Astrological Predictions: New Moon – Solar Eclipse, Match 9 2016

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Astrological Predictions for New Moon in Pisces
Solar Eclipse, March 9 2016
To say it in the most simple way: Solar Eclipse is a New Moon with extra energy. While a regular New Moon affects the following 13 days (before the upcoming Full Moon), a Solar eclipse is so powerful that kinda affects the next 6 months (until the next series of Eclipses). During the influence of a Solar Eclipse nothing should be considered given. The old way of thinking, things we possess, people around us etc can be questioned. Everything around us can change. We open ourselves to endless possibilities. 

This Solar Eclipse in particular, gives us a hint of how it feels to be born, at a time when everything changes. This Solar eclipse is a harbinger of severe changes in our world, a cosmic sign that we are evolving with the new stimuli. It feels like we have lost something of ourselves, but at the same time we feel we are connected to each other. We are one. One race, one soul. 

Chiron, the wise healer who lifts the burden of his own wounds, is trying hard to show us all what we’ve been doing wrong all this time. Massive population movement change the World as we know it. Middle East is on fire. Millions of people are affected, wounded, killed or tortured. All this produces negative energy affecting us all!  Chiron in Pisces right across Jupiter (the traditional Governor of Pisces) is a sign that the Time of Pisces have past and we have to make room for the Age of Aquarius, a new Age of uplifted cosmic awareness, a time when we all feel connected and share the same purpose and the same responsibilities.

Aries: An instant change in your awareness. Something has changed inside of you. You now observe the severity & importance of all your thoughts and actions but most importantly you now understand that you got he power to change. The Wind of change blows in your heart and you know it is time. Time to move on and conquer. 
Taurus: The power of the Eclipse is focused on your social life, changing almost everything. You look to expand your social boundaries and the time could not be better. Things that hold you back all these years can now simply disappear. The power of the Eclipse is making you glow with a charming light. Got out then, and shine!
Gemini: One more aspect of the Moon that affects you in a strong way. Let me make something clear first. Saturn’s position right across you can be even more powerful right now. The responsibilities seem to become heavier right now but this is just a test. When the heartache is over you’ll see that you’ve evolved very much and earned a better place.
Cancer: The New Moon is a chance that you should not miss. Whether it’s hard for you to do it or not this is the time to act. This Solar Eclipse gives you the proper energy to walk away from your troubles. I’m sure it’s not easy but let me tell you one thing: It never will be as long as you are stuck living in the past. Heal your wounds and go on! 

Leo: With Venus right across your sign I’m pretty sure you’ve got the lucky touch to win even at the last moment. The truth is that the New Moon is somehow neutral for you although you might feel a very powerful shift of your consciousness. It seems like your higher self is awakened reaching for change. Venus will heal & expand your romantic status. 
Virgo: The Solar Eclipse affects you the most and this is somehow you probably feel it already. Since the previous Full Moon the stars scheduled changes in your life which caused you anxiety. The Solar Eclipse affects your relationships and collaborations of any kind. Feel the turbulence already? Well it’s all about patience. Leave what hurt you behind.
Libra: The New Moon focuses its energy in your everyday life affect your health as well & your vitality. Be very careful when driving and also find some quality time for you. The powers of the Solar eclipse is great and you can direct it in a very creative way. Do you want to change the way you look? Start a diet and a healthier way of living? This is your chance!
Scorpio: A Solar eclipse Full of possibilities for growth and abundance. The stars plot events which will help you achieve greater balance in your life. Although it may now seem impossible it looks like you are going to achieve that pretty soon. Of course the energy of the Eclipse is difficult to handle but you are wise enough to be patient and wait for your chance. 
Sagittarius: The energy of the New Moon activates the energies of Saturn which may make your life miserable but it also creates the road to perfection. What is bothering you in your home? Is there something you want to change? Is it something there that you want to get rid of? Is there a chance to fix your relationships in your family? Do it.
Capricorn: A helpful New Moon which gives you the energy to travel and experience more. The Solar Eclipse can cause many things to change in your life especially when it comes to people who are close to you. Be careful when you drive or travel so that you don’t miss an opportunity there. Do you want to take some days off? Here’s your chance. 
Aquarius: Money makes the World go round although you do realise that this applies only to “regular” people. You are so much more yet you also got the brains you manage better your financial status. I bet you can find opportunities to improve your income and screen your expenses. Find a way to see this Solar Eclipse a great chance break the chains. 
Pisces: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in the heart of your sign means that all the change is directed from you. Do you feel it already? I bet you do. Planets are gathering in your sign showing you one thing. It’s time to move forward in any ways possible. Time to heal your wounds and understand that everything happens for a reason. What if that reason is to read these lines and feel ready to reach for you’ve always desired?

Blessed New Moon!
Blessed Solar Eclipse!
Discover, Play, Love!
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