have passed on, or material matters, or whatever. Imagine it also flowing all around your immediate environment, your country, all the continents, spreading peace and harmony around the world. Stay with the feeling as long as feels comfortable for you.” 

I can guarantee to you, that as long as you do this visualisation with an open heart and you are honest to yourself the results are going to appear soon and are going to be tremendous. Do you feel stressed about exams? Sad because you had a bad argument with your ex? Feeling out of energy and confused? your Guides will comfort you and will provide you with answers. Search for signs in your everyday life, your  thoughts, dreams or words of friendly or family advice that touches your heart. With this in mind, always remember that our Guides are always with us to help and support us through our life- whether we are aware of this or not.

Finally, should you wish to delve deeper I recommend to read “The Grand Design” series of books written by Paddy and are based on conversations with his Spirit Guide Shebaka. Shebaka provides a really nice caveat about understanding life and gaining a panoramic view over our earth life journey. I can ensure you that the ideas and thoughts shared by Shebaka are straight forward and simple but you may need to read the books over and over again to be able to digest the information. 

Personally, Paddy’s work has touched my heart and has greatly contributed to the person I am today. If you feel you would like to explore more then you can find his work on Amazon and iTunes on low prices. I can guarantee you that you will get more than your money’s worth.   

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