Tarot Magic & Spells: the Magic of “the Magician”

Tarot Magic - The Magician
Tarot Magic - The Magician

Understanding the Magician

As we have seen, The Fool is the unexpressed power to create anything. He embodies all possibilities but express none. When The Fool decides what he wants to create he becomes The Magician. Therefore, the Magician holds the power and the determination to create what he wants.

The unlimited power of The Fool is now being focused by The Magician to bring forth a specific new reality, or a new creation. The Magician uses his spirit to command the four elements and to create what he wants. For that reason, I very much like the clear symbolism of the Rider-Waite Tarot, as The Magician holds a wand to command his will and another wand is on his altar to symbolise the Fire Element.

He decides what he wants, builds it in the spiritual plane, and brings it down to the material plane, just as his hands show. We find the same clarity of symbolism in The Alchemical Tarot, as well. Here, the four elements are represented both by their alchemical symbols and their natural form, while The Magician, Hermes, holds the all mighty Caduceus to command them to his will. According to my opinion, the might and purity of The Magician’s spirit is represented in the Rider Tarot by the colours of his clothes, while in the Alchemical Tarot, through his nudity (while the symbolism of red and white is present in the form of the flowers next to his feet).

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When should we use the card of the Magician

So, we may use the card of The Magician to initiate a project, as he symbolises all starts, or to create what we want to create. Furthermore, we can use the card to empower a specific spiritual power of ours, or even acquire one, as, after all, he is The Magician.

Once again, the simplest way to bring forth the power of The Magician is to meditate on the card. For more information about doing so, read here.

How to use the card of The Magician in a simple spell to manifest a wish:

“Become” The Magician, if you want. Dress yourself in white and red, or be naked. Whatever makes you feel more pure and powerful will work the best.

Have a White and a Red candle and in between them the card of The Magician. You may anoint the candles with some Crown of Success oil. You may also have some Crown of Success incense burning. If you prefer you may use oil and incense chosen according to your specific wish.

Have a red square piece of cloth and a white piece of string. If it is possible, the length of the string should be your height, and the side of the square should be one of your lucky numbers. Your birthday number can be used.

Also, you will need one symbol of each element. You are going put them in the mojo bag you are making, so think accordingly. A feather for the Air, a stone or crystal for the Earth, some water or oil or a fish for the water, and a picture of fire, some of your blood or a picture of a salamander for the fire. Anything that you like and you trust will work for you, so be creative. After all you are The Magician.

Ignite the candles and light the incense, if you are using any. Clear your mind and focus on the manifestation of your wish. When you feel your wish has manifested in the spiritual plane, take the symbol of the Air and say:

“By the power of the Air, my wish becomes my reality”.

And put the symbol of the Air on the piece of cloth. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining three symbols. After putting all the symbols on the cloth, make it to a pouch and seal it by the string, making seven knots and saying for each knot:

“As I wished, so it came to be!”

Notice that the sentence is in past tense, meaning that you believe that your wish is already a reality.

That’s it. Let the pouch at the feet of The Magician until the candles burn completely and then take it and either keep it under your pillow, or with you.

Please take all fire safety measures while burning candles and incense.

That’s it. Create your beautiful reality while respecting the free will of everybody and have fun.

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