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Druid Zodiac Signs - Celtic Astorlogy

Is Celtic Astrology a real thing? Yes! Druids and the Celts followed a Calendar based on the Circles of the Moon. They have divided the year in 13 Lunar Months and a day, the most powerful Day of the Year, the Day of the Winter Solstice, the Nameless Day.

Celtic Astrology

Druids have always been a bright example of how Witchcraft can be entirely based in Nature. In Celtic Astrology each month was attributed to one Tree and one sacred animal. Each Tree & animal has many magical powers yet during the Month which is devoted to it, this Tree has additional powers and spells which incorporate the Tree is extra potent.

These 13 Months of Celtic Astrology could also be seen as the Zodiac Circle of the Druids. Every boy or girl was believed to have powers which come from this tree and his/her personality was influences by the powers of this Tree. It was also believed that this Tree was somehow a powerful Tool for this individual, a Gateway from which every human could grasp the Magic of Nature. The Nameless day, December 23rd was called “the Feast of Potentials” and it falls right in the Winter’s Equinox, Yule. It was (and still is) a Holy day attributed only to Mistletoe, the Winter”s equivalent to Oak.

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Both were considered equally powerful like Yin and Yang, Light and Darkness. There was a powerful Druid ceremony called “the Ritual of Oak and Mistletoe”, in which Druids climbed a sacred oak and cut the mistletoe growing on it. Later they sacrificed two white bulls while using the mistletoe to make an Magical Elixir to cure all illness, infertility and the effects of any poison. The Ritual was described in Pliny”s Natural History one of the few ancient written texts where we can really learn about Druids.

What was the Nameless Day of the Druids?

The Nameless Day was believed to have powers of change, as we believe Winter Solstice has. According to Celtic Astrology in this Day Potentials are like seeds in a fertile soil. Anything is possible as long as Will is fiery enough to warm the seed. This Intercalary day – between the ending of the Past year and the beginning of the New One – is also called the “Secret of the Unhewn Stone.” What is an unhewn stone? “Unhewn” is a Middle English word (1300-1400) which in fact means rough, unshaped. Unhewn is the stone which has not been cut by any means. It is a Virgin stone. Therefore, the Unhewn Stones were symbols of the unknown & infinite potentials, the unshaped Future. It was believed that Stonehenge, once temple of the Druids, was constructed by Unhewn Stones and this is what it made it so magically potent.


The Nameless Day – Mistletoe:

December 23rd The Winter”s Solstice. Day Zero. Mistletoe is the other side of Oak. As a Symbol of Divine power, Mistletoe’s berries believed to embody the essence of the Gods and Goddesses. Pressed Mistletoe berries create a sperm like liquid which was used in powerful Spells and Rituals. Mistletoe wards off Evil and creates a powerful Shield against Dark Arts. It is also believed to promote healing in many ways. (Warning: Mistletoe is highly poisonous. Never ingest or apply on skin).

  • Some associate it the the last day of Elder and the Black horse (see below)

Birch & Deer: December 24th-January 20th

Birch is associated with Fire and the Sun. The Beginning of all, the divine spark! Birch was associated with Cerridwen and Merlin the all-powerful Mage. Birch is considered an extra powerful tree, balancing both the creative and destructive forces of Fire, exactly like the power of deer. Its easy and eager ability to repopulate areas damaged by forest fires signifies its magical powers for Rebirth, but at the same time Birch is the perfect igniter.

Rowan & Crane: January 21st-February 17th

We find it in Lore as the “Lady of the Forest” due to its close association with Brigid, Goddess of Wisdom & Protection, keeper of the Sacred Flame. Rowan trees growing in sacred sites and stone circles have been considered extra potent. Its berries, themselves, carry a tiny five-pointed star which correlates to the pentagram, a symbol of eternal symmetry, wisdom and protection. Hang them outside of your main Door for protection and a symbol of Welcoming benevolent entities. Exactly like this, Cranes are believed to be sacred birds of the divine realms.

Ash & Seahorse: February 18th-March 17th

A tree of magnificent powers, a tree linked so much with Witchcraft and all kinds of enchantments. A very tall tree (reaching to the skies – symbolises the connection with the Divine) with very thick and deep roots (reaching to the Mother earth – symbolising the connection with Nature – as the seahorse implies deep connection with the Sea’s mysteries). As Ash has access to both Earth and the Skies, was used to craft ritualistic spears and daggers which were viewed somehow as an instrument affecting destiny.

