Adam and Eve Root: The witch’s root for love


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Today we are going to look into one of the most popular and effective plants that has been used for manifestation of perfect love over centuries: the Adam & Eve root- the witches popular secret to invoke the perfect mate and ensure a happy marriage.

Adam and Eve root (aplectrum hyemale) belongs to the orchid family and is native in the American continent and Canada. The orchid does not follow the ‘normal’ cycle of seasons and instead grows and keeps its leaves during winter months up to early March. Witches walking in the forest would mark the location of the plant during winter when most trees have lost their leaves. Witches will return to harvest the root again when the plant was in full bloom in May- the perfect time to harvest the plant infused with Nature’s love and sexual vigour during the month of Beltaine when the union between the Goddess and God was celebrated.

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The roots – Adam and Eve- grow intertwined. The ‘Adam’ root is darker – dark brown – and looks like a sharp bulb similar to a nail (one can equally see the potential phallic resemblance) and actually comes from the previous year’s growth of the plant. The ‘Eve’ root is round, paler and softer, milky white in colour resembling female genitalia- no reason not to use your fantasy :)- and is the newly grown root of the plant which actually produces the leaves and flowers.

Witches clearly read the signs and the plant was used in magic to invoke the perfect love and signify the happy union between two partners. Let’s have a look at the symbolism and magical analogies. The plant had its leaves during winter time which showed persistence and endurance against all adversities.  The roots are resembling human genitalia and grow together which makes them an excellent representation of the perfect union. The plant bloomed in May during the celebration of the union between the Goddess and God (as many other plants do). Christian witches seen an analogy of Eve being created from a part of Adam – the older root is Adam while Eve is the younger root. Finally, Adam and Eve root has also the name putty root as Native Americans used the glutinous substance produced by the roots to mend broken objects and stick them back together- this was apparently further expanded to broken hearts and the plant was used to assist lovers stick together.

how actual root looks like. Soon you will be able to buy Adam & Eve root from us


This is the history behind the plant which has been sold for hundreds of years in magical mojos and curios  for love, fidelity and a ‘good’ marriage. Let’s move on on how you can use the root to bring these qualities into your life.

Adam & Eve root spell:  To invoke the perfect other half in your life

One of the best ways to use the roots to find the perfect other half is to place them in a red flannel bag on a Friday when the moon is waxing (growing bigger). Traditionally, an attraction oil was used to dress the roots (equal parts of jasmine, rose and vervain essential oils in a base of sweet almond is one of the simplest yet very effective ways to dress the roots) alternatively look at the recipe of Follow me boy that can be found in MRO. 

Spells and incantations were also recited while dressing the roots so I will let you be creative. The simplest form can be a sheet of paper which contains all the qualities of a perfect lover. Use that to aid you in your visualisation to charge the roots and then burn it evoking these qualities in your life in the form of a partner. Two red candles were lit to help charge the bag dressed with the same oil used for the roots and inscribed with symbols of love. Please note that ‘Adam and Eve’ roots are working perfectly together and actually no other herbs or plants should be used in the bag apart from the oil to dress the roots.

Remember that this love charm is extremely potent, therefore commitment and an honest heart are essential.

in a old botanic book

Adam & Eve root spell:  To ensure fidelity in a relationship

Adam and Eve roots can help lovers remain true to each other even when they have to stay separate. For this reason, they were often exchanged as a love charm to ensure fidelity and survival of a relationship when lovers had to stay apart for a long time. One partner (traditionally the male) keeps the ‘Eve root’ (so that he always has his ‘Eve’ near him) and the other partner (traditionally the female) keeps the Adam root for the same reason. According to my grandmother, when lovers exchange the roots with love vows and with an open heart, the roots will always bring them together if they so wish even when they have been miles away for several months or even years.

‘Adam and Eve’ root is a magical and wonderful root with many uses as long as you use your imagination and let your creativity flow and your intuition guide you. I promise to come back with more spells using this botanical to ignite your imagination and aid you to bring all good things in your life.

Finally, s a disclaimer, I want to remind you that any spells cast on another person without their free may bring back severe consequences for the caster in the long run. Always remember to stay true to yourself and the Universe and love will never fail you.

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