Why Three times is the Charm? What is beginner’s Luck?


If you are wondering why the first time you try something magical or cast an unknown spell is more likely to succeed than the second time, here is the answer.

There are many who ask themselves, “shouldn’t I be more capable of succeeding providing the fact that I have already try it?” Well me dear readers, its time to introduce you to the…

Rule of Three!  Of course most of the times you need to practice and practice again to master a spell or a magical procedure. Especially when it comes to ritual magic, you need to stay patient in order synchronise your aura”s energy with the complexity of Witchcraft. Give it time.  But when it comes to simple spells there is a very old rule which applies ALMOST EVERY TIME! This is the Rule of Three.  The First time you cast an unknown spell or a secret ritual you”ve just learned, you are more likely to succeed because of what alchemists call “Beginner”s Luck!”. This also applies to almost any endeavour we”re likely to engage with. When it comes to Witchcraft, during this first time, it seems that our Spirit guides us without even knowing what we do. 

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The Second time we try the – same – spell, it”s more likely to encounter several issues which question our devotion to our cause. It may seem that everything tells us NOT to do it. It feels like Cosmos wants us to stop practicing and there is a reason why. Unlike the First time, where enthusiasm bursts us in flames of excitement, the Second time, we actually face our own doubts about what we want to achieve. It”s not the spell that attracts this phenomena, it”s actually our goal. 

When we really want something, the Universe will INDEED set it”s cosmic mechanism on, in order to accomplish what we want. But most of the times, we actually attract exactly the opposite, as we also want that. I know that right now you”re questioning what you read but if you look inside your heart, your deepest and most intense desires are the ones which also make you fear of the result. What will happen if I do achieve? What will happen if I don”t? Fear and doubts – almost always – cloud our Will and our Wishes. What you need to do, is cure them and se them free. (Read here: why sometimes Spells don”t work)

The Third time you”re going to try the same spell is the most likely to Succeed. Just remember, what ever happens, remain focused in your goal, be persistent and precise. Eyes Fixed to the Price.

… this is why “Three times is the Charm” my dear Readers

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