Test: What’s Your Element?  How to define what’s my primary Element. 

Test: What's your Element?
Test: What's your Element?

A Witch knows that our world is based on 4 elements, the foundations of our physical world, which co-exist and become alive and balanced through the 5th Element which is Spirit. (See here how you connect with the elements)

The 4 Elements in the Western world are Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

Each of them bear unique qualities. If you are not aware of their properties you can find them below:

In astrology, these 4 elements constitute 4 classes of the zodiac signs. Each class shares the properties of each element. However, the ways it is being expressed and manifested in a person’s life is different for each zodiac sign of each class. For more information on the actual categorisation of Zodiac Signs per element see below:

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  • Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Fire Signs:  Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

What are the Elements of Magic?

The elements have been seen as an expression of the Divine in the physical world. Moreover the invocation of the elements became very popular in the Wiccan community through the ritual of the Circle. A ritual which intends to invoke the protection and the blessing of the elements from each cardinal direction, purify the working ground of the witch and help him/her focus their power.

The 4 Elements were considered sacred for millennia and aboriginal tribes were always seeing them with awe and respect. Shamans alongside with Witches, were invoking and using the Elemental Energies in their World.

The Pachakuti Mesa tradition which I am more familiar with holds the 4 Elements sacred and each element is assigned to one Cosmic Force as their guardian. The invocation and connection with the Elements helps the Witch/Shaman (you name it) feel and see the world with different eyes, and as the connection deepens greater mysteries are explored.

What is Elemental Magic?

Elemental magic is a form of magical art which uses the spiritual and physical aspects of the 4 Elements in order to manifest changes in the physical/astral/spiritual world. This requires training and understanding over the 4 Elements and their properties, along with creating alliances with the Spiritual Entities or Forces which are dedicated to each element.

Can I control the elements in the physical World?

Witches believed that a Witch should train, understand and even control all Elements in order to achieve mastery in her/his Elemental practice.

However, does this mean that a Witch is pyrokinetic or can raise a tsunami? Potentially but not in what I have witnessed. Instead the Witch harvests the spiritual essence of the Elements and what they symbolise.

S/he uses them in his/her magical practice in order to bring changes in the physical world and his/her life. That does not mean that s/he cannot gain mastery of them in the physical plain but this mastery comes with practice, focus and dedication which only a few of us have time to allocate in our busy lives. However, I guarantee to you that the more you understand each Element the more you this relationship will evolve you. (here for example you can find a spell to raise a Wind)

Which Element am I?

This is a very common question that we receive messages for. The answer is that you are all of them as every existence bears the Nature of all elements. For example, you breathe Air, you drink Water, you require Warmth and you require to Nourish yourself in order to be sustained.

However, it is known to all Witches that want to follow the Elemental path that each one of us is more affiliated to an Element and is easier to communicate with it in the first instance. You can easily say that we feel more comfortable with the energy and the aspects it represents therefore we feel a greater connection with it. That does not mean we are the Element or that is all we need to explore. Balance is the key to everything.  So below you can find 4 methods to determine which Element you may feel closer to:

What's my element of Power? Test

Method 1 – The power of choice

You can simply select the element that you feel closer to. This is usually the best method for those Witches that they have passed a phase of introspection and they can identify their inner qualities. Simply write down in each Element which qualities in yourself you think each Element represents. Also write how you feel for each of the Elements. Do you feel fear, guilt, love, kindness, peace? Let your heart show you the way to the Element that will be your first guide.

Method 2 – The Element spoke to me

Similar to method 1, method 2 shows a possible connection which has already been established  between you and an Element. Try to relax and meditate upon initial memories where you felt that any of the Elements have spoken to you. Remember each Element speaks differently. For example Water may have spoken to you one day at the beach where you really felt a peaceful and calming energy touching your very being. Or another day where you felt amazed by the glorious waves that were crashing on the beach.

It may be that a single flame filled you with Warmth. Or a fireplace fire that mesmerised you. Maybe a thunderstorm which filled you with energy and made you feel alive. Each human has different experiences with the Elements. However, for sure there is a time and a place where the Element really spoke to you. Go to that initial experience, relive it with a different awareness and let it guide your steps from now on.

Method 3 – Asking the Elements

Call upon the Elements in each cardinal direction in an almost similar manner on casting the Circle. Once you feel their presence ask them to show you which one would like to be your first companion in exploring their qualities. Messages may come to you as visions, dreams or physical phenomena. Remember that hardly any prayer remains unanswered as long as we have the ears and the patience for it. In addition, be mindful that the answer may surprise you or may not be what you expected. This is part of the challenge!

Method 4 – Analysing the Natal Chart

Create your natal Chart and identify which planet is in which sign. It is recommended to do these for the 7 magical planets but you can expand to include other planets as well as you feel like it. Write in a piece of paper the planets and which zodiac sign they sit when you were born. Cluster the signs into elements as discussed above and do the maths. For example if out of the 7 planets 4 are in Water Signs, 2 of them are in Earth Signs and 1 is in a Fire sign then you are more affiliated with Water.

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