What is a Pendulum and how to use it!

What is a Pendulum and how to use it!

You may have seen people, both psychics and not, using some kind of pendulum to predict upcoming events, to find objects and even to communicate with the dead.

What is a pendulum?

Local folklore traditions indicate that if a pregnant woman tight her wedding ring with a string and holds the other end, the way the ring will move predicts the gender of the unborn child. This tradition is almost as old as Christianity in the Western world, but even nowadays, new, so-called-proven, ways of the use of a string and a ring – which is in fact a pendulum but most of the times is not mentioned as one – appear.

I’ve been told quite a few times that if you hold such a pendulum with your left hand and a ruler under it with your right hand, the blood pressure can be calculated from the point that the ring starts to move till it stops moving. Even though, this can work exceptionally for some, I should underline that it is neither a proven nor a scientific method. It is a scrying method.

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Practically, any weight attached to the end of a string so that when the other end of the string is held, the weight is able to move freely, is what we call a pendulum, and can be used as one. Although it is not uncommon to make pendulums from specific materials and in specific ways, in fact a pendulum can be made from about anything. Well made pendulums are easier to be used and pendulums made from specific materials may provide better accuracy in some subjects. But any pendulum made simply by a piece of string and a weight at its end will work, and this happens because the power needed for the pendulum to work lies into the beholder and not into the instrument itself.

How does the pendulum work?

Everywhere and everywhen in this universe there is an energy called bioenergy, chi, qi and with many other names. This energy flows in our bodies and also through our bodies. Because of this, we can feel and understand the energy around us. Furthermore, because time and space are simple illusions, we can feel and understand the energy that was, is or will be anytime and anywhere in this universe. We do feel and understand this energy in a subconscious level. What a pendulum helps us do is to turn this subconscious message to a conscious and visible symbol, the movement of the pendulum.

How to make a simple pendulum for magical use?

Now, enough with the theory. Let us move on into the practical part. If you have never before used a pendulum it is better to make a simple one by yourself and if this method is harmonious with you, then you may buy or make a better one for further use. For some people, it is very hard or even impossible to work with one, so before spending money to buy a nice made pendulum or one made from specific materials, experiment with a simple one. If you cannot make a simple one to work or you don”t feel comfortable working with it, an expensive pendulum will not do you any better, but if you can work with a simple one and you feel nice working with it, a well made one will be even better.

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So, find a weight as well balanced as possible, to which you can attach a string. A ring or a fishing weight are very good examples of such weights. The greater (relatively) the weight the better for the beginner. Now tight a string to it. Avoid chains as well as thick pieces of string. The simpler and thinner the string is, the better for you. And also, make this piece of string as long as you can use. A longer string is easier for the beginner than a shorter one. Of course, once you”ll be accustomed to the use of the pendulum, even a light weight attached at the end of a sort and thick metallic chain will work perfectly.


How to program a pendulum?

Now, the pendulum answers with positive or negative answers, simply said, with yes or no. There isn”t a predetermined “yes” answer nor a predetermined “no” answer. It is up to you to decide which kind of movement is a positive reaction and which one is a negative reaction. Some common couples of answers are the left-to-right and top-to-bottom movements, the clockwise and anticlockwise circles, or the circular movements and lineal ones. Chose any of these common couples, or make your own, and decide which movement is for “yes” and which one is for “no”.

Now, take two unlined pieces of paper. Draw on the one the movement for yes and on the other one the movement for no. Even better write also the word “yes” or “no” on the paper. Take the piece of paper with the positive movement/answer and put it on the table. Hold the free end of the string of the pendulum so that the weight is a little over the piece of paper.

Now, force the pendulum to stop moving with your free hand. Then fix your eyes on the weight, and without causing any movement with your hand, try to make the pendulum to move as the drawing indicates. When you achieve that, then explain to the pendulum that this is the movement for a positive answer. Tell it that whenever it wants to give you a positive answer it should move this way.

Force-stop the pendulum from moving. In time you”ll be able to mentally stop its movement. Then start asking some questions that can be answered with a simple yes and of course you know the answer. The questions may be as simple as “Is my name John Smith?”, “Is today a Monday”, or anything like that. After stating the question wait for the pendulum to start moving. If it moves the way you decided that the positive answer should be, then say something like “bravo” or any other positive reinforcement. If it starts moving in any other way then stop it and repeat the previous step of teaching it the positive answer. Keep doing that until the pendulum always starts moving after listening to your question and always moves in the way you have chosen as the positive answer.

Then change the piece of paper and in the same manner teach to the pendulum the negative answer. Of course, now the questions should need a negative answer.

When your pendulum learns the negative answer as well, remove the piece of paper and start asking the pendulum questions that you know the answer and can be answered with “yes” or “no”. If it gives you a wrong movement, reteach it. When it gives you the right movement congratulate it. Don”t ask it yet questions that you don”t know the answers.

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Give to your practice about an hour to an hour and a half. Don”t overdo it. Keep practising like that for a few days, every day for a week up to ten days. After this teaching period, when you want to consult your pendulum start by asking it three or four questions that you know the answer and after that, if the pendulum answers correctly, start asking the questions you don”t know the answer. The exercise would be better if you can easily find out the correct answer just after asking the question. Maybe you can work with a friend that provides to you questions he or she knows the answer while you don”t.

