Crystal Magic: Quartz, the Master Crystal


I am happy to write to you about the biggest crystal family and my personal favourite crystal, the Quartz.

This article is going to focus on the clear quartz and white quartz, however, I am going to present information about other types of quartz such as the aura quartz.

Quartz and the origin of the word ‘crystal’ The word crystal was the first name attributed to the clearest form of Quartz from the ancient Greeks. The word ‘κρύσταλλος’ came from the greek word ‘κρύος’ which literally means cold. In modern terminology, the word crystal is being used for a variety of stones which show a crystallic form, however Quartz has been the first to bear the name. The philosopher Θεόφραστος (Theophrastos), believed that Quartz is a form of cooled ice that has been solidified and has lost its ability to melt. One cannot fail to see that the origin of this belief came from the fact that fluids and micro gas bubbles could be trapped within the stone giving it this majestic ice quality. Interestingly enough, the modern Greek word for Quartz is ‘χαλαζίας’ deriving from the word ‘χαλάζι’ which literally means hailstone, yet we can still see that after all these centuries the name may have been altered but still holds its qualities.

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Chemistry of Quartz Quartz is the one of the most abundant crystal in nature and is mainly composed of silicon dioxide, also known as silica, which is contained in many living organisms. The different mixes of the chemical compounds like a magical recipe from Nature is what gives the colouration, the shape and the essence of the stone. The Quartz family as mentioned above is very extensive and includes many crystals and stones according to the combinations and the microcrystalline and macrocrystalline varieties found in the stone. I provide a list of some of the stones along with their appearance to show the spectrum of the family, however please note that this list is not exhaustive:

Piezoelectricity Quartz has been used extensively in the electronic industry due to its piezoelectric quality, as when mechanical stress is applied to the crystal it can release the electric charge stored in it. Piezoelectricity literally means that electricity can result from pressure. This a natural phenomenon which is indeed very interesting from a scientific point of view and one cannot fail but see that the qualities given to the crystal a long time ago have great similarities.

Quartz in Magic

Main magical qualities of Quartz

Quartz’s most important qualities in magic is that it can work as an amplifier and has storing properties as well. Quartz crystals are powerful and will give extra energy to any magical work, it has the ability to synchronise with your energy and improve the manifestation outcomes of all spells. Like a magical battery it will boost all magic work and transmit the energy you charge it with, therefore uncharged quartz used in magical rituals and spells will store the energy released and at the same amplify all results. The Clear Quartz is considered by many to correspond to the crown chakra vibrating with divine love in addition due to its amplifying qualities it is considered the Master Healer, because it will amplify all healing energy used during energy healing. If you are practising energy healing then a point or an obelisk of real quartz is a must to direct energy to a person. It will act as a focal point for your energy, amplify and direct it to the person. Other properties of the clear and white quartz is that it will bring clarity to your thoughts and if charged accordingly it will help you break all negative energy blockages in your body. Again please make certain that cleansing and correct use of the crystal is taking place.

The importance of clearing crystals before magical use Because of their storing quality, it is important to ensure that all quartz, and generally all crystals, are cleared before they are being used. This can easily be done if you leave the stone underneath running water or in a mixture of water and salt. Please ensure that the stone you are using is water friendly as many stones may dissolve in water such as selenite which contains gypsum. I can guarantee that clear, white, smoky, rose quartz, amethyst and citrine are water friendly therefore this method can be applied. As a reminder, the only stone of the family that I have found that does not need clearing is the amethyst. More information on the amethyst can be found here: will come back with an extensive article on ways to cleanse magically your crystals in details and show you simply ways to charge them if you are not accustomed to ritual work.

Use in magical artifacts and the Tools of the Craft Quartz is the perfect stone to use in most magical tools such as magical pendants, rings, staffs and wands that you use in your magical work. The more these tools are being used the greater the energy stored in the crystal. After some time you will notice that the item freely transmits magical energy wherever it is being placed. As mentioned above, because the Quartz family is quite extensive make sure you use the stone that suits you best in your magical work. In addition, Quartz can be used with excellent results in divination. Divination spheres made of Clear Quartz can act as focal points enabling you to open your ability to perceive and will also assist you with visions and amplify your clairovance, making you able to see crystal clear what is to come. Quartz crystals are also fantastic crystals to be used in pendulums. They will synchronise with your body, mind and soul and will be able to give accurate and reliable answers when used properly. A detailed article on pendulums and their use is due to come in short time.

Quartz as a Wisdom and Teaching crystal The clear Quartz, has been used as a storage crystal of the knowledge passed from one generation of Witches to the next. The crystal will be used in most rituals as an observant and the witch will also talk to it to pass his/her experiences to it, visualising the relevant images and letting the stone absorb the lesson. This Wisdon Crystal will be passed from one generation to the next in order to help the witch/coven develop his/her/their skills if the Elder(s) is/are not present anymore. Interestingly, enough Shamans use a similar technique with ordinary stones or stones from sacred places. I have already mentioned that quartz crystals can appear in all stones to a bigger or lesser extent. This stone, the Teaching Stone, will hold the teaching to be passed from one shaman to the other and will carry on its way. In a similar manner, it is important to remind you that crystals, similar to the soil and the stones, represent another form of the collective unconscious of the Earth. Everything that dies and decomposes, it is formed anew in this magical alchemical natural process and bears all the memories of the Earth and its inhabitants.

Aura Quartz Finally I would like to dedicate a particular section to these amazing crystals that have been a modern adaptation of the Quartz crystal. Aura quartz crystals, undergo specific treatment in order to exhibit the magical shimmering effect they have. Similar to an alchemical transmutation, Quartz crystals are being put under pressure until the pores of the crystal open and then they are spayed with micro dust of either Titanium, Iron or Gold. Many crystals do not tolerate the process and break, however, the survivors gain a magical essence on their surface, similar to a rainbow or light. After undergoing this magical transmutations, the survivor Quartz is named Aura Quartz. Below I analyse the three most interesting categories that have been vastly used along with their qualities:

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Aqua Aura Quartz The Aqua Aura Quartz is a fantastic translucent stone which has a light blue colour and a gold shimmering. The Aqua Aura Quartz is a stone of dreams, visions, good mood and brings you closer to the Fairy Kingdom. It promotes peace and emotional stability, opens up your heart and reminds you the vastness of your imagination and possibility, a state we usually have as children. It can also assist in Water magic of all sorts and aid in the communication of Water spirits.

Angel Aura Quartz The Angel Aura Quartz is an amazing translucent white stone and its surface gains a magical rainbow shimmering light that will lift up your mood only by looking at it. The following qualities of the quartz are intensified with the Angel Aura Quartz: it allegedly promotes serenity along with clarity and also helps you connect you with the Higher Realms whilst it intensifies your communication with your Guardian Angel and Guides, especially when used in pendulums. It is also said that it helps you perceive beauty in and out of you, heals your Aura and it aids in Romantic Endeavours.

Rainbow Aura Quartz Rainbow Aura Quartz is an opaque stone with rainbow colouration and when looking at it will remind you that anything is possible. It allegedly helps you express your inner magic thus is perfect for aiding you in Rituals and Spell casting. It is also said that Rainbow Aura Quartz helps your vital energy elevate your body and gently “break” any obstacles that appear in your aura or may obstruct your path. The Rainbow Aura Quartz will also harmonise the flow of Energy in your Meridians and is suggested as a pendulum stone.

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