A Wishing Spell with Jezebel Root


Jezebel root (Louisiana iris) is mostly well known for its dark side, just as the accursed by the prophet Elijah Queen of North Israel from whom its name comes. But in fact this root, dangerous and dark as may be, holds also a great power in fulfilling wishes.

In this post we are not going to analyze the dark side of the root. I am just underlining it because, if you are going to use this wishing spell, you should follow the instructions to the letter as misuse of the root can cause a curse to manifest instead of your wish. So do be extremely careful.

The only thing you are going to need for this spell is a piece of Jezebel root. Decide on your wish beforehand, and if you want write it on a piece of paper for your convenience. On the day of performing the spell wake up a little before sunrise. At sunrise take a piece of jezebel root with your left hand and hold in tight in your left palm. Use only your left hand whether you are right-handed or left-handed. Don’t hold the root between your hands either.

- -

While holding the root tightly in your left hand, visualize the manifestation of your wish as vividly as possible and for as long as you can. During the day have the root in your left side (i.e. your left pocket) and occasionally repeat the same procedure and visualization.

At sunset dig a hole on the ground (soil) and burry the root using only your left hand.

That’s it!

In general never use wishing or other magic to manipulate and control the free will of others, even more when you are using a root that is more than willing to put a curse on you and maybe on your target.

Although you can use the spell for any wish, sexual and love wishes, especially if you are seeking a man (once again not a specific person but the ideal for you), as well as business and money related wishes are favoured by the root.

Jezebel’s fiery aspects make it a very powerful and fast working magical tool, but once again I should remind that great caution is needed in using Jezebel root. If you want to play safer, try using its cousin Orris Root (Queen’s Elizabeth root) instead.

Be careful. Be happy. And always have fun.

- - -