Truth Spell: Rune Magic to find out the Truth

Truth Spell: Rune Magic to find out the Truth

Dear MRO family, Today we are going to look into a simple yet effective spell to let the truth shine in your life. A truth Spell! All of us may have found ourselves in times of stress where it is very difficult to see the truth even though it is under our very nose. Yes I agree with most of you that some people are good at lying to others and they are trying to trick us whatsoever but I will also say that we all have a natural innate ability to see the truth at times of deception, our own intuition.

Why a Truth Spell?

Unhealthy ego, fear or pain may act as severe obstacles to help you perceive the truth in any scenario, simple or complicated. The more you work with these blockages and understand the impact they have on you, the easier it will be to monitor when they come into play and affect your judgement.

For this truth spell we are going to use the following ingredients:

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  • A white candle A feather (preferably white)
  • A sharp object (knife, toothpick scissors or something similar)
  • Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) essential oil 
  • An object that symbolises the sun for you
  • An oil burner

Casting the Truth Spell

This spell can be cast at all times. There is no need to wait for a particular time to cast it. Our spell utilises the power of the sun to cast away the shadows and perceive the truth of a situation in your life. Therefore, it requires a representation of the Sun as a focal point which can be any object that helps you bring the sun in mind and remain focused during this spell. Personally, I use the Sun tarot card, however let your imagination flow and replace it with whatever works best for you. A sunflower or dandelion blossom, a yellow/gold sparkling stone, a photo of the Sun from Nasa, a magical object you use during Midsummer Eve when the Sun is at its peak are only some suggestions. Let your intuition guide you.

Once you have gathered the ingredients and have found the right time to cast the spell you are ready to go. If you are going to cast it during morning hours, try and face the Sun if possible, however, this is not a prerequisite. Take the white candle and inscribe the rune ‘Sowilo’- the Sun- at the upper part of the candle. Please see image 1 for the rune if unsure. While saying: ‘I charge this spell with the Sun’s power, to cast away all shadows, to see the truth shining in front of me.’

Then in the middle of the candle write your name either physical or magical and say:

‘I, (your name), am blessed and charged with the Sun’s power. To perceive and understand the truth in this matter (you can state your situation here i.e. regarding the situation at job, or about Jack my son who I love and worry about).

Then underneath your name inscribe the rune ‘Kenaz’ – the Torch- if you are unsure see image 1. Once inscribed state: ‘May the radiant Sun light my inner fire to illuminate my mind and see clearly the truth.’ Let the candle down in front of you and take the feather (White feather was a symbol of truth in ancient Egypt and was attributed to the Goddess Ma’at– even if you don”t have a white feather the spell will work effectively). Close your eyes and visualise the situation you want clarity for. Once you have the image clear in your mind take a deep breath and exhale upon the feather. Then say: ‘Oh White Feather! I call upon thee to act as my Messenger. To bring the truth of this situation from the heavens to my life. May I receive it with open heart and open mind.’

Use the feather as a fan and fan your candle. Then place the feather on your working space above the candle (not on top of the candle). Then take your personal symbol of the Sun look at it. Start visualising that you hold the Sun in front of you all its glory and radiance surrounding you and illuminating everything around you.

Hold the image in your mind of you holding the Sun in your hands and say:

‘Dear Sun, Great parent of all the Universe. You who cast your rays and illuminate all darkness. Cast your rays in my life to see and understand the truth in (stating your situation) with an open heart and open mind. Cast your light upon me, so that I can come from the Shadows into the Light. So be it!’. Then place ‘Your Sun’ on the top of your working space. What you should see in front of you should be (starting from your self) 1) The candle 2) The Feather 3) The Sun. Then pour the Yarrow oil in the burner and state your situation saying at the end: “May the Truth we perceive heals us all- body, emotion, mind and soul.” Light the candle of the oil burner and wait a few moments visualising the situation. Do not try to force the truth come out by making scenarios and trying to analyse all evidence, instead, try and have an open mind and focus only in the situation.

Then light your candle take a deep breath and focus.

Try to empty your mind without having any expectations and say: “The Truth shines bright from the heavens in me. I open my heart and open my mind and hear the Truth from lips Divine. Nothing else will interfere, I hear the Truth from the Sun who holds me dear. And as I said so be it!”

Repeat as many times as you want to feel comfortable andremember to trust that the Divine Sun has heard your petition. Let the candle burn completely. When finished you need to do the following: Bury the remains of the candle if any. Alternatively, burn the remains completely. Carry the feather with you. If you are afraid that you are going to damage it put it in a small pouch. When you have received clarity and truth over your situation release the feather in the wind thanking the Gods/Universe for their assistance. Your personal item that resembles the sun does not need to be released. It can be kept and used accordingly in other rituals or in your everyday life.

Now this spell works quickly. What I mean is that results should come to you within 3 days of casting the spell. Usually the results are coming either instantly or usually during the daylight hours. However, from previous experiences, it is not uncommon to see the truth in a dream especially if you trust your dreams and working with them. Some people are more relaxed receiving messages when sleeping as our conscious mind may be in charge. Finally, if you don”t receive clarity it is advised to repeat the spell as needed. It is unwise to think that the spell is not good or even worse that you are not a good spell caster if you don’t see immediate results. The more times a spell is cast the more empowered it will be and the same applies for the Witch. I hope you have some time to read our School of Witchcraft articles to get some ideas. With infinite love, The Easy Witch

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