Simple yet Powerful ways to charge an amulet : The Pure Energy Method


Simple yet Powerful ways to charge an amulet 

The Pure Energy Method

We have received many questions on how to charge your magical items, amulets and talismans. Your questions have been answered! Thus, in this series of articles we are going to discuss some simple ways on how to charge your amulets and magical items. Some may need some practice before you can actually use them, but others may be easy to use from the very first time.

So, here we are going to see how to charge an amulet with energy- you can simply expand the process to any magical item of your choice. If you have never used techniques to manipulate energy/bioenergy/chi/qi or however else you may call it, then some practice beforehand is recommended.

The Process:

1. Clap your hands as forcefully and rub your palms against one another rapidly and with tension, until you feel them quite hot. Then, hold your palms approximately 5cm (2in) apart facing each other, and maybe perform some small circular moves, letting yourself feel the energy. If this is easy for you, do the same having your palms at a distance of approximately 10cm (4in) from each other. This is enough for our purposes, although in other practices you may need to be able to achieve the same results with an even greater gap between your palms.

2.The second step is to morph the energy accumulated between your hands. Once again for our purposes we simply need to be able to turn the energy to a ball and give it the quality we want.
As the energy naturally tends to form spheres, turning it to one is rather simple, and most probably no effort will be needed on this end. Actually, while performing the previous step you may feel that there is something like an elastic ball in between your palms. This is because the energy has already been formed into a sphere shape.

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3. Now, to infuse this energy ball with the quality we want, we have to focus on this quality. While you keep feeling your sphere between your hands, start thinking about the quality you want your amulet to have. For example if you are making a love attracting amulet feel loveable and attractive. Use your imagination to create mental pictures that empower this feeling. When this feeling is powerful enough turn it into a colour. Although you may refer to the general symbolism of the colours, if you believe that another colour expresses your intention better, feel free to use it.

4. Let this colour fill the sphere, until the whole sphere becomes of the same colour. Keep sending this colour for a little more time so that the quality will become concentrated in the sphere. When you feel that you cannot send anymore of the colour in the sphere (i.e. the image and the projection feel saturated), then your energy ball is ready.

5. Whatever you want to charge as a talisman or amulet should be close to you, so that you won’t need to move at this point. Let us say that you are sitting in front of a table, or your altar, and the talisman is on the table/altar. Slowly move your hands (once again this movement should not be a great one) so that the sphere surrounds or at least touches the talisman. Then let the talisman absorb the energy ball.

6. When the whole energy ball has been absorbed cover the talisman with some silk cloth, preferably black silk. Repeat the procedure daily. At some point the talisman will be unable to absorb more energy, but the new energy ball will create an aura around the talisman. When this happens the talisman will be ready to use.

While this method may take quite some time when you are not used to it, the more you keep using this method, the better you will become in creating easier and more concentrated energy balls, and therefore you will require less and less repetitions to meet your goal; to fully charge your talisman.

So, that’s it. Have fun, be creative and be blessed.

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