5 housekeeping tips for everyday Good Luck & Protection


There are plain small housekeeping habits, which you keep on doing for so many years. You wake up, you brush your teeth, you organise your room, you look at your wardrobe pondering what to wear today, but with a little extra magic some of these habits can become powerful rituals to aid you towards your spiritual progress, protection & good luck!

In this article we will try to propose you 5 tips which cost no time and no money. 5 tips, which will empower yourself and slowly yet steadily create a healthier and stronger environment for your to live in and flourish your powers. Remember, magic does not have – always – to be exotic or complicated. Sometimes, the most plain acts can work miracles!

1. Let the Sunshine in   Everytime you wake up in the morning, remember to open your windows and let the Light in your house. Even if it”s not a sunny day, the sunlight will help your room get rid of all the possible negativities or Thoughtforms which were created during your sleep. A Thoughtform is an “astral” entity, created by your emotions, thus a powerful Nightmare can create a powerful Thoughtform which will influence you and your house. A Thoughtform can be very disturbing and is safer in the darkness. The Light of the Sun has the power to banish these entities and free you from their influence.    2. Let your House Breathe   Remember to periodically open the windows in order to let the winds cleanse and refresh the energy of your house. Air is circulating Energy, therefore the Element of Air should always be in motion and although this is generally not applicable, you should at least once or twice a day refresh the Air. I would recommend right after your wake up and before you go to sleep. In the morning, this will set you and your goals in motion by breathing the fresh air of Hope in your Aura and before you go to sleep, it is an invitation for the sacred Winged creatures of the Sky to come and bless you.   

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3. Stick with your Broomstick 


It”s real. We witches and mages use our brooms to banish whatever we want. Although you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dust, you can periodically use a plain broom to sweep off all negativity. Not that the vacuum cleaner can”t help you. On the contrary. Enchant the device – by always bearing in mind – that when you are sweeping you do not just remove dust and dirt, but also every negative energy in the rooms. Visualise the dark and dirty energy being removed by the vacuum cleaner. Reed more about the Besom, the Magical Broomstick – and how to use it – here! 


4. Magic Floor Wash


Of course the latest products are excellent cleaners and they do smell incredible but once every new Moon you can add 9 drops of each Essential Oil of Lavender & Sage in the Water and wash your floor. Both herbs have the power to banish negativity and promote the Energy Healing of your house. In addition, these oils will smell like mountain air and calm your soul. 


5. Slam this negativity out of your door


Three days before the New Moon go to your main Door. Open it slightly. (You are always inside of the House). Visualise what you want to banish from your house (for example ill luck, quarrels etc.). Now grab the door handle and slam the Door saying 


“…(what you want to banish)… go out of My house!”. 

Repeat as needed. Remember, magic is everywhere, and most importantly, it is always in you! Blessed be!

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