Dream Magic, a Spell for a Magic Sleep


One of the Oldest forms of Magic and Divination is Dream Walking. In Magic (and Alchemy) a Dreamwalker is the one who taps into the Dream Realm in order to acquire information or receive energy to perform a spell. A Dreamwalker has the ability to control the Dreams and/or even heal others (and himself) through Dream manipulation. The energy of the Dream World is Endless.

As we saw in previous post about God Oniros (Dream = Oniro in Greek), the Realm of the Dreams is actually really close to the Realm of Death (click here to read more about God Oniros). Having access to the Realm of Dream is a powerful healing process.

Dreamwalking is associated with the Realm of Water. Anything that relates to the Realm of Water demands little but everyday practice. The Water can – slowly yet steadily – break even the hardest rocks. This is how Magic of Water works too. All you have to do is repeat the process for its important to exercise your discipline. We do not live in the Dream World although we travel there every night.

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What we have to do, is by somehow try to become familiar with the Dream World as we are familiar in this Plane.


This demands practice. Once we”ve established that discipline is important let”s proceed with the spell.

Purpose of spell: This spell will enchant your sleep. The hours of your sleep are going to be even more rejoicing, even more fulfilling. The purpose of the spell is to wake up your magical and healing powers every time you sleep. The spell is very simple but it requires for you to repeat the process.

Step one. Keep a Dream Journal.

This is a very important tool for establishing contact with the Dream Realm. The Dream Journal (as we saw previously in another article) is how we keep our connection with the Dream Realm strong and healthy. The steps are simple. Everytime we wake up, the FIRST thing to do is to write down your dream as analytically as possible. Even if you remember just a glimpse of your dream write it down and by doing that you will see the Dream stories unfold. Keep on writing until satisfied.

Doing that for a week or more, the dreams will become brighter and stronger. It means that you are beginning to become a Dreamwalker. You may begin to have Lucid Dreams (conscious dreaming, you are consciously the creator of the dream”s plot) although this is not the case, at least not right now. We are soon going to give you an effective and practical way for Lucid Dreaming.

Step two. The Magic Fume of Mugwort

Burn some Mugwort everytime you got to sleep. Light up a charcoal and sprinkle some mugwort. Let the Magic of Mugwort enchant your room. Stay in it. Breathe the difference. (If you got any respiratory problems ask advice from your doctor first).

Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) is a plant with so many magical powers, used extensively in Chinese Medicine for its therapeutic properties (read more about Mugwort and it Magical Properties here). Another magical power of Mugwort is to open the gates to other Realms by activating your Third Eye, your Major Chakra located in your forehead. When this Chakra is activated, your psychic powers receive a huge boost. (Read more here about Psychic Powers)

Important Note

Remember to air your room prior to your sleep.


Step three. The Enchanting

Now that the smoke of Mugwort fills the room and opened your third eye you are ready to enchant your sleep. Remember that chanting is more powerful as your repeat the procedure. Chant 3 times. Feel your heart with the powers of your spell. You are the Enchanter/Enchantress. You got the power. You just now assert your power to the Dream World. 

Remember: You got the power, you are a creature of Light and Love, and with Love and Respect you now want to reach for the Dream World.

Now go to sleep and open the Gate of the Dream World.

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