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Heptagram / Septagram, the Magic sigil of Planets

Although we now know that there are more planets in our Planetary System, in the Ancient World they only know Seven (and 2 of them are not even planets) thus the Heptagram. The Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn were the 7 planets of the sky and this is why the days of the Week are 7.

The Days of Week are Names of Gods

This happened because when creating a system to calculate time, they wanted to attribute every day to the correspondent God/Deity who reigned over mundane and spiritual works. Therefore, each Day is associated with one Planet. You don”t know it? Oh yes you do! Notice how each day is called in English and French and realise that each God/Planet”s is incorporated in the name of the Day. For example Monday (MoonDay day of the Moon, in French Lundi – Luna etc).

  • Sunday (Dimance in Frence), is the Day of the Sun
  • Monday (Moonday – Lundi in French), is the Day of the Moon
  • Tuesday (Mardi in French), is the Day of Mars
  • Wednesday (Mercredi in French) is the Day of Mercury
  • Thursday (Jeudi in Frech) is the Day of Jupiter
  • Friday (Ventdedi in French) is the Day of Venus
  • Saturday (Samedi) is the Day of Saturn

What the Day you are born means for you!

According to Ancient Magic and Astrology, each days holds tremendous and distinctive magical power. Therefore, the day we are born mean something very important. From the day we are born we can learn so much about one person. From his/her likes and dislikes to what kind of diseases are they more prone to have. Take a look here, to see what each day means for you! 

What is The Heptagram / Septagram?

The Heptagram – Septagram is the Symbol which unifies these energies. It is the symbol that harmonises all qualities and connects us with all Realms – all Worlds, known and unknown, seen and hidden. This is why it also called “the Elven Star”, as it helps us connect with the Elven Realm and the Land of Fae. The Septagram will call upon these forces of nature. Form the Septagram in your Garden to invite spites and spirits of Nature.

heptagram septagram

Tip! Wear a talisman with the Heptagram for 7 Days,  from Monday to Sunday to tap into the Wisdom of other Realms.

Why 7 is so magical?

This powerful Symbol is drenched with the magical powers of the Number 7, a Magical number which symbolised perfection, effectiveness, and completeness for the Ancient Egyptians.

Goddess Isis, the Queen of all Magic, was guarded by 7 scorpions in her search for her beloved husband’s 14 pieces (the 14 pieces are 7 pieces for each kingdom – upper and lower Egypt). 7 is associated with God Thoth, the great God of Magic and Wisdom.

It’s really important in ancient Greece too! 7 are the Sages of the Ancient World, 7 are the Wonders of the Ancient World (Pyramids of Egypt, Colossus of Rhodes, Lighthouse of Alexandria etc)

Seven is sacred in India too! For example, Indra, the great lord of the skies, governs by Seven vice-kings the seven regions of the heaven.

We will find similarities in all religions and magical systems. Seven is indeed a Magic number.


How to use the Magic of Heptagram – Septagram

Let”s take a look at the Heptagram – Septagram. By following the circle, counter-clockwise, starting with the Moon, you find that the planets are listed in the order in which they were understood to exist in an earth-centric system. The Moon moves faster than Mercury who moves faster than Venus, who moves faster than the Sun, who moves faster than Mars, who moves faster than Jupiter, who moves faster than Saturn. Again, this is how it seems they move.

The Septagram will give you access to the Wisdom & Magic of all planets. It will harmonise your 7 Chakras and heal your aura. Do this spell for 7 Days, starting on Sunday, to bring health and vitality in you.

Take the Pentagram as a symbol (a talisman) or even draw a simple septagram – heptagram on a piece of paper.

  •  Begin with the Moon, the source of all magic and psychic powers. Visualise a silver light all over. This is the Light of the Moon. Breathe the Silver light and relax. Let powers of the Moon fill your body.
  • Continue with Mercury, the source of all intelligence, master of travels. Visualise a yellow light all over. This is the Light of Mercury. Now breathe the Yellow light and relax. Let the powers of Mercury fill your body and aura.
  • Furthermore, Continue with Venus, the source of all romance, beauty and health. Visualise a green light all over. This is the Light of Venus. Now breathe the Green light and relax. Let the powers of Venus fill your body and aura.
  • Now, Continue with the Sun, the source of all blessings and vitality. Visualise a golden light all over. This is the Light of the Sun. Now breathe the Golden light and relax. Let the powers of the Sun fill your body and aura.
  • Moreover, Continue with Mars, the source of all our passions and sexual pleasures. Visualise a red light all over. This is the Light of Mars. Now breathe the Red light and relax. Let the powers of Mars fill your body and aura.
  • Now, Continue with Jupiter, the source of all optimism and growth. Visualise a blue light all over. This is the Light of Jupiter. Now breathe the Blue light and relax. Let the powers of Jupiter fill your body and aura.
  • End with Saturn, the source of patience and sense of eternity. Visualise a grey light all over. This is the Light of Saturn. Now breathe the Grey light and relax. Let the powers of Saturn fill your body and aura.
  • The spell is done! Repeat the other 6 days the same procedure! You are now radiating the light of all Planets. You are now radiating the blessings of all planets. If you can, have the septagram on you all week. If not, leave it in your house.

Blessed be!

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