Black Moon Rising: September 30, 2016


In Friday night’s sky (Sept. 30) the Heavens will host to a somewhat unusual lunar event, something that happens every 32 months. The Black Moon.

What is a Black Moon? Is it a warning? A sign for our “prophesied inevitable” doom? Is “Apocalypse” near?

Well NO! Black Moon, a term introduced and used mostly by followers of the New Age and Wicca is not the Beginning of our undoing as hardcore preacher doomsayers try to convince us. 'Black Moon Rising' may sound like the title of an apocalyptic sci-fi film but the astronomical event is far more simple. Black moon is  a second new moon in a single month. How Can we see the Black Moon?  At its “new moon” phase, the moon is always black hence it is not visible. It happens at that time of the month when the moon passes through the same part of the sky as the sun and as such, the moon's dark or unilluminated side faces Earth. So there really is nothing to see. With the term “Black Moon” we also define : 1. The third new moon in a season of four new moons 2. A calendar month without a new moon 3. A calendar month without a Full Moon The asteroid Lilith So apparently this is just another New Moon. This one in particular though, has some extra power in deed. Why? Because its the first New Moon after the Eclipses which have shaken the Earth with all these changes. A New Moon in Libra signifies a new era in Diplomacy and international relations as well as personal ones. 

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Aries: A New Moon in your sign signifies a bright new beginning in personal relationships. You need to clear your mind and take brave decisions. You need to understand that all that happened should stay in the past yet learn from all this experience.

Taurus: A new Moon which pushes you out of the Eclipse mess that occurred right before. Well, in fact, this past month was not that bad but it certainly pushed your limits. You need to take care of yourself and find a more balanced nutrition. 

Gemini: This is a very interesting New Moon for you my dear. I wouldn’t even dare to call it Black Moon for you. It’s time to let happiness and satisfaction come back in your life. 

Cancer: A rather tough New Moon forcing you to face issues rising in your family and your home. You may need to take care of your “roots” and start that healing process you’ve been avoiding all this time.

Leo: The New Moon affects your social circles and you will find yourself willing to search for more satisfaction within your friendly circle. You want to get out and have more fun! Do it!

Virgo: This the first New Moon after a series of disturbing eclipses affecting you. This time, the stars plan for you some changes in your income. Try to remain calm and you will earn much from it. 

Libra: A powerful New Moon feels like a rocket pushing you to move on and begin anew. Something really powerful just happened or will soon happen in your life only to wake you up and look beyond your problems. 

Scorpio: Something really interesting is happening deep inside your soul. You will soon feel it in your dreams – if not already. Your psychic powers are receiving a powerful boost from the Black Moon. 

Sagittarius: Finally, Good News after a long troubled time. Your social circles are giving you a helping hand to face your problems and more forward towards healing and success. New interesting people come in your life to wake you up! 

Capricorn: The days pass by reminding you that this is your big chance to climb the social ladder and evolve in your career. You now have the opportunity to become more powerful and successful. 

Aquarius: The Days of the Black Moon will give you a sign that it’s time to become brighter, more optimistic . It’s time to re-invent yourself and become who you want to. 

Pisces: The Time of the Black Moon is a reminder of your deep dark instincts and that only by embracing them you can evolve further. It’s no use to hide your feelings in the closet. Let your libido be expressed and direct your energy in something constructive! 

- - -