Basic Cleansing & Purification Spell to banish negativity


Darkness is out there waiting to strike against us when we are vulnerable. Although we possess very efficient ways of psychic self-protection we some times are trapped in despair and overwhelming feelings of self-destruction. While this is usual, it should not considered normal especially when it persists.

A Mage / Witch should master a spell to banish whatever needs to be banished. In fact, it would be wiser to periodically banish negativity to stay clean and magically healthy. This spell is a very powerful and yet easy spell to practice and master. Come on now… we’ve got work to do. Gather the supplies!

Things you will need: A white candle, Purification / Cleansing incense and oil, A magical Purification oil recipe: equal parts of Myrrh, Frankincense and Coriander The Hierophant tarot card of your magical tarot, or a photocopy of the Hierophant’s card of your favourite tarot. Here we use the Hierophant of the Magnificent Alchemical Tarot of Robert M. Place because of the Powerful Symbols Mr Place uses in his wonderful card. The trine on the top right corner is the symbol of fire, an element which is usually utilized in Purification Spells . 

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Hierophant represents the cleanest form of our spirit which is in direct contact with the Divine powers. The Hierophant channels the power of Angels into our lives. He is symbolically the High Priest (the Pope for Christians). No darkness can resist the holy Light. Tap into the magnificent power of the Hierophant to banish all darkness from your lives!

the Hierophant, a magical card of the Alchemical Tarot

Hold the candle like a knife against your chest, with the wick “heading” towards you.

Start anointing the candle beginning from the middle of it and sliding your fingers towards the bottom leading away from you. Repeat. 

After that, turn the candle around and anoint it from middle to top again leading away from you.

Keep in mind while anointing the candle that you are driving negativity away from you!

Lit the candle and put some of the incense on the charcoal.

Using the incense smoke your altar and the candle with circular moves and then yourself drawing the pentagram.

After that say:

I summon the powers of The Fire, I summon the powers of The Air, To burn all evil and misfortune, And bring the all joy and welfare.

Repeat the spell 9 times, and then concentrate on feeling all misfortune and evil influences burning away from you and your life, and every joy blowing in your life.

That’s it.

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