How to Keep your Wallet Full of Money


Money makes the world go round, we have heard that saying more than a dozen times and is partially true. All those who focus more on spiritual level still have a physical body that they need to nourish and more than a few bills to pay each month.

However, all, even witches, may find that our wallets get empty faster than usual- remember those last days of the month? Worry not as we are going to see how you can cast an easy spell in order to attract money to come your way so that your spending will not be reflected in your wallet and it will always remain full, ensuring a good cash flow.

Taking care of your financial situation is a sign of responsibility and as long as you do not wish ill for another person in order to make your pocket bigger then the Universe will provide as long as you send your message and live your life with a clear intention: to have as much money as makes you happy. Let”s see how. The main ingredient for this spell is your wallet. In addition, you will need two white or alternatively green/gold candles that you can dress with an essential oil of your preference or as a suggestion use cinnamon or basil. If you move according to Lunar Phases, pick the night of the Full moon to cast this spell and the preferred days of the week to cast it are Monday, Saturday or Sunday. However, feel free to cast this spell whenever you feel it is time, you can always repeat if necessary.

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The Spell Ingredients: Your wallet A small representation of a bat (a picture, drawing or a metal one small enough to fit your wallet – be creative!)

Optional:  Two white candles (green or gold alternatively) Essential oil of your choice (basil or cinnamon alternatively)

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If you cast this spell, remember to cast it during nighttime. Bats are amazing creatures that know how to hunt and see in the dark while they stay in caves and dark places during the night. The totem of the little bat will help your money make a home in your wallet while they will find their way home whatever the circumstances. On the night of your choice, place your wallet between the two candles and light them. Take the small bat and ‘wake it up’ by saying: 

‘Little and adored friend, I summon thee to help my money find their way back to me. Here is now your home, let money stay and grow on their own.’

Optionally: You may wish to add a drop of your blood and anoint the bat in order to empower the awakening and create this special bond between you. 

Visualise as you place the bat in your wallet that now  is its home, and will bring you back money wherever they fly. See the bat as your ally and friend that will help you rest your income and will guard it. And the spell is complete!

Feel free to express your gratitude to your spirit ally or offer a libation to honour them.

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