How much time you are going to need before you”ll be able to achieve sufficient accuracy is a personal matter. In general the more you use the pendulum, the better the accuracy you”ll achieve. An 80% accuracy is a very good point to start using the pendulum to receive answers about more important things in your life, or about your future.

Advanced ways of using the pendulum:

Compatibility between two people

Some more advanced ways to use the pendulum for the experienced user now. If you want to know if you are compatible with the person you are in a relationship with, have your photos next to each other. Hold the pendulum over them and in between them. Then let the pendulum show you its answer. If it moves in a negative way it shows a bad compatibility while if it moves in a positive way it shows a good compatibility. If you don”t have such photos, for example because you are not in relationship with this person, but is somebody you are interested in, you may draw two human figures: one for yourself – draw the figure while thinking of yourself – and one for the other person, while thinking of that person. Write your names in the proper figure and then hold your pendulum between and over them.

The pendulum and the body

In a large piece of paper draw a large human figure representing yourself, or whoever asks for your advice. Focus your mind while making the design. Holding your pendulum over the figure let it show a negative or a positive reaction in the different parts of the body. This is to help you understand which parts of the person need better care. This method doesn”t intent to be used to replace a proper medical examination, and it should not be used as such.


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Scrying with multiple answers

On the perimeter of a large circle write all the possible answers of your question. Then holding your pendulum over the centre of the circle ask the question and see towards which answer it moves. This is a very advanced technique as the pendulum, in order to answer, will not perform a balanced movement, so if you don’t have enough experience don’t try it. This method may help you select the person you want to hire for a job by writing the names or placing the CVs of all applicants. If you want your pendulum’s help for such matters but you are not yet very experienced, first ask for each person separately. Then remove the negative answers and ask again for each person. Keep removing answers until there is only one.

If you are even more experienced, write every letter of the alphabet on the perimeter of the circle. Then ask your question and let it give you the answer letter by letter.

As said before, some people use the pendulum to communicate with the dead or other spirits. I advise against this practice, so I will not explain the ways to do so. The pendulum is among the most unsafe ways to communicate with the spiritual world and, if used for this purpose, it will most probably attract negative spirits.

Other than that, there are countless ways to make use of your pendulum. Just let your imagination guide you.  

Using crystals in pendulums

Sometimes we may use crystals as the weight of the pendulum. This is done in order to even empower more the energy signals or, sometimes, to clarify them. In general terms quartz, amethyst, and fluorite are very good crystals, as well as any other crystal you feel in connection with. If we want a pendulum for specific kind of questions, a crystal of this type of energy may be of great help. A rose quartz may help us understand and heal our emotions, as well as help us understand and solve the problems in our erotic relationships and friendships. A malachite may help us receive better advises from our inner wisdom about our spiritual growing. A rodochrosite may help us understand our sorrow and guide us out of it. An obsidian may help us better detect the positive and negative geodynamic fields.

Using metals for pendulums

Metallic weights are also common in making a pendulum. Any metal can work very well for general purposes. If for some reason you want to attune yourself with the properties of one of them, and receive that kind of answers you may use a specific metal. Iron based and copper based  metals are the most common as they are affordable and I find them exceptional as both of these metals have a great ability to attune themselves with the user”s energies and amplify them. Gold or silver made weights are mostly used for searching of such metals. I do not have personal experience in the matter so I cannot say if the somewhat great cost of a pendulum made of such metals is well excused. I mean, if what you want to do is find some gold and you are using a pendulum to find out where to search, an experienced user can use their usual pendulum to find the spot. Will the gold pendulum be that more accurate?

Glass or wooden pendulums

An other interesting kind of pendulum weight is one that is made of glass or wood and it has a hole in its middle. This kind of pendulums are mostly used in finding things and people. In the hole, for example, the user will put a personal article of the person they are looking for, and then they will try to pinpoint them in a map. This practice also requires great experience of course.

Some misconceptions

Before ending this article I would like to clarify some common misconceptions about the pendulum.

First of all, the movement of the pendulum is not telekinetic and it should not be one. It is true that pendulums are used in practicing telekinetic ability, in ways that are not described here, but when using the pendulum to receive answers, the user must be holding the pendulum.

It is the small subconscious movements and tremblings of his or her fingertips that cause the movement of the pendulum and these should be. As explained in the beginning, we receive, feel and understand the energies in a subconscious level. We are using the pendulum to help us consciously understand what out subconscious knows. In fact, with proper exercise one may use a part of their body, or even the whole body, as a pendulum.

use a pendulum to contact the spirits
use pendulums to contact the spirits

Of course, when it’s is used in summoning spirits, it’s the spirits and not our own subconscious that cause these movements, but once again I would recommend against using the pendulum for communication with the spirits.

The other misconception is the use of the pendulum for facilitating entering in a hypnotic state. Unless the user of the pendulum is able to force a steady movement, or steadily slowing movement, there is very little if any help of the use of the pendulum in causing hypnosis. Although its circular movement is indeed the right movement, the always changing speed of it, as well as the always changing distance it covers, are not helpful but distracting. On the other hand, the metronome which performs perfect repetitions of circular movements can be of great help.  

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