Find out if you are a Victim of Psychic Vampirism?


We have posted information about psychic vampires in our magazine. However, we have received plenty of emails from our readers on how to identify if you are a victim of psychic vampirism and how to protect yourself and the ones you love from such entities.

We have created a test in order to identify if you suffer from psychic vampirism. Read every question and answer as honestly as you can on a piece of paper, then read further down to find out the results.

Please keep in mind that some symptoms may occur under health problems as well. Please make sure that this is not the case before suspecting psychic vampirism as the root of the problem. Answer the following questions: 1. Do you often wake up after a full night sleep and you still feel tired? 2. Do you tend to have dark circles under your eyes without a profound explanation? 3. Do you feel somewhat afraid going to sleep even if you don”t have nightmares? 4. Do you have nightmares quite often, i.e. daily? 5. Does your energy seem to abandon you early in the day often? 6. Do you overspend money without realising where this money has gone? 7. Do you tend to think about doing something and somehow you run out of time without doing it? 8. Do you get sick often while you  used to be in top shape? 9. Do you have a streak of bad luck? 10. Have you become short-tempered while you weren”t? 11. Do you feel uncomfortable with sacred symbols and/or places? 12. Do you get affected by the Evil Eye easily? If you have answered yes in up to five questions, you can assume that you are not under vampiric attack.

- -

If you have answered positively in between 6-7 questions, there is most probably somekind of energy related problem, which can be vampirism or not. It would be advisable to check it out.

If you have answered positively to 9 or more question is quite certain that your energy is being absorbed, so you are most probably under vampiric attack. 

What to do if you feel that you are under the effects of psychic vampirism?

Make sure that you cast a cleansing and purification spell to reduce the impact. In addition, cast a protection spell, create a protective amulet or read about psychic protection and take precautionary measures. In addition, you may also want to cleanse your space to remove all astral debris and entities attached to your place. Finally, peppermint acts as a repellant to psychic vampires therefore make sure you incorporate this herb in your life, a peppermint tea will have good results. 

- - -