A simple Wish spell from Grandmother’s Grimoire


A wish coming true has fascinated people since the beginning of time and Witches were reputable of changing the tides of one’s life to manifest a single wish. What would one not give if their wish can be granted in order to live a more fulfilling and accomplished life according to their will. Is it money? Love? A good marriage? A more sexy body? Good health? Good luck?

The options are endless, yet for many people, even witches, even though they have seen their wishes being granted before their very eyes, they do not find happiness. Why is that? Happiness is a state of mind that already preexists in all of us and is only a decision away. The moment you choose to lead a happy life that very moment your whole life changes.

However, if you would like to tread the path and want to cast an uncomplicated spell to manifest a wish, then my Grandmother has already foreseen that. Below you will find a simple wishing spell which has been tried and tested and can bear testimonies that it works wonderfully.

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Ingredients: A ring (a normal ring that you wear every day, a special ring that you buy for the occasion or a ring of power will work marvellously) A white candle

Optionally: An item which represents your heart”s desire, though small enough as it has to pass through the ring. Try and be creative.

Moon Phase: Full Moon

Process All you need for this spell is a ring, a candle and a clear and determined mind. If you can have all three of these on a Full Moon then you are ready to cast this spell.

1. Take the ring which you should have worn on the last 3 days in order to be filled with your personal energy. Try and time any cleansing process accordingly so the ring has been energetically renewed before you cast the spell but at the same time you have the time window to wear it for 3 days.

2. Look at the Moon – this spell actually requires for you to face the Moon therefore you must be lucky enough to have a clear sky and be able to see it.

3.Light the candle saying: “This is the flame of my desire, coming true this magic hour”

4. Take the ring from your finger and move it in front of your face in a manner that allows you to see the Moon inside the ring.

5. Looking the Moon inside the ring say: “Goddess (or Moon if not pagan) lighting the skies, hear my call and my desire. Me (your name) daughter/son of (name of Mother or instead say God if you are not aware of your mother”s name) call you this night to fulfil this wish of mine. [State the wish as you were explaining it to a good friend].

6. Take the ring and see the light of the candle inside the ring. When ready say: “Eternal light, your flame I have called this magic night, grant my wish my heart”s desire. Moon bears witness, I illuminate it in your fire.”

7.Optionally: If you have brought an item that represents your wish pass it through the ring.

8. Holding the ring, close your eyes and visualise yourself and your life after your wish has been granted. How do you feel, what changes happen in your life, how is your life now? When ready, take a deep breath and blow at the ring.

9. Seal the deal. Bring the ring back looking at the Moon inside the ring as stated in step 4 and say: “Mother of All (or Moon),my wish is here. As I wear this ring, I seal the deal.”

10. Wear the ring. Your spell is done! Look below at the Q&A section for common questions.

Q&A 1. How quickly will my spell work? This depends for what you have asked for. Usually it takes 3 lunar circles to complete. If your wish has not been granted repeat or choose another spell. Determination is key.

2. What kind of ring should I use? A ring that will help you fulfil your goal. Any ring that you hold dear and you enjoy wearing.

3. I cannot see the Moon in the sky, can I cast this spell? Unfortunately, if you cannot see the Moon then this is not the right timing. Be patient to wait for the next Full Moon or try another spell.

4. In which finger should I wear my ring? The one you really like. Traditionally, wish rings are being worn either on the ring finger (finger of Sun) or the index finger (finger of Jupiter) for wish manifestation.

5. I have lost my ring. What should I do? This is a sign which tells you that this is not the right time. Contemplate on your wish see what changes are required in your life and try again with a different ring in the next Full Moon.

6. Can I adapt this spell using crystals, incense, runes, oils, potions, etc? Of course feel free to be creative and adapt any spell to your needs. After all this is your spell and represents your wish and life. Ensure that you follow the principles and stay safe.

7. Can I ask for anything in life? Of course! This is your wish and your time so use it well. However, you need to manage your expectations as some changes in life are easier to happen. For example, if you have spent the last year worrying about money and you ask for 1 million dollars then you need first to clear the blockages that brought you in that situation and then cast a wish spell. However, this should not put you down. Aim for the Stars (and in this case the Moon) and be determined.

8. Can I bind another person”s will? This is not advised. Even if this wish is granted it usually does not end up well and Karma will claim its toll. We are masters of our own selves and we are responsible for our lives. Would you feel the same if someone else bound your own free will to do their bidding?

9. Will this spell work for me? This is a question that you should ask yourself. If you have any doubts then this possibly means that this is not the right spell for you. As we are all different people, we have different ways of expressing ourselves and our wills. Find the spell that puts a smile on your face and makes you feel confident. A Witch always listens to his/her intuition for guidance.

10. Where was this spell found? Have you tested it? This spell was in my Grandmother”s grimoire with minor adaptations to fit our times. Personally, it has worked nicely for me and has been used repeatedly.

11. Do you have other simple spells that I can read? Our site is full with magical recipes, spells and rituals. As a suggestion you can start here: https://www.magicalrecipesonline.com/2015/12/elemental-magic-simple-spell-for-each.html

Blessed be!

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