Elemental Magic: A simple spell for each Element from Grandmother’s Grimoire


Elemental Magic is a very powerful form of Magic which employs the archetypical forces of Nature.

Water, Air, Earth & Fire will give you the magical power to cast powerful spells. Here we present 4 spells of each element.

The Air We Breathe

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To bring a lover: If the witch wants to bring a new lover in his/her life, s/he should find a small bell with a sweet sound that is pleasant to his/her ears. The witch should get a red cord and cut it at a length equal to the witch’s height. Then fold the cord once and tie nine knots, in the first 8 knots the witch states how the lover should be while tying the knots i.e. Air bring me a lover that is handsome and tall. A charm can also be added to each knot for extra potency i.e. feathers, ribbons, flowers or twigs.

The last knot should tie the two ends of the cord together and hold the bell firmly with the knot while stating: “Sweet sound of love I summon thee in my life, as this bell rings and sings so does my lover comes into my life.” Hang the cord and bell to the window and open it every morning, as the fresh breeze enters the room and the bell sings, so does love enters your life. A sign will show the witch when and how new love will enter his/her life.

The Fire that Burns

A purification spell: The witch that wants all malevolent magic to be removed should first rectify the magic that causes the problem and then summon the blessings of God to fill the void and create a shield for the future.

For this to be achieved, the night of the Full Moon a fire is lit in God’s name and the plants of purification are added in the naked flames: myrrh, frankincense, vervain, rue and St John’s Wort are thrown into the flames summoning the light that illuminates the World and removes all evil. The Witch should dance and sing the problem s/he has to the flames and ask them to burn it away, an item which symbolises the problem such as an old shoe for fatigue or lack of fidelity, the bark of a tree that bears no flowers or fruits for the lack of fertility, an old bank note that is worn for the lack of money is thrown in the fire. As she throws it in the flames, the witch states: “Fire old friend that burns within, burn this (name of item) that causes me (name of issue). Burn it all and burn it quick so it vanishes from my life that me (Name) son/daughter of (name of mother – if not known then say God) remain free of (cause)”. Then throw a hand of salt in the fire and as it bursts and makes noise say: “(Name of Problem) now bursts in the flames of God that burns within and me (Name) son/daughter of (name of mother) I am now released of all problems.” Then a flower or a fruit is placed in the flames to thank the Spirit of Fire and show gratitude and ask for the blessings of the Element and God to enter their life and protect them.

The Water that Flows

To pay a debt that cannot be afforded: Should the witch suffer a debt or period that money runs low, the blessing of the Water should be sought which is kind and loving to all those who suffer. A freshwater stream, the place where fairies and spirits reside in the forest where the great trees lick the water with their roots and prosper and feed all living and spirits alike. The witch should go bearing gifts before the Sun rises, 3 sesame breads in the form of rings and cover them with honey golden and sweet. The Witch should leave the gifts next to the stream and pledge her need to the running water: “Water beautiful and flowing that connects us all, hear my pledge and honour our alliance which runs true since times of old. Me (name of the witch) son/daughter of (name of mother or if unknown say God) I come to thee bearing gifts and I ask for your help to pay my debt which I face and I cannot repay. Sweet water, come to my aid and as you quench the thirst and repay my debt so I will always thank thee.” Then the witch should drink from the water and leave. The running water will flow and provide its blessings. When the debt is repaid a gift should be given again to honour the element.

The Earth that Provides

A prosperity spell: Mother Earth that provides food to all her children never forgets those in time of need. Should the Witch find him/herself in a difficult financial period, or a man or woman who cannot provide to their family and seeks the witch’s assistance, Mother Earth, the Great Mother that provides should be sought for assistance. The witch or the person who seeks assistance should go in the forest and find a great tree prosperous and strong such as the great Oak, pledge the God of the Forest and Mother Earth in front of the tree and give an offering of milk and honey to the roots. As the person provides so will the Gods provide. Soil from the tree should be dug and carried in a clay pot back home. Half should be put underneath the house otherwise at the front door. Half should be scattered around the property to bring the blessings of the Earth all around their life. Finally, a pinch of Earth should be placed in a flannel bag with a coin and a chestnut. A Divine Symbol should be inscribed on the bag and ask the Blessings of the Mother of Earth to reside in the bag. As the bag is being carried financial stability and prosperity will always remain, ever prosperous and abundant as the Earth herself. Always remember that the Mother provides to those that are grateful as she is. Never forget to feed those who are hungry and honour her with your actions. A plate of food does not only feed the body but feeds the soul as well.

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