Alder & Fox: March 18th-April 14th

The Alder tree is believed to change the environment near it as it grows. Its powers have been praised as a symbol of Health and Balance. This ability of Alder tree was also believed to come from the Fairy World, as these ethereal beings love hanging out near Alder trees. Those born under Alder tree”s influence are believed to carry something magical, something from the Fairy Realm. Foxes believe to hide secret powers. Carry something from Alder wood in your key-chain to access this power.

Willow & Hare: April 15th-May 12th

This flexible and adaptable tree is associated with the Element of Water (and secondarily Air). Its wood is often used for Magic Wands as a Mage / Witch can more easily express his/her feelings through a Willow Wand. Willow is a Gate to the Realm of Water and its magical powers. Those born under the influence of Willow can more easily harness its powers for Love magic and Divination. Hare symbolizes the magic of nature, fertility powers and prosperity.

Hawthorn & Bee: May 13th-June 9th

Hawthorn was associated with the festivals of Mayday, also called Beltane. Beltane”s magic promises love, fertility and creativity. It”s the magical touch of Spring, which brings hope, giving life to everything around. Just like the bee, you are a symbol of Spring’s rebirth! Decorate your doorways with a Hawthorn garland. Keep Hawthorn outside of your house to attract good luck and benevolent entities.

Oak & White Horse: June l0th-July 7th

Druids and Greeks shared the Oak as the King of all plants. The word “Druid” itself means in Greek “by Oak”. The Oak symbolises the Divine Power. The Royal origin of this tree makes it extremely valuable in Druidic ceremonies and rituals. The Druids used the word “Duir” to describe the oak. It is very interesting to note that Duir also means a Gate. Oak was used by Druids as the Gate to Wisdom and Otherworlds. Keep an Oak to remind you your divine nature and that everything is possible when you really want it! White horse is the royal equivalent of oak.

Holly & Cat: July 8th-August 4th

Holly was associated by Druids with protection by any kind of threats, physical or spiritual. Its red berries (a symbol of Masculine power, the ever-burning Fire) shining in the heart of Winter, symbolises that Life and Hope can endure everything. Keep these berries in your home to magnify your protection against malevolent influences. Cat also symbolizes protection against dark arts as they are considered guardians of the household. Holly acts as a shield against the Dark Arts.

Hazel & Salmon: August 5th-September 1st

This tree was considered a living source of Wisdom and its hazel nuts a powerful tool for creativity and inspiration. It was believed that Hazel trees grew near sacred sites and magical places. It was believed that a Hazel Tree was growing in the Well of Wisdom. Hazel tree along with Hawthorn was considered omens where Magical things could happen if you dare. Salmon always dares us to move towards our dreams! Keep a hazel nut in your wallet as a symbol of creativity and prosperity.

Vine & Swan: September 2nd-September 29th

The way it sprouts and swirls always amazed the druids and even now, the Celts love to blend Viness ability to interconnect in Celtic Knots and other mystical symbols. The Vine’s branches always expand towards different directions but always in a circular way. Just like the Swan, the vine also symbolises eternity and helping us understand that we always a part of something greater, always able to connect with other planes. Use the Vine as a tool for expanding our prosperity and consciousness.

Ivy & Butterfly: September 30th-October 27th

The ability of this tree to grow and endure difficulties was considered sacred by the Druids. Its everweaving ability was viewed by the druids as an omen of ever-evolving, no matter how hostile the environment can be. Butterfly symbolises our will to reach to the skies and achieve higher spirituality. Ivy’s ability to bind other plants and trees together, creating a green web, symbolises its powers for empathy & telepathy. Butterflies symbolize our line of transformations.

Reed & Owl: October 28th-November 24th

Although it not a tree, the Druids honoured Reed as it could grow really tall in swamps. Reed is a powerful tree which was used by Druids to cleanse and banish negativity. Owl has the ability to drive away negative vibes and keep the house protected. As Alder tree was considered to help Druids connect with the Fairies, the Reed helps us connect with our ancestors.

Elder & Black Horse: November 25th- December 22nd

The Elder tree is associated with the Crone of the Great Goddess. It is also called “Old Lady of the Trees”. The Elder berries taken from the tree in Midsummer”s eve, was believed to grant you with magical powers and the ability to see fairies, yet always remember to water it first or leave another offering. The Elder tree also bears Healing properties along with the ability to ward off evil. Black horses symbolize protection.